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A Little Steve Jobs Conspiracy Theory

by Brian Dunning, Oct 27 2011

Steve Jobs' super-secret Illuminati barcode license plate

So as long as we’re on the subject of Steve Jobs, how about a little conspiracy theory about him?

It was well known by obsessive Apple fans that Steve had a barcode instead of a license plate on his car. Some believed this was because he had some special deal with the state of California, and many said that there was some kind of secret club of superstar celebrities and business leaders that allowed them to have a futuristic barcode instead of a plate. I remember reading old articles where it was speculated that this gave him special privileges; perhaps immunity from traffic citations, or special services from the motor vehicle department.

Do you know the truth? If you don’t, think a moment before reading on.

If Steve was a member of the Illuminati, this was not one of his perks. California gives you six months to put plates on a new car. Steve leased a new Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG every six months, and consequently was never required to have plates. He preferred his car not to be readily identifiable to paparazzi, and so he never put the plates on. We Californians are a laid-back bunch, so you’ll see many of us driving around with no plates. Also we like to impress each other with how new our car is.

And that barcode? Nope, not an Illuminati ID. That’s just the car’s VIN number; Mercedes-Benz sticks a similar barcode there on all their cars.

36 Responses to “A Little Steve Jobs Conspiracy Theory”

  1. Bob Mack says:

    VIN number…also known as Vehicle Identification Number Number…..

  2. Kenn says:

    Don’t be silly. Everyone knows Mercedes Benz IS the Illuminati.

    Seriously, one has to wonder: Why would a highly secret organization place a visible bar code on a celebrity’s car?

    • Old Rockin' Dave says:

      Here’s one for the conspiracy theorists. An Austrian diplomat and businessman named Emil Jellinek was on the Daimler board of directors, was one of the first Daimler dealers and made useful suggestions to Daimler engineers. He was so influential that they named a line of cars for his daughter, Mercedes. The Jellineks were Jews. Lots of raw material there for twisted paranoids to work on.

  3. Chris Howard says:

    One of many, I’m afraid.
    I remember that he was thought to be the anti-Christ, alien-human hybrid, and that he secretely ran the United States. This was during the hight of the “Microsoft Apple Wars” so a lot of it was probably Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.
    He’s still making news. Dr Weil, over at CNN, is cashing in on his alternative cancer treatment:

    I guess when one is in power, or in the public spotlight, one is bound to have these types of accusations leveled at them. As far as I know, Mr. Jobs appeared to simply shrug them off.

    • David H. says:

      Note that Dr. Weil side-steps the real issue. He touts adding herbs to counteract the nasty effects of chemotherapy (fine and dandy I guess). The issue is really whether Jobs erred by not doing ANYTHING for months. Weil shrugs that of with “No one knows how long he would have survived or what his quality of life would have been had he opted for immediate surgery and used only conventional treatment.”

      A man is standing next to a construction site. A large crane has lifted a ten-ton refrigeration unit and that mass is suspended directly above the man, who knows full well that the crane is operated by a homicidal maniac who plans to release the load at any moment, with the intent to kill the man. Rather than stepping aside, the man prays. The load is released, accelerates rapidly as falling odies are wont to do), and crushes the man. Dr. Weil might say that there is no way to know whether steppping aside might have saved him. I say that there’s not much doubt that it would have. Just run the numbers.

  4. Chris Howard says:

    @ Kenn, Because everyone knows that the best place to hide, is out in plain sight… but if everyone knows this, then that would mean that the best place to hide would be… No. Wait? Okay. The best place to hide would be in a semi-concealing place. Not too out in the open, but not too hidden. No, wait….

    • Kenn says:

      Years ago a friend noted the “eye” and pyramid on the dollar were secret Illuminati symbols. I asked him why a highly secret organization would advertize itself on the dollar bill, the widest distributed piece of paper in existence.

      He had no answer.

  5. Ed Seedhouse says:

    Why on earth would any state want do that? It sounds utterly crazy to me.

    • David H. says:

      The California legislature meets year-round. They have to make rules and pass laws constantly to justify their existence. This culture of lunacy extends to every state and county body. Nothing needs to make sense, it just needs to be regulated in the most intrusive and least productive way. Example: The legislature has tried (maybe is still trying) to regulate domestic employees–including babysitters, so that the employee gets benefits, –>>>including a break every two hours, requiring bringing in a substitute sitter!!!! .These people are idiots or lunatics or both.

