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by Mark Edward, Feb 13 2010

This week’s winner for the most absurd psychic claim goes to performer Robbie Thomas and his Psychic Justice Tour. It’s coming your way (my way actually) and I can’t wait to see what he’a got up his manly sleeve. According to his glossy press blurb, Robbie is known as a “psychic bloodhound.” I don’t know about you, but I’d never heard of him before a few days ago. He looks dangerous and like he could do a lot of physical damage, so I’m going to be cautious in my appraisal of his powers. BTW: I really like where the all-seeing-psychic eye is located in the ad to the left, don’t you? I think that’s known as somewhere near the “Root Chakra” that “honors the earth.”

I’m not making all this up. Once again – this week’s story is stranger and more bizarre than any television plot. If you don’t believe me, check Robbie and his creds out for yourself at

So what do you get when you cross Vin Diesel and James Van Praagh? Psychic Justice of course! Although the term “psychic justice” comes off to me as somewhat of an oxymoron, it looks like the whole “profiler” thing is getting a face lift courtesy of this “prolific author, radio personality and film star.” He’s also “world renowned.” Hey, just because I never heard of him or read one of his books doesn’t mean he isn’t world renowned- somewhere in the world. It’s like Dog the Bounty Hunter meets John Edward. I have to hand it to the guy – it’s a brilliant ruse.

Robbie ‘s promo ad says he ” does what other criminal psychics stop short of ” and “what victims of crime praise,” although the ad itself stops short of telling us what he does do exactly. Does he crush the crooks into tiny bits with his psychic powers? Bend steel in his bare hands or what? What does he do that victims of crimes praise?  Is he Walker Texas Ranger with a pendulum or Steven Seagal with a crystal ball? I can’t wait to find out.

I’m open to just about anything and I love a good side-show act or a bit of geek, but when I read in his text that Mr. Thomas is a “superior K-9 who goes straight for the throat of injustice,” I had to wonder if he can self-inflict such wounds. Saying you are for justice is one thing, ascribing any ability to affect that outcome through psychic powers is another. Sorry Robbie, but to my way of thinking doing that sort of thing in a show arena format and taking money for tickets is just well, …unjust. A sentence or two later that colorful line about going for throats was carefully balanced by reminding us of Robbie’s “gentle spiritual nature.” After reading that I began visualizing Bruce Willis in a pink tutu. Robbie Thompson is the “righter of wrongs” according to Joe Johnson of the Central City Arkansas Police Department. Wow. Another impassioned quote tells us he is an “impactual” speaker. doesn’t list that word, but I think I know what that person meant.

Police and family victims are invited to take part in “live case interactions” with Robbie and guest speakers who will no doubt offer glowing testimonials to make everything amazingly believable. We have all heard this hype before. Every psychic to hit the pike has cloned the cop/psychic claim. The Skeptic’s Dictionary sites the book, “The Blue Sense,”by Arthur Lyons and Marcello Truzzi, where they list several reasons how people without any psychic powers gain a reputation for assisting in the detection of crime:

“In many cases, most of the evidence in favor of the psychic detective is provided to the mass media by the psychic rather than by an independent source. Moreover, the FBI and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children maintain that to their knowledge, psychic detectives have never helped solve a single missing-person case.”

Mr. Thomas, will you please name one single missing person that you found on your own using your psychic powers?  You can post the details here anytime.

Where does this leave the victims of horrible crimes who have nowhere else to go and are willing to listen to anybody who says they have a direct pipeline to accurate supernatural insights? Those unfortunates now have a new caped crusader to line up for. It had to happen. How many people are actually comforted and reassured by this con? Probably thousands. Are thay really soothed and inspired by what they hear? I’m sure that many are, but that’s not the point.

The point is that if any Superman could be anywhere near as accurate as Robbie Thompson’s pre-show ads claim, he would put his mighty biceps on the line and sign on for Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge. Are you reading this Robbie? Let me be the first to challenge you “mano y mano.” I’m sure you could do a lot of helping and caring for many unhappy people with a million dollars in your pocket, not to mention the incredible publicity that would be garnered from a few weeks worth of your time. You might even get a medal from the police department.

