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Chipping Away at The Other Side

by Mark Edward, Sep 12 2009
Mmmmmm, I smell a rat.

Mmmmmm, I smell a rat.

The skeptical pursuits of those of us who have seen the light of reason shine into the dark world of woo and on their many adherents are now seeing a few phony-baloney media mediums running scared and more than a tad threatened.  The pinch is starting to take hold. Personally, I can only take small comfort in what is going on all over the Internet, but I would like to think that FORCE ONE and undercover people I may have inspired and who are fed up with the latest mediumistic crop are directly responsible for many of the spook crooks beginning to see cracks in their crystal balls.
A certain mediumistic entity of some renown I’ll refer to now as Mr. “Psychic Guy” (you can plug in any number of phonies in that space) has now taken it upon himself to put out on-line threats against anyone he feels is using “libel and defamation of character” to besmirch his dubious character. Oh boo hoo. Sane rationally thinking people with critcal minds are now being tagged as “nameless faceless thugs” by a guy who TALKS TO DEAD PEOPLE. This spook chaser even goes so far as to,

“…predict bloggers and message board trolls will begin to think about what they post on the WWW.”


I can’t wait to hear about exactly who he’s referring to, but I will venture a guess it won’t be any one of the thousands of people who abhor the exploitation and possible deleterious mental effects of inculcating false beliefs about ghosts in children.48265 The Pied Piper of Hamlin comes to mind, but in today’s world of exploitation, it’s not so much a fairy tale as a nightmare. This cruelty is more like a network santioned child abuse and intentionally induced traumatic stress program fitted into a money making contrivance worthy of Cagliostro himself…

        Chips off the old blocks I guess…



Us “trolls” and “Internet Bashers” will stick together as long as there are so many idiotic claimants who still have no scientific or rational evidence that ghosts are real and continue to pretend that speaking to them is anything other than self delusion. What else is new? Does Mr. Psychic Guy think he is any different than Eusapia Palladino, Henry Slade or the Fox Sisters? If he does it’s quite simple; prove it dude. I’m waiting. I’ll come to you and I’ll even buy dinner. Otherwise ranting legal threats just underscore a frightened fellow who knows his days as a media medium are drawing to a close like so many before him. Talk about setting legal precedents; Psychic Guy’s consultation time with a lawyer for any perceived defamation issues might better be spent covering his own ass from lawsuits coming down the pike from parents who will one day have to seek out professional help for their messed-up kids when those poor adolescents start wielding fire-axes against bogey men they are likely to imagine in their tainted futures. How could  anyone dare mention such abusers! That could be slanderous! A top notch trial lawyer like, say Robert Kardashian from O.J. Simpson fame would jump out of his grave to get a case like this, which is pretty remarkable since he isn’t dead yet. Hold on. I just Googled his name. Robert Kardashian is dead after all. His head exploded when he was asked to prosecute people for challenging the veracity of a guy who TALKS TO DEAD PEOPLE. Perhaps a dead lawyer could be summoned in court by the medium to argue his case?  Now THATwould be a media exploit that would put the Scopes Monkey Trials to shame and worth its weight in primetime gold. Hey Psychic Guy:  Do that and I’ll quit this blog and start working for you. You have my word on that.

Paradolia in a cup of ...

Paradolia in a cup of ...

The fact that Psychic Guy is so frustratingly afraid of his own approaching shadow is made even more amusing by the frequent use of other “open-minded” people apparently covering for him in blogs, chatrooms and on message boards. His charges that on-line bloggers will be prosecuted is hilarious:

 “…judges have ordered ISPs to reveal the identities of individuals who may be guilty of libel and defamation of character.” 