  6. MadScientist says:

    How peculiar – in most places I’ve been the car has to be registered before it’s handed over to you and you have only 1 month to get your plates – during that month you have to display a very prominent registration notice. I guess the police in California must be kitted out pretty well these days if they’re happy to scan the barcode VIN. I imagine having a car with no plates does allow you to run red lights and speed so long as there’s no cop in a car around.

  7. Paul says:

    Really? You can drive your car for six months in California without licence plates on it? Like, on the road and stuff? Seriously? In Ontario, you have to put the plates on the car before you put it on the road. We mean it – take a frickin’ cab to the DMV, buddy! Seems to me, that law would only make it easier to steal cars. Just pull off the plates, and any cop would just assume you hadn’t got around to going to the DMV yet. There must be more to it than that.

    • erikthebassist says:

      No really. And In Fact (see what I did there Brian?), the California DMV does not require insurance companies to report a defaulted policy to the DMV. In New York, forget to pay your insurance and your license and registration are suspended. In California, half of the drivers on the road are uninsured, which is why my insurance policy in CA was 3x what it is in NY for the same coverage.

  8. erikthebassist says:

    To be clear, if you buy the car from a dealership the registration is included in the purchase price. You’ll get plates in the mail with in 6 weeks, but the law allows 6 months to put them on, you know, in case there is some screw up with getting your plates in the mail. The car is indeed registered before you drive it off the lot though.

    • MadScientist says:

      Being registered is useless if you have no identifying marks other than the VIN. Ca’s living in the dark ages if it takes ‘em ~6 weeks to deliver plates and allows vehicles to go without plates and without other prominent identification for half a year.

      • Harry Canyon says:

        Why? The VIN is part of the registration. In California we’re required to have the registration document (or copy) in the car at all times. If your car is missing plates, the police can (and probably will) stop you and ask for proof of registration. You will most likely also be asked why you don’t have any plates. If you can prove you recently bought the new* car then you’ll be fine. Wait too long and you’ll get a fine. ;-)

        * Used cars generally already have plates.

        Take care,


      • Weaslelady says:

        If a vehicle is involved in an accident and flees the scene how would witnesses be able to identify the vehicle aside from make, model and colour?
        In BC the plates belong to the owner and come off the car when sold. And when a used vehicle is bought the new owner can either bring plates registered to him or purchase new ones or temporary permit when insurance purchased before leaving the lot/driveway

  9. When Richard Saunders and Rachael Dunlop were visiting from Australia, one of their first questions for me was why they saw a car with no license plates. They’d never heard of such a thing and could hardly believe it. Those quaint Ozzies… :-)

  10. Salim says:

    Ah, not illuminati, just a smug californian billionaire

  11. Max says:

    “And that barcode? Nope, not an Illuminati ID. That’s just the car’s VIN number; Mercedes-Benz sticks a similar barcode there on all their cars.”

    Or so the Germans would have us believe…

  12. Infinite123Lifer says:

    So I don’t really care if Mr. Jobs was Illuminati (though it was an interesting read :)

    Is there an Illuminati? If there was or is I would think the eye in the dollar bill thing would be explainable; why not show off the power.

    Look, I am just a person. . . Not remarkable, not all knowing, not ingeniously endowed. We hear crap all day long from everywhere. I understand why people believe in conspiracy theories, it is a sad fact that manipulation has been an art for thousands of years and with todays means manipulation has increased 10 fold if not 100 fold if not 1000 fold if not even more. We have people running around believing ALL kinds of stuff, some people encouraged since birth to believe in some of the oddest things… since birth!!! How do you retrain the human brain when it is sure it knows what reality is?

    Iam guessing & this is an IMHO I would guess more than half of the people who believe in God know they do so because it makes Life seem more liveable & never question themselves about it again.

    I understand that when the facts are presented each individual should do their best to be objective & thourough. I understand that it can be maddeningly annoying to keep debunking the same garbage. . . BUT, who doesn’t deserve the truth & when we see the truth after all the garbage will we even know what it looks like?