So why travel all over the country with your “Psychic Justice North American Tour” staying in all those hotels, eating in all those bad restaurants and going through all that needless bother when in one swoop you could get center stage all over America and the world and get real psychic justice?

The money is in the bank waiting. The real world renowned publicity is yours when you are ready to put yourself to the test. JREF will be happy to work out a protocol with you as soon as you are ready.

In the meantime:  BUYER BEWARE:

Be sure to scroll down to the very small print disclaimer at the bottom of Robbie’s advert. It tells the real tale and is such a powerful statement, it should have appeared in bold font at the top of the ad:

“The information provided by Robbie Thomas on crime cases is not meant to replace proper police investigations, but rather only to assist such investigation by offering potentially new insights on said cases. Families are encouraged to take Robbie’s information to their case investigator.”

The word “potentially” is key here. A fortune cookie can be potentially insightful too. No doubt having a kind compassionate person offer intuitive insights to families of victims of missing children or in other highly emotional situations could be a real benefit in some cases, but whether or not there is anything “psychic” or “spiritual” about this roadshow remains to be seen. 

I’m waiting.

“We discovered that the work of the psychics was not just ludicrous and laughable, it was sinister and evil…. None of it ever led anywhere except to despair and disapppointment, misery and confusion.” – John Tate, father of Gennette Tate who disappeared in 1978 (quoted in “Investigating the Unexplained”, pg 42)


51 Responses to “Robo-Psychic”

  1. TonyaK says:

    I once questioned Mr. Thomas about a claim he was making. His response? Buy my DVD and see for yourself. That says it all.

  2. Dr.Fear says:

    I heard his name in circles before, but it was always in connection to the words, ‘fraud’, ‘liar’ and ‘scam-artist’. I wish these loonies would stop!

  3. Reap says:

    I sent Robbie the link to this blog…not that it will do him any good. But he has earned it hasn’t he?? My pleasure to do so!

  4. Sgerbic says:

    Just another piece of slime that deserves to be stomped out.

  5. Sgerbic says:

    I think it is really cute that he has his first and last name tattooed on his forearms, that pose he is in on the main picture is probably one that he does all the time. Cute isn’t it?

    I looked at the “testimonials” You figure that someone that has assisted the police as much as he has would have some GREAT quotes. The best one should be listed first I would think.

    “Working the Natalie Holloway Case with you, Robbie, with all who were involved and to have you come up with everything that played out in a two week period, 2 month period and later 2 years after that was to a “T” was simply astounding” Donald Newsom Owner BBS/BBC Radio”

    So this is his first quote. From a radio station owner, not a police officer, not a family member of someone he helped. Nope, someone he worked with on the Holloway case. At first I thought, Natalie Holloway has been found? Nope, still no body, no one in jail for the crime. So, just wondering here what did Robbie actually do? “[HE]come up with everything” whatever that means. Really specific Robbie.

    “Robbie Thomas is a total professional. He’s the real deal psychic K-9.” Andy DeLay Retired Deputy Sheriff, Pinellas County Florida.”

    Pinellas Florida is a real place! I can’t find any mention of a Andy DeLay though, unless you mean the race car driver. I wonder if someone called up the Sheriff’s in Pinellas County if they would have a retired Andy DeLay. And what a great quote…no mention of how Robbie helped…hum.

    “Helping those troubled to bring closure in cold cases is where Robbie Thomas has had great success in. Robbie is able to render assistance to law enforcement in a unique way that cold cases which otherwise would never be closed. Robbie is one of the best assets to law enforcement.” – Maryland Law Enforcement Officer, J. Jones”

    J. Jones huh. Wonder how many “law enforcement officers” in Maryland have that name? Can you be any more generic Robbie? Again no mention of any names/cases.

