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The GS Conspiracy

by Mark Edward, Dec 07 2013


Do Not Mess with Susan Gerbic

Out of exasperation back in 2009, I coined the term “Guerrilla Skepticism.” GS was an attempt to get armchair skeptics and those of us who really wanted to get out and do something organized and to stop singing and start swinging. Enough talk! Thanks to the tireless work of my girl Susan Gerbic, GS is now reaching worldwide proportions and seriously getting under the skin of some of the Big Woos. Guerrilla Skepticism has now been officially tagged a “conspiracy.”


The first phase of my plan was called “Force One,” which successfully put a serious damper on Michael Jackson medium Bonnie Vent; Bonnie: and continued causing grief for many psychics including self-styled Canadian “psychic detective” Robbie Thomas; and one-time ABC news affiliate Kelly Faulkner : who was dropped from her “psychic” news anchor desk after a Force One operation. In six months getting people off their asses and into the streets finally started happening and the days of sitting around listening to the elite intellectual/lecture approach to spreading the skeptical message was starting to look like the AARP of critical thinking. Good bye grey haired old men and complainers, hello flash mobs and internet crowd sourcing.

Things started really heating up and Phase Two featured Project Honeybadger, (which is still a super-secret project) invoking a bit of street bother for a few other folks like Maureen Hancock; Coffey and the dearly departed Sylvia Browne:

None of this could have happened without Susan, who always shared my angst with too much talk and not enough walk. We both had had it with weak apologists, hand-wringers and those skeptics easily put off by threats of fictitious lawyers and witches spells. Susan soon became known as “The Wikipediatrician” and people from 17 countries were signing on to get busy and make a difference however they could. In her case without having to leave the comfort of their living-rooms and pajamas, but still working in a stealthy, undercover way to stimulate a healthy grass roots “guerrilla” sensibility: The message was becoming clear: this was the way of the future.

As things in the “greater skeptical community” became more and more bogged down in a mire of splinter groups, neo-feminist drama and what was increasingly being heard by many as the dirge of the movement, Susan soldiered on.

So much for the past.

Deepak is worried

Deepak is worried

Now she’s hitting on all cylinders and creating a world view of skeptical activism that has revolutionized the movement.

I won’t go into the whole controversy, (and the next link needs to be fully read to fill in the blanks, so please click and read) but suffice it to say that because of Susan’s hard work and recent efforts to steer clear of skewed politics and the mud-slinging of the so-called Big-S skeptic leaders;  a few of the most well-known pseudo-scientific gurus who have been making claims and accusations are finally being called out for the buffoons they truly are.

In a nut: The psychic camps are getting very upset because hey can’t float their bullshit pseudoscience by Wiki editors anymore and they are feeling the pain of their own ignorance by being summarily edited out of existence. Not only that, but their own minions have been caught out lying about who they work for and “conflict of interest” issues they themselves had leveled at Susan’s Wiki editing crew. Susan has been carefully following the rules for years now. These groups don’t, nor do they bother to take the time to do any homework or even spell her name right. Big mistake. The chickens have come home to roost and it’s an amazing story:

Here’s it is:

So Chopra and Sheldrake both have a lot to explain, but they won’t. They can’t. We are now hearing crickets. In their rush to characterize guerrilla skepticism as a militant bunch of dangerous radicals, they have helped seal their own delusional fate. It’s no longer just crop circles, big pharma and government cover-ups fringe science wants everyone to buy into, now it’s the conspiracy of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia!

One could not ask for a better justification for the work of Susan Gerbic and Co. Literally, the facts speak for themselves.  There will be no squirming out of the box these two woo peddlers have put themselves into. Time to take out the trash.

Until physics and science are turned-upside down and Wikipedia is thereby forced to change its policies and procedures to allow fanciful theories masquerading as facts to pass for truth:

The Truth is Out There – On Wikipedia.


Rupert is confused

Rupert is confused


6 Responses to “The GS Conspiracy”

  1. Bob says:

    Susan has been a powerhouse. We love her lots. Her colleagues are amazing to watch. Seriously, Sheldrake and D-bag have kicked a hornets’ nest. :)

  2. Trimegistus says:

    Whoever controls Wikipedia controls the world.

  3. DV82XL says:

    Obviously congratulations are in order

  4. Eric Barbour says:

    For information, we’ve started a thread on Wikipediocracy about your campaign. Although most people on that forum tend to agree with what Susan and co. are doing, some questions are being raised about the methods and efficacy. Plus there are areas, Prem Rawat being especially notorious, where Wikipedia insiders will fight like crazy to maintain their own biased material.

  5. tmac57 says:

    I’m very impressed with Susan and the GSOW project.What a great idea!
    Seems like the rational rules of Wiki really favor critical reasoning,and skepticism.That factor allows skeptics to punch above their weight.
    Truth and facts have a skeptical bias.
    Congratulations Susan and the GSOW team…well done!

  6. Mike V, says:

    Like the Wobblies say, direct action gets the goods!