    Here is some common sense. . . People form clubs. People form all sorts of clubs or groups all over the world & throughout history. Why would the most powerful & richest not form a club? If you want to be skeptic of UFO’s or psychics or Area 51 that’s one thing. . . But a secret group of people with control over the worlds governments doesn’t seem that far-fetched to me. It is common sense that people covet power & control (sadly) & form groups. I don’t want to look to a conspiracy hypothesis (that’s what it should be right?) for information, many people don’t; but they do & even I will hear them out at least (sadface). Afterall, science does not claim to know everything & from that I apply it to other areas. Maybe the present day Illuminati conspiracy stuff is all wrong, but maybe there is an element of truth there hidden in the mess. It is my job to ask the questions & discern reality.

    Maybe I just need a hug because I am really feeling for the ones who are lost in the middle somewhere. . . The people that pay psychics to speak to loved ones who have passed away, the people who live in perpetual fear over government & vaccines & aliens, the people who truly are not in touch with reality. And you know what? These people are my neighbors & my family & my teachers & my judge & my police & just about every aspect of human affairs is tainted with . . . Delusion. In fact it is tainted so much I might say it is “part of the human condition” (whatever that means).

    I know its hard to keep a professional approach to things like the Chupacabra. . . But how many species have been eradicated from the Earth thanks to man. That’s what Iam saying, people are crazy, my grandpa thinks the only reason that the Moon landing IS real is because China & Russia didn’t call the US out on it so he believed it. I tried my best to explain away the Moon hoax video with thorough debunking sites & you know what. . . Grandma thought the scientists were part of the whole scam.

    People don’t know what to believe anymore & it is running rampant through society. The grown ups need to stay their course & have infinite patience, I am afraid that is the only way we will all come to the same understandings of Nature & hopefully Life.

    PS. Don’t mean to rant, trust me I don’t (if I was intentionally trying to rant I wouldn’t be typing this on a cell phone )I just felt really compelled to try to put some perspective on the whole deal of skepticism & people who think Jesus is coming in 1988 or 2012 or is it ET. The point is I don’t know what “they” think but I know what I must do. Stay true. Stay positive. Stay patient. Thank you for the time.

  13. Infinite123Lifer says:

    I make it all sound so. . . so. . . Me :( sorry bout that.

    Sure manipulation has increased megafold but so has the ability to stop it.

    Since most people are taught to believe in a God from birth maybe they don’t ever question it.

    If people can’t discern the truth after the 50th time maybe it becomes a waste of energy to keep trying.

    If there really is an Illuminati, I don’t care because nature has a funny way of cleaning up its messes.

    Just because people form groups does not mean Illuminati exists. . . (Though I don’t think I implied that)

    I appreciate the skeptics. Your work is so valuable you should be getting awards for steering human awareness in the direction of reality.

    If anybody needs Chupacabra pups we just had our first litter. Ok, not true, but I did get that hug & I need to lighten up a bit :)

    Keep up the good work folks!

    I will try harder to make my contributions more meaningful in the future. (I said try)

  14. Beelzebud says:

    Rules are for little people.

  15. Infinite123Lifer says:

    Yup. Cell phone. . . Er, High 5!
    Decaf it is.

  16. d brown says:

    A: The license plate tale will not pass the smell test. Not that long ago a Midwest state had to stop putting bar codes on road signs. The RW said they were to help the Mex invaders take over. B: Pay off a Pol and get a very low number that will get you anything you want. The was a test that had cars being timed going into the green to see how fast they would be hooted at. It turns out the more beat up you car is the faster its hooted at. But a very low number big black car could sit all the way to the next red and never hear a sound. It would give me hope if someone was a Illuminati. But all Jobs did was sell yuppie toys that did not work right till the third upgrade.

  17. Makes me wonder when Vin Diesel is going to get his real first-name?

  18. Ryan says:

    Please relax, it is only a vin provided by the vehicle manufacturer. While american cars place them on trunk linings and on dashboards, German and other European cars place them on the trunk covered by the license plate. Some USA automotive manufacturers are doing this as well in the theory that it prevents tag and registration fraud.

  19. Gordon Jenkins says:

    No plates and No driver’s license either? No microchips in the right hand or forehead either? Was he somebody special to evade Nick R. (As in Aaron Russo) and the criminally elite? The Mercedes Benz as in WWII Nazi Daimler Benz? What about Unit 731 Green Cross Health Coverage? Couldn’t he just order up a Vivisected Liver like all the other elites? Couldn’t he just fly down to Mariscal Estigaribia via the CIA for his “Special Operation”?