    “Robbie, on behalf of those who do not have a voice, the ones that are silently crying out for help from the other side….Thanks for hearing, and more importantly THANKS FOR HELPING. You Robbie Thomas are a true champion of the victims and a righter of wrongs.” – Officer Joe Johnson, Central City Arkansas Police Department”

    “crying out for help from the other side” WHAT! Right officer Joe Johnson. Another easy name to search for on google. Wonder how many Joe Johnson’s there are in Arkansas? By officer what kind of officer? Wonder why Robbie isn’t being specific here?

    “Simply amazing to see you work as I have seen you first hand and what you do. I have never seen anyone do what you do like you do it” – .Private Investigator/Criminal Investigator Consultant Dave Edwards, Chicago

    Wonder if this is a relation of Mark’s. Nope this guy has an “s” at the end of his name. Gosh what a uncommon name that is…hum. Funny again, no mention of how he helped and in what case. Heck Robbie could have just crushed all the aluminum cans for that investigator firm using those powerful muscles. Dave Edwards here has never seen anything like that.

    “Astounding how you can just come up with a piece of evidence like you do or information and it helps out in a case” – Retired Toronto Police Officer Jamie Routely

    Again, what case, what information? Wonder if Jamie Routely knows what cold reading is? Wait a minute, why would you need to use cold-reading? All the info you could possibly need is located in the newspaper, just hit on a few “clues” like maybe the neighbor said he saw a white truck leaving the scene and Robbie might just mention that as well, bingo hot reading.

    “The Arrests were made exactly how you said it would happen and it was just amazing!” – Retired International Police Chief Kevin Smith

    Heck I probably know 5 Kevin Smith’s and that isn’t even International! What arrests Kevin? What Case?

    That’s pretty amazing when no one gave you any information and you knew things no one knows” – Detective Morrisette, Maryland Police”

    Knows what Detective?

    “I tend to agree with Robbie, His observances and conclusions are extremely interesting and I stress extremely” – Gary Petterson Death Scene Investigator/Missing Person Consultant, Jodi Huisintruit Case Iowa

    Finally a name of a case…ahhh this is still a open case. They not only have not caught anyone, but they still don’t have the body. Her case was featured on a psychic crime show but nothing came of it (according to Wiki) Oh by the way, her name is spelled Huisentruit. Guess he’s not a psychic speller.

    “I don’t know how you do it but you do” – Retired Police Commissioner, Pinsonault

    How you do what?

    “It was just ERRIE to me to hear him and especially how the information corroborated the fact that he put these clues together in such a way that matched up to the area in question”…(Discussing the Logan Tucker Case with Authorities) – Dave Schrader 100.3 KTLK FM Darkness Radio

    Yeah, a radio host would never try to make a guest sound more interesting than he is would he? By the way, Logan is still missing

    “Sometimes I think you are an angel…It all worked out okay, I have wonderful news, Coreys’ mom just called and he is fine ! He was ticked off, just like you said…he said he didn’t think anyone would even notice he was gone. Thank-you for all you have done Robbie…we so very much appreciate it.” – Laura and Rob McConnel Producers X-Zone Radio Show

    Corey’s mom called, great. Can really check up on that. I wonder how long Robbie rattled on “specific info”. Would love to see a transcript of that conversation.

    “I wanted to congratulate you on the case here in Louisville. Your description of the alleged killer was to a tee. Not just his physical description but his habits and where and how he would be found. I know that even though the killer has been caught it is still a bittersweet victory.” – Keith Age, Host of Spooked (Sci Fi Channel), Starred in Children Of The Grave Movie.

    “the case here in Louisville” very specific. Again a testimonial from a TV person.

    “He helped me sort through the veil of lies that has for so long surrounded Brian’s murder and helped to give me the strength and conviction to put the words to paper that will, hopefully, lead to the re-opening of one of the world’s largest Cold Case murders—that of The Rolling Stones founder.” – Award Winning Screen Write Gloria Shepherd

    “cold case” you mean another unsolved case? Robbie so far you haven’t got a single one solved!

