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Skeptologists Gallery 3

by Ryan Johnson, May 05 2009

Greetings Kids.

And now for a chance to let your critical engine coast, your brain relax and your skeptical system simmer. It’s time you look at the pretty pictures.  Nope I’m not solving any of the worlds health problems, or unleashing the science against the latest pseudo scientific claim (yet), I’m here to give you some eye candy and give you you a hard-earned break. With all the craziness going on right now, who doesn’t need a few minutes to look at some cool behind-the-scenes photos of the production of “The Skeptologists” while we all dream of the day the network calls and says:  “Let’s talk about making this show happen!”

Until then take a look at the latest installment of The Skeptologists Production Stills gallery, brought to you by photographers, Brandon Pinard and Julian Brummitt.

6 Responses to “Skeptologists Gallery 3”

  1. Joe L. says:

    to the webmaster – I would suggest to look into the WordPress LightBox plugin. it makes for viewing galleries like this much more pleasurable, without opening new windows and closing and going back and forth.
    Either LightBox2 on its own, or the NextGen Gallery plugin, which is a fully gallery plugin with LightBox2 integrated.

  2. Ryan Johnson says:

    Thanks Joe, We’ll look into that!

    Actually the Webmaster and I worked all morning to get the gallery working, there were lots of technical problems. We’re working on a better solution for the next installment, for now we’ll have to suffer through these lo-rez version and chunkiness. Special Thanks to William who helped get us this far!

  3. Joe L. says:

    cool – William was already in touch with me about the gallery, and I sent on some pointers that I’ve found useful with wordpress galleries.
    Looks like you’ve already updated the gallery in this post with some kind of system, but it’s just popping out the same thumbnail version of the picture into the lightbox – oh no! I’m sure you can get the kinks worked out.

    For something you would think to be as common as an embedded gallery, WordPress surely doesn’t do its users any favors by making it easy or flexible to implement….

  4. kabol says:

    ”Let’s talk about making this show happen!”

    i’ve sent emails to a few networks. what else can we do? i would imagine that the discovery channel or the science channel would be interested, but wouldn’t that be preaching to the choir?

    though i suppose just getting it on air is what counts most.

  5. Rob says:

    Who are the “Ghost Hunters”? Are they skeptics or real ghost hunters who you are debunking?