Oh boy. I’m shaking in my boots now. Allegations about using pseudonyms and fake monickers to hide behind is absurd when the accuser is himself well-known by many in the cyber world for using this cowardly tactic. If true, this is yet another wildly hypocrtical slant to add to his denials and excuses.  Lately, he has been telling the world that he won’t work as a “psychic detective” for any law enforcement groups because he fears for his own safety. Nice dodge there. Methinks he’s watched one too many episodes of “The Mentalist” where in the pilot, one-time pro psychic pretender Patrick Jane quits the biz after his wife and child are murdered by a serial killer named Red John. This ruse is a convenient out for anyone to borrow and I have to hand it to Psychic Guy for putting it to trendy good use. But in his case, he’s never done anything to solve any real crimes, so what’s he so worried about? Maybe he already has seen a Red John in his own future. It wouldn’t be too hard to see trouble of some sort in your crystal ball if you had dealt with as many seriously disturbed nut cases as the average medium “helps out”  in a few years time. The medium’s world of guilt, deception and denial is frightening enough without having  to deal with those pesky people writing about you on the Internet who might actually question TALKING TO DEAD PEOPLE .  

Poor fellow. He’s like a spider caught in a corner who must strike out at whoever and however he can. Skeptics are poking the pointed stick of common sense and reason at him and he doesn’t like it. Any sane person must conclude that if such powers to TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE and communicate with spirits had validity of any kind, a person in possession of those powers would be virtually untouchable by mere mortals like myself and other naysayers. Please supply me with the logic here Mr. Psychic Guy. There would be no need for any legal recourse!  Think about it for a moment. Why on earth would you need a lawyer if you could summon up spirits, obtain spirit voices from beyond the grave and possibly even send a convincing ghostie my way?  I’d love that! Or will you at least invoke one up for me around Halloween or maybe Christmas? So far, I haven’t suffered a single lost night of sleep, much less a Scrooge type visitation.

“I advise you to exert extreme caution with naming names and making further comments that you may regret.”

Extreme caution? Okay. But I don’t need to “name names.” Everybody knows who you are.  Just is case, I’ll play along for the sake of that game as the generic “Psychic Guy.” There now, …does that make you feel better? You psychic guys and gals are all interchangeable anyway. 

I have read the recent court records. They are available on-line to anyone who wishes to see for themselves how the United States court system works. Any libelous statements made on-line have to be proved false in court to be punishable by law.

Well okay then! So, let’s have it:  You have to prove you have the ability to SPEAK TO DEAD PEOPLE, otherwise any statements made here or anywhere else on-line concerning you or any of the other scam artists who parade their fake supernatural skills as the real McCoy are shit out of luck. Show us your supernal powers Psychic Guy. Make that big splash history has been waiting for! Or in lieu of any actual divine intervention, give us your best legal shot. Uri tried that once or twice too. It didn’t come to much. He wanted 15 million and he got nothing, remember? In fact, the judge ruled against him. If you’re not up on your court rulings, I understand. You’re too busy TALKING TO DEAD PEOPLE.  

Here’s the dope on Uri’s deal:

“Amherst, NY: Self-proclaimed psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller has paid to the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), the first $40,000 of up to $120,000 as part of a settlement agreement to a court-described “frivolous complaint” made by Geller against CSICOP.”.

Wake up and smell the _______

Wake up and smell the _______

When it comes to false claims and charaltanism, it still remains a free speech world we live in.

Since the aforementioned phony ISP identities have been bandied about on-line and people to afraid to come out in the light of day continue to play hide and seek, I’m not sure who put the following grandiose one-liners into the cybermix, but it reads like the same sad character to me: 

“If, in any manner, you damage an individuals reputation or income by something spoken or written — and malice can be proven — there are grounds for legal action.”


“…Maligning the reputation or character of individuals by spoken or written words. And if you don’t think that a greedy lawyer would take the case, you’re mistaken.” 

Oh yeah! No problem Mr. Psychic Guy. I’m believing that for sure! There are dozens of  lawyers who might line up in a que to attempt to protect a sterling reputation like yours, but like the famous King Henry IV Shakespearean quote that goes:

GLENDOWER: I can call forth the spirits of the vasty deep!

To which HOTSPUR replies:

“Why, so can I or so can any man. But will they come when you do call to them?”

That, Mr. Psychic Guy is what Shakespeare called “the rub.” Anyone can say they TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE. That’s the easy part. The way we see it in the real world tells us your big problem is threefold:  1) Getting dead people to come when you call them, 2) Presenting that ghost (or whatever it is that talks to you) to someone other than yourself or your believers, and lastly, 3) Get a dead person to talk back with authority that’s verifiable under reasonable test conditions and not on edited television. Can you do that Psychic Guy? It would be great if you could. Otherwise it’s just talk, talk, talk. Shamefully, it’s only in our so-called “enlightened age” that such ridiculous sham behavior can substitute  for spirituality or qualified grief counseling. Back in Shakespeare’s time, claiming such a dishonorable ability would have probably got your ass burned at the stake – and your lawyer too.