    “I tell everyone …and this is no bullshit…I have the UTMOST respect for you as one of the most interesting and intelligent not to mention impactual speaker that I have seen in any venue in at least 20 years !!” – Jeff Sylvia, Host of Up For Discussion on

    Ok, he respects Robbie, wonderful…Why?

    And lastly a quote from the aunt of Victoria Stafford “Many things that Robbie told us have proven to be accurate, though it is his being (rather than his gift) for which I will be eternally grateful.”

    “many things…Robbie told us have proven to be accurate” that’s it? That’s the best he could do? Sorry folks, I ain’t buying this crap. If he was of REAL assistance why isn’t Robbie listed all over the wiki page that states all the details of the case? What the hell does “many things” actually mean? That she knew her abductor? That her body would one day be found? The aunt doesn’t even praise his abilities, just his personality, what a lame testimonial.

    Sorry for such a long comment. These psychic people piss me off. I was hoping that when Mark wrote about this one there would be a ton of searchable details. Real police officers making clear specific statements about solved crimes. Not this load of bullshit.

    • stargazer9915 says:

      Have you thought about your own submission to skeptic blog? A long one indeed, but on topic and informative.

      Having said that, I am happy that there is someone out there like Mark who has worked as a ‘psychic’ and can expose these assholes for the frauds that they are.

    • Marty says:

      Long post but I read it all. I’m considering going to psychics just to shut them down because I hate them :p

  6. TonyaK says:

    At least two of the above listed members of law enforcement are actively involved in the paranormal community, as are many of the others that Robbie Thomas uses as “references” to advertise his “Psychic Justice Tour.” You are correct, Sgerbic. There really is no specific information regarding specific solved crimes. One must wonder exactly why that is. Until that is offered, I will assume there aren’t any.

  7. MadScientist says:

    There’s no better place for the third eye. Robopsycho can rightfully claim that Sylvia Browne is a fraud and doesn’t have that third eye.

  8. I assume they really wanted to put his third eye someplace else but his ad campaign manager figured it would be a bad idea to photograph his rear.

  9. AUJT says:

    I contacted the Louisville Metro Police Department-Crimes Against Children Unit in March of 2009 to see if I could find anyone to verify Thomas’ claims on his website that he was involved with a specific case in Louisville KY in 2007. The following is the last email reply that I received from the LMPD: “If you are seeking corroboration, simply ask Thomas to provide you with the names of contact persons and follow up with them. Again, I cannot confirm this information.”

    I took it no further as no one that I spoke with at the LMPD was familiar with him.

  10. steelsheen11b says:

    I think the robo-psychic looks more goofy then scary but that’s just me. They are getting towards the bottom of the grifting barrel aren’t they?

  11. Robo Sapien says:

    I’m no English major, but wouldn’t the term “Psychic Justice” imply that the psychic is the target of said justice? Some crap about subjects and predicates…

    i.e. criminal justice, social justice, etc.

  12. kabol says:

    Mr. Thomas, will you please name one single missing person that you found on your own using your psychic powers? You can post the details here anytime.

    wouldn’t that just be something?? none of these so-called police psychics are able to provide any details about anyone they’ve “found”, ever, but they still sell the books and get the TV shows.

    excellent and funny article, mr edwards.

    sgerbic, didn’t you know j.jones is joe johnson’s bestest friend. the psychic testimonial world is a tight circle.
    very tight, somewhat puckered, circle.
    if that’s creating a specific imagery for the reader, good – that’s what i meant.

  13. Sara Kessell says:

    I think it is great you guys seem to have the ability to insert a bit of comedy into your posts (and yet keep them intelligent), a trait missing in many skeptical blogs.

    Keep up the good work!

    -Sara Kessell

  14. Reap says:

    Mr Thomas has bee someone who’s actions have bothered me for some time. I hope no one minds the link it is a parody of his actions.

