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Five Sure-Shot Predictions for 2013

by Mark Edward, Oct 11 2012

Okay folks, I’ve polished up my crystal ball, looked deeply within and will now put my New Year’s predictions out to get a jump on the paranormal glut shortly to appear inside the tabloids.

No need to buy the National Enquirer, it’s all here:



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PSA Uses ‘Psychic’ to Demonstrate Dangers of Sharing Personal Info Online : Dave’s Got the Gift

by Mark Edward, Sep 25 2012

We Need More “Psychics” Like Dave

Thanks to one of my magic students, Michael McMenamin for alerting  me on this Belgian PSA.  It’s brilliant. Seems to me CFI or JREF could do a lot of people real good by doing something similar instead of spending thousands of dollars on more talking head seminars and preaching to the choir. As usual, Europe has to show the rest of the world the trend.  Good for them. (continue reading…)

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Conning the Con

by Mark Edward, Sep 20 2012

Dragoncon’s 2012 Skeptictrack was an absolute blast this year. In between getting to meet Alice Cooper through my dear friend James Randi, hanging out for hours talking mentalism with him and wading through thousands of the most intense costumes I have ever seen in one place – ever, I managed to get a standing room only 400+ group of both paranormal seekers and skeptical minds in one room for an hour of my best psychic “readings.” (continue reading…)

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A Wild Weekend

by Mark Edward, Sep 05 2012

From the New York Times – in My Evil Lair

Dragoncon 2012 is over and after five days of the craziest in public and press related fanfare, things are hotting up with “Psychic Blues.” Some folks don’t seem to be doing their homework or paying much attention to the actual text, preferring to focus on more personal attacks on my motivations for writing the book and my so-called shady past. (continue reading…)

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Coast to Coasting

by Mark Edward, Aug 25 2012

Against my better intuitive judgement, I went on the highly popular “Coast to Coast AM” radio show to talk about “Psychic Blues” last night. It was an eye opening experience for everyone, not the least of which was me. I knew I was trending head first into the lion’s den by going this route, but without taking some chances, life can become quickly predictable – in a common sense way that is. (continue reading…)

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Out of the Frying Pan and Into…?

by Mark Edward, Aug 06 2012

I Was One of America’s Top Psychics — and Like All of Them, A Complete Fraud!

So reads the banner at Yep – that’s me folks! As reported in a series of short excerpts on Alternet, “PSYCHIC BLUES” is starting to get some positive traction – and ruffle some woo feathers too. Not a peep from “the skeptic community” but plenty of good feedback at Amazon and Alternet. (continue reading…)

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Logging In

by Mark Edward, Jul 31 2012

“Easy as Falling Off a Log”

So you thought that petrified tree trunk in your back yard was just in the way of your koi pond huh? Think again. You may be sitting on a goldmine. From the well-respected “BS Historian” comes this gem: (continue reading…)

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Stopping for “Red Lights?”

by Mark Edward, Jul 23 2012

Bobby De Niro Has The Gift?

Saturday afternoon found me finally getting the chance to see the latest psychic thriller, “Red Lights.” While I have huge reservations about the final outcome of this trendy look at people who claim to be psychic and those of us who go after them, I will review it here without spoilers.  I ultimately must recommend this film for skeptical minded individuals for reasons that are totally unintentional by the film’s writers, director and producers. (continue reading…)

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How I Spent My Weekend

by Mark Edward, Jul 17 2012

Number One Grief Vampire

No, I haven’t given up on Sylvia Browne, …not by a long shot. And I don’t feel bad that she’s apparently not feeling well. My heart bleeds ice water for her. It won’t be long before her son Chris takes over the family business… (continue reading…)

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Being Yourself in the Golden Age of the Con

by Mark Edward, Jul 09 2012

Chris Parker is a young lady who is DOING SOMETHING about psychics and the real-world harm they do. We met this weekend after I spoke with her by phone about my take on the psychic business a few months ago.  After attending  my Reason4Reason pub lecture on “Psychic Blues” Saturday night in San Francisco, she expressed an interest in having me post her thoughts on how she made a difference to her college class (and in particular the class professor) in her own lecture on psychics. Once again I may be “preaching to the choir” on this issue, but people continually ask me, “…What can I do?” So here is an excellent example: (continue reading…)

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