The whole question of whether a lawyer could prove damages or the maligning of any mediums reputation hinges on the bold fact that anyone claiming the ability to TALK TO THE DEAD PEOPLE is literally banking on an unprovable and heretofore false claim and anyone who says he or she can do so breaks the law themselves by obtaining money under false pretenses.  You do get paid for your work don’t you Psychic Guy? Show undeniably that TALKING TO DEAD PEOPLE is real, and you walk away the winner and not a criminal. Simple.

And it is income isn’t it, Psychic Guy?

Like Asimov’s “Unicorn Wings” theory, proponents of woo coming after skeptics will first have to prove in court that spirit communication is real in order to go to the next level of being maligned for such rubbish. Can you do that Psychic Guy? If so, like I said many times before: I’m willing to meet you anywhere, anytime to clear up any misunderstandings. This summit would bring much needed publicity for everyone concerned by being the single most important discovery in the history of mankind.  Put me down for that one, okay? It might even save the sagging careers of Sylvia Browne (… right now getting ready for her “Farewell Tour”) and get you your own global television network. Lawyers and libel suits are very small potatoes when you measure up this kind of monumental gift to humanity against my puny “thug” challenge. Prove me wrong. 

I’ m eager to hear from you …or your lawyer.

When the chips are down...

When the chips are down...





FORCE ONE is on the case...
FORCE ONE is on the case…


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67 Responses to “Chipping Away at The Other Side”

  1. AUJT says:

    You’re in trouble now, Mark! Just you wait! And then wait some more…. and some more…. and some more….

  2. AUJT says:

    I see the JREF troll has migrated over here. Could it be Mr. Psychic Guy???

  3. SicPreFix says:

    Boyo, he is one seriously damaged fella. dave mabus, that is. I mean yikes! Call the boys in the white coats.

  4. Enigma says:

    Hi Mark!

    Excellent article and well said, sir. If you have been following any of the posts on, then you know that I have been extremely outspoken in regards to “Mr. Psychic Guy”. He keeps whining over the fact that I refuse to give him my real name so that he can then sic his sycophantic band of merry twits after me for speaking my mind about him and his fraudulent activities.

    It is entirely hypocritical (not to mention just plain lame!) of him to complain about how scared he is to offer any assistance in solving unsolved murder cases or missing persons cases due to all of the whack jobs out there who might come after him, yet he keeps demanding to know the identity of all of his critics so that he can have his “friends” go after people in order to systematically bully, intimidate and harass them on-line.

    Quite honestly, his hypocrisy (as well as his idiocy) knows no bounds! Incidentally, he has been throwing around legal terms like “libel” and “slander” at SciFake for a few weeks now in an effort to silence us, however, your article pretty much hit the nail right on the head as far as the burden of proof falling upon “Mr. Psychic Guy” to PROVE (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that he is in fact an authentic “psychic”. He would have to flat out ‘wow’ the Court with his “amazing” abilities and unless/until he can prove that his “powers” are real—he can keep right on pounding sand.

    “Mr. Psychic Guy” is in an obvious state of panic right about now and is grasping at every possible straw in the hopes of silencing all of his critics before any more of his lies are uncovered/exposed. Recently, the fact that he does NOT really possess a Masters Degree in Psychology became more than apparent. Also, he claims to possess a Bachelors Degree from Elmira College, yet the Alumni office told me that NO-ONE by the name of Chip Coffey has EVER obtained a college degree from there.

    So, unless “Mr. Psychic Guy” went there under a different name, he is a bold faced liar and was caught in a definite lie. His on-line resume is also quite telling, in that “Mr. Psychic Guy” is really nothing more than an actor. Every time he gets before the camera, or theatre audience, or whatever the case may be, he readies himself to play a role. The same thing applies to when he does his gallery “readings”—he plays “psychic”, and quite candidly, not that very well from what I have been told by those who have attended one of his “sessions”.