  15. LoveAllTrustFew says:

    Knob-Ass…as a “psychic bloodhound.” just looks for the next victim to RIP OFF as do his followers who came to investigate my home and ended up stealing my credit cards,throwing wild parties while I was abrupty called away to do hospice and help my brother die,breaking my Jacuzzi and banging my friends and trashing my home…!!!

  16. SeanG says:

    CAJ? Complimentary and Alternative Justice? To be taken in conjunction with your traditional law and science-based justice, because, frankly CAJ is crap and needs the cover to appear legitimate.

  17. John says:

    First, watch this TV news report about a cold case and Psychic Robbie Thomas:

    Next read about Psychic Robbie Thomas’ claims and cases here:

    Did you know he works with The Vatican, The Israelis, The FBI, The CIA and Hollywood?

    Here’s what Brain Harnois, an ex-member of TAPS said about Robbie Thomas:

    “Steve Grenier and Robbie Thomas (not his real name by the way) can kiss my butt and you can tell them that. Robbie Thomas is a fraud and a liar about everything he does. He tried to ride my coattales and tried to swindle me out of money. And I have tons of people who know the whole story and can back me up on it.”

    Steve Grenier is an Internet radio host that pimps out Robbie Thomas.

  18. John says:

    Here is a video of Robbie, interviewed on TV.

    Here is what Robbie Thomas says:

    “I work with different police agencies world-wide, ass, Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom.”

    Still waiting to hear what police agencies he was employed by. Providing tips is NOT working with the police.

    “I help families and police agencies solve murders and missing persons cases.”

    Although when I contacted detectives involved with each case Robbie claims to have solved they deny working with him, knowing of him in some cases ,and more importantly deny that he solved any case whatsoever. The proof is all in the paperwork. No mention of Robbie anywhere.

    “The last case I solved was 2007 we captured the murderer of Cecil New in Lousiville, Kentucky.”

    He claims to have solved this case. I spoke to the officers on duty about this case. The police indicate his claim to have solved the case is not truthful. In one answer “Complete bullshit.”

    He also claims “we captured” – who the hell is WE? Himself and the police? Did he physically restrain and handcuff Cecil New? Or provide info to capture him?

    Watch the video carefully. Watch Robbie’s eyes. You can catch his deception.

    OK – now go to Robbie’s own web site, written in Robbie’s own words. Here he has a different story.

    Here he claims that the police used his info and thanked him. No, no…wait…now there is a different story…

    No…No…they DIDN’T use his information (that’s it!) and the police screwed the case up and could have saved the child’s life because Robbie knew of Cecil and the whereabouts of the murderer and boy.

    Hold on….wait for it….court documents state that the police new of Cecil New, released his name to several sources and new of his whereabouts from day one. He was a prime suspect from day one. The name Cecil New was common knowledge as one of the suspects. Good for Psychic Robbie and his proficient use of Google.


    How did he solve it? Please explain because on his web site he says something different.

  19. John says:

    Dr. Sharon Oester and Dr. David Oester: International Ghost Hunters Association both personally endorse Robbie Thomas.

    That alone is enough.

  20. John says:

    Here is an article from The Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s most respected newspapers.

    Here it suggests that a “psychic detective” left his business card on the distressed mother’s doorstep.

    Incidentally, this same “psychic detective” told her Tori Stafford would be alive and well.

    How insensitive is it to leave a business card on a grieving mother’s doorstep to flaunt your own PR campaign? And then offer incorrect advice!

    Globe and Mail
    Christie Blatchford
    April 30, 2009

    Victoria (Tori) Stafford’s beleaguered mother yesterday defended the mystery benefactor she allegedly met at a Toronto airport hotel last week, the psychics she’s consulted and the “psychic detective” she plans to meet.

    “If people were in our shoes, they would do absolutely anything too,” Tara McDonald told the reporters who for weeks now have gathered at the doorstep of her small house for a daily briefing. “Whether it was getting on an airplane and flying to wherever, whether it was listening to crazy things like psychics the way we are.

    “You are willing at this point to do absolutely anything.”

