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A Fond Farewell to Skepticblog

by Daniel Loxton, Sep 10 2014

Closing the curtain.

Image by Daniel Loxton

I’m posting today to announce on behalf of the Skeptics Society that Skepticblog has reached its finale. It’s been a wonderful run, but with our cast of characters called to perform on many other stages, it’s time to take a bow and close the curtain. Happily, all of the posts on the site will remain archived here indefinitely at their original urls, preserved for future reference by the Skeptics Society.

In a few days we will announce an exciting new blog project that I think will knock your socks off. I hope you’ll join us there (the details will be revealed next week) but today I want to talk about what has been.

It’s been six years since Skepticblog was born, originally in support of the pilot for a never-produced television series. Over the years, the blog grew considerably in scope and value, becoming one of the most prominent voices for skepticism on the net. It has been a soapbox, a classroom, a platform for debate. Most important, it has been a meeting place. “This blog does not belong to any one person or group—it is a blog of the skeptical community,” said Steven Novella in his first post in 2008.

It’s been my own great pleasure to contribute to this shared site since 2009. When I joined the crew, I was the ongoing Editor of Junior Skeptic, but in many ways I was a beginner. I had never blogged, never tweeted, never published a book. Skepticblog has been an exciting, vibrant place for me to learn more about my craft. I will always be fond of it, and grateful to Michael Shermer and the other bloggers here for welcoming me and allowing me to take part in this wonderful shared experience.

On behalf of all those bloggers, I would especially like to thank all of you for reading over these past six years of the existence of this blog. Our readers have challenged and rewarded us, and given Skepticblog its energy. Thank you all, very much. Truly.


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13 Responses to “A Fond Farewell to Skepticblog”

  1. jaboese says:

    I look forward to the re-generation of this blog. I read Donald P’s earlier post that a re-work was in the plan. This has always been one of my favorite blogs but, yes, it has been depleted as compared to the amount of contributors before.

  2. William Ivey says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for any future blogs or books that you or Dr. Prothero publish. I’ve enjoyed your interesting articles and learned so much from you. Happy trails Daniel.

  3. oldebabe says:

    Yes, maybe it’s time to let this particular blog go… there simply are not enough bloggers or even readers, anymore, ISTM.

    See you in Skeptic mag, tho, Daniel.

  4. Jeff says:


  5. tmac57 says:

    This makes me wary,as I just cannot go without socks.

  6. Max says:

    Where are you gonna announce the new blog?
    I hope it won’t require registration.

  7. Max says:

    Where are they now?
    Novella has his dozen other blogs: Neurologica, SBM, SGU News…
    Dunning is in prison.
    Where’s Prothero going to bash Republicans?

  8. Canman says:

    Skepticism has an inherent conflict of interest. If it rids the world of woo, it puts itself out of business.

    • Max says:

      Same for healthcare, firefighters, police, military.
      But woo, disease, fires, crime, and enemies aren’t disappearing anytime soon, so the jobs are secure.
      At least skeptics aren’t accused of conspiring to creating woo to stay in business.

  9. John Greg says:

    Well, as a long-time though infrequent commentor — I think I started commenting here during the first or second year of this place’s existence — I must say I am sorry to see it go.

    Mind you, this place is not quite as much fun as it was when such Wizards of Mad Intellect as PZ Myers still had the courage to post their madness here (speaking of moles).

    But I digress.

    I am looking forward to whatever the new joint is going to be.

  10. markx says:

    Sorry to see it go, and kudos to Donald Prthero for single-handedly keeping the ship afloat the last few months.

    Looking forward the new blog.

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