    It will be my pleasure to team up with you and all of the other rational folks out there who seek to expose such a nasty, negative charlatan whose exposure is looooong overdue. It is high time to put an end to “Mr. Psychic Guy’s” little gravy train by ensuring that the truth about him is put out there for all to see, whether he likes it or not. He can huff & puff all that he wants to, the truth is on our side, period.

    • AUJT says:

      “Incidentally, he has been throwing around legal terms like “libel” and “slander” at SciFake for a few weeks now in an effort to silence us,”

      Sure looks like it worked as two blogs with lengthy columns of very informative comments that were mostly about “Mr. Psychic Guy” recently completely disappeared. They should be restored.

      Pretty much the same thing at One sided “interviews”, seemingly pro “Mr. Psychic Guy” and any comments that questions him gets removed.

      Is Mr. Psychic Guy scaring/threatening these sites or is he buying them off somehow or what? It’s certainly one or the other.

      Not to mention that certain sites are vocally ANTI James Randi Educational Foundation. I think that they have an agenda of their own to promote.

      • Enigma says:

        @ AUJT:

        Just as an FYI, one of those blogs/articles has now been restored. I am patiently waiting for the other one to be restored as well, as it is more than obvious that some major huffing & puffing (on the part of “Mr. Psychic Guy”) has been going on. However, even more apparent is the fact that these lame attempt’s to silence people are now failing one after the other….Try as he may, try as he might, he cannot and will not silence EVERYONE.

  5. Max says:

    Don’t know why, but I got a hankering for some chips and coffee.

  6. Kitty says:

    oh wow Mark! You are so BRAVE! Mind you, before psychic guy (wow does he have a name kinda like yours, or is this a fat slob of a smoking woman that has had horrific plastic surgery, or someone with that makes me think of Scooby Do cause he has a VAN in his name) can take you to court to PROVE he can TALK TO THE DEAD there is one thing he has to prove.

    That the dead can talk.

    That there is life after death that allows the dead to TALK and communicate with the living.

    He has to prove what science and even religion has not been able to PROVE (it’s called “faith” for a reason, if a religion could PROVE life after death that would be the one that everyone would belong to).

    He proves to you life after death, and then he can begin to even think about taking you to court.

  7. Susan Gerbic says:

    WOW oh WOW Mark!

    Can you imagine the ratings Court TV would get if some nutter were trying to channel dead lawyers? I suppose they lose their license when they die.

    BTW ~ What Kitty said.


  8. MadScientist says:

    Oh no, that little pusbag dave mabus is smeared all over the place again – someone wipe up the mess.

    Maybe Mr. Psychic Guy has some powers after all – he can see his TV days are numbered – or is that just seeing the obvious? I realy don’t understand why he’d be upset though; he’s made his money.

  9. Plainview says:

    Wait a minute… I’m having a vision… I’m a genuine psychic guys!!! It’s coming to me… Dave Mabus has never had an actual girlfriend, is uneducated, and has a laughably low IQ… he will live a life full of bitterness, loneliness, and anger. HA! My powers never fail me!!!

  10. mathyoo says:

    Well said Mark. If you have a look at “Mr. Psychic Guy”s post, read the comments. Those people frighten me-they think it’s so rational and reasonable to believe that crap. Has anyone else noticed the lack of basic writing skills among the True Believers? Does that point to a lack of education on their part? I’ve noticed the same tendency among religious wingnuts-a severe lack of basic spelling and grammar ability. Maybe it’s confirmation bias on my part, but it does seem to be fairly common with both the left-wing and right-wing exremists.

  11. steelsheen11b says:

    who’s this mabius fellow and why doesn’t somebody get him some midol?

    • SicPreFix says:

      Or perhaps a straight jacket.

      • Enigma says:

        Or perhaps “Mr. Psychic Guy” just needs to light to some candles, draw a hot bubble bath, pour himself a tall glass of wine, put on some Sade, diddle himself and then go take a nice, long nap….It might do wonders for him.

      • AUJT says:

        Google dave mabus. He’s been disrupting/threatening people for a while. Definitely a Mr. Psychic Guy psychophant. You can lead a psycho to a bubble bath….

        BTW, I’ve never seen a *threat* towards Mr. Psychip Guy so’