    The 30-year-old mother was yet again answering questions about the wealthy anonymous person she says had her picked up in this small Southwestern Ontario city last Thursday, driven in a limousine to the airport Sheraton, and offered whatever sum of money it takes to get her eight-year-old daughter back. Three times yesterday, she said Woodstock Community Police have checked out the phone numbers the benefactor gave her and “confirmed that it was a legitimate offer” and so, standing behind her on the front stoop, did her brother John, who with Ms. McDonald’s boyfriend, James Goris, and her best friend Sara accompanied her on the limo trip.

    She was hoping, she said, to make contact with television psychic Sylvia Browne, whose office had returned a message she left; she has been on three Internet chat rooms with psychics, and takes comfort from the fact that “every single psychic I’ve talked to has said they don’t feel there’s been any harm done” to her daughter, and was hoping to contact the “psychic detective” who had left his business card, with that very title on it, under her front door.

    • John: Robbie Thomas told Tori’s aunt that Tori was still alive – at least ONE WEEK after, we now know, she was murdered.

      And, yet, Tori’s aunt wrote him a letter of thanks (mind you, she didn’t say he was helpful in resolving the case – because he wasn’t)? That’s more amazing than any of Robbie’s claims.

      “Oh, never mind that I told you she was still alive long after she was dead, can you write me a letter of support because I’m an endless self-promoter even in light of consistent failures?”

  21. Sgerbic says:

    Check out this guys videos! You won’t believe how pathetic these are.

    Here is his promo for his upcoming tour – mind you the comments and ratings area has been turned off. Wonder why, only 400 hits in the last month. Better get your tickets now if the seats are selling as fast as people watching his promo.–Mw

  22. Sgerbic says:

    This next one has him “seeing” a ghost child that runs into a room. Robbie is also “told” he can’t go up on the third floor. The owner of the place is a total believer, when Robbie starts telling him what he sees the man starts smiling and nodding his head…total feedback. Then he shows Robbie the room that the “ghost child” runs into to play. The owner has toys (boy toys, no dolls ect) on the floor for the “child” to play with. He tells Robbie that the “ghost child” has moved the toys around to spell “LOOK”. He has witnesses to prove that. HUM

    Maybe Robbie (or one of his friends) went into that unlocked room just before the filming and saw the toys on the floor of the storage room (all old looking toys, nothing modern) and knowing the owner was a bit odd this way put two and two together?

    Seems to me that the owner could put a camera on those toys and then we could watch them move into words. That would be really interesting. But maybe the blocks only move when the man is somewhere else in the building and his friends decide to mess with him, go into the room and move a few blocks.

    Wonder what is more likely?

  23. Sgerbic says:

    Last video

    Robbie feels cold! And the dog with the film crew won’t go into the room. I don’t know about you all but I’m feeling convinced.

    The room appears to be one of those on the top floor, the room has some odd angles to the ceiling. Baxter from Rocky Mountain Paranormal (they are real investigators of the paranormal) explained that many people get odd feelings from being in those kinds of rooms. Its just a human thing, we aren’t used to that kind of angles in a smallish room. People are more likely to have “ghost” experiences in rooms like that.

  24. The real tragedy of all this, however, is the true human cost. Since I started mentioning Robbie Thomas on my blog, I’ve been in contact with a great number of people who have dealt with Robbie Thomas and feel that he is abusing/using their tragic cases for self promotion.

    In Sarnia, there is an unsolved murder that Robbie claims to have been involved in (ignoring the fact that unsolved cases should point to no psychic abilities) yet the family has been trying to get Robbie to leave them alone. He truly feels (I do have proof of this) that he has the right to exploit the family and the dead girl because they did accept his services at one time. (Let me be clear, I do not fault the families of the lost/murdered for this – in such trying times, one can understand their want for hope.)

    I must agree with much of what “John” has listed above. I have spoken with the police involved in the Tori Stafford case and they did not use psychics in the case (I _did_ get an official statement from the police).

    For those in the Sarnia area who are considering to attend the Robbie Thomas Psychic Justice tour – get your tickets soon. At the current rate of ticket sales, you won’t be able to get seats in the second row if you don’t hurry up. 31 tickets sold to date. (Mind you, a number of them might be his reserved seats.) I will be attending along with a few other people – we have a couple surprises for Robbie (of course they won’t really be surprises for him as he is psychic).

    (Regarding Robbie Thomas’ site and claims: He did not include the bold “not” in his disclaimer at first. I mentioned that on my blog and kept screen captures. He knows we’re on to him.

    Also, the “Jamie Routely” as a police officer is often spelled “Jamie Routley” – especially when he appears as a special guest with Robbie Thomas – .)

    Keep an eye on the Robbie Thomas solved cases counter – I update it regularly. (Note: It still stands at 0, oddly.)

  25. John says:

    It is not only the skeptics who are disgusted by this fraud, it is also the paranormal community. There are many of us who are watching. Those who align themselves blindly with such an obvious hoaxer will eventually suffer; their credibility lost.

    • I thought the paranormal community was too well aware of smoke and mirrors bullshit to let something like this bother them. It’s right up their alley. Actually, I didn’t think there was a community in the paranormal community. Seems to me it’s just populated with ego driven individuals who’s only goal is to throw mud at each other and cry about who owns the local graveyard.

      Paranormal – something above normal. Sums up the majority of individuals perfectly. Above normal.

      There’s always an exception though. A very rare exception.

      • John says:

        There are a few who are not seeking fame or fortune. They are seeking for answers that they do not have just like any other researcher would – to prove to themselves whether or not the things they experience are real or simply a wild imagination.

        When a person like Robbie Thomas enters with the claims of grande stupidity, it makes those involved in the legitimate pursuit of these answers shake their heads. There are those than can see through the smoke and mirrors and those who cannot (These are typically the same people who are in pursuit of the fame and fortune.)

        It does not matter what side of the fence you stand on, or if you have the fencepost stuck right up your cheeks, the disgusting nature of this man, Robbie Thomas, should be enough to make you angry and speak out, no matter what your beliefs.

      • Jose – As much as I have similar feelings about the paranormal as you appear to, I wouldn’t count John out. When it comes to predators like Robbie Thomas, having people, from both sides, trying to expose him is something we should not discourage.

      • Reap says:

        I concur people like robbie need to get it from all sides, he is the definition of twit

      • I thought Chris Moon held the title of “Twit”. Ok, we need to start a ranking system and have these people fight it out for the title.

        The rules: No biting, no scratching and strictly no Chakra balls.

  26. Reap says:

    Jose …one of these days you come on my show??..ask Warning Radio, we are like minds!!!! LOVE IT!!

    • Hey Reap, just give me a date and time and I’m there. I just hope you don’t have strict broadcasting laws because last time I was on air, the host had to mute every second word and beep every first word. The end result sounded like an interview conducted in morse code.

  27. Tom says:

    I live in sarnia Robbie Thomas home town last summer he held an event over two days that was the biggest joke I have ever seen In my life
    it was a cash grab around every corner with Robbie holding the bucket
    we did a haunted house tour that was a joke
    a lady broke a light and Robbie comes up stairs telling us the spirits are with us
    he’s a joke

  28. OMG says:

    For more info on Psychic Robbie Thomas and the fraud that he is…visit:

    He used a pictures of dead children to promote his new psychic tour. This guy is a scumbag.

  29. It doesn’t really get much better than this. A couple businessmen in Sarnia stood out front of Robbie’s show and handed out envelopes containing “how to do your own cold reading” as well as letters from Marc Klaas ( and The Caughlin family. They were cordial and helpful with the 30 or so patrons that attended the show. This is part of the press release that he let out a few days later:

    “Mr Thomas has been recently attacked by a local sarnia-based hate group who has connections in the Caughlin issue. Their web site attempts to defame and slander Mr Thomas in hope to discredit Mr Thomas in the public eye should he talk of his knowledge and participation in the Caughlin case.

    The same hate-group recently disrupted a performance at the Imperial Theater in Sarnia, where Mr Thomas was performing a show, by harassing patrons and handing out white sealed envelopes with orders not to open the envelopes until they were inside and seated.

    Many patrons left the venue fearing a possible anthrax attack. Of those who remained to see the show, only 40 made it inside before the theatre manager shut and locked the doors fearing for the safety of his crew and patrons.

    Police were called to the scene but according to Mr Thomas’ manager, John Ramses, who spoke to the Sarnia police of the incident, no one was arrested and the contents of the envelope were not investigated.

    Mr Ramses, who is an Australian resident and both promoter and talent manager for Robbie Thomas, is currently seeking legal action against the Sarnia based hate group on several accounts.”

    My take on this press release from what I know..

    (For the record, my blog is not associated with the hate group or maybe the people handing out the flyers are not associated with my blog and my blog is the hate group? Or maybe he is referring to another website? Or maybe, just maybe, Robbie and John are conspiracy theorists and the fact that lots of people don’t like them is being turned in to some conspiracy. It simply can’t be that when people see scum, they try to rid themselves of it.)

  30. Bob says:

    His management company dumped him because he is a fraud.

  31. I thought Robbie was a “true” friend..yeah WTH was I thinking!! I lived in the Louisville metro area during the disappearance and discovery of the little Cano boys murdered body. That case hit the community hard. There was a psychic that worked with the family, a female from the Louisville Ky area. I contacted the Detective division in Louisville and I do have in my possession an email from the detective stating “Robbie Thomas is not being honest” that was all he could provide due to a gag order from the judge.

    My dealings with him were nothing short of hell. I asked Robbie, thinking he was a friend, if he could help with a movie project and the contract he sent me was ..ridiculous is being kind, then he attacked me on a radio show. I did a rebuttal show and if your interested in listening to it here is the link

    I can provide the “contract” as well as the email from the police department in Louisville if you are interested. Thank you for all the work you have done to expose this snake oil salesman!!

  32. Gutwrench says:

    Hey guys,
    I know you are all very intelligent and do indeed like to flex your Head muscles… But I really do not think that gives you any kind of right to start calling people names. The world is chock full of deadly people that need their asses slapped for trying to take us for what we are worth. Or in my case.. worthless. Politicians are a good source I think. I would like to say..
    Many people in the world today, at times have nothing or no one to turn to when things seem most lost and hopeless. They are the ones who need psychics and other forms of mental and morale support. I am sure you all will agree that Doctors are far from being appropriate in MOST cases… and that also gives you another item to attack. If these Psychics are or are not as relevant as you feel they need to be… makes you appear to be better adept.. I suggest you start reaching out to these lost souls and stop a crying family. I personally think your slander of these people, such as Robbie Thomas, is more of a failure to the families involved than any success to your healthy head muscles.
    I listen to many broadcasts of skeptic flavored podcasts and radio shows alike, and can not help but feel your energies need to be diverted elsewhere. The shows have bummed me out more than interested me as of late. I too am a skeptic.. and I listen to all viewpoints and share them with listeners on my show. But I certainly do not make it a priority to condemn a man OR woman as they provide either closure or at the very least, a smile and a hug.
    I know your complaint stems largely on the fact that they are charging money for meeting them or giving readings. This is nothing new. Vendors have been doing this for centuries and as humans, and that means you too, we accept this behavior. It is okay. We have the capabilities to say no. I almost feel offended that your writings tend to not only TRY to make me believe an individual is a fake, but also that I need to not seek comfort or personal help from them. It would be nice if you provided alternatives to grieving the loss of a child. Or other similar events…
    I am sorry for venting like this here, because I have huge respect for all of you for what you usually speak out against. Can we all just get a pizza ?

  33. joe johnson says:

    I had asked that this individual REMOVE my name and former Dept from his website AFTER I did research and discovered his real deal…SCAM ARTIST who is not only being investigated by the Sarnia Police Dept. and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!! Please remove my name.from this Blog and add a retraction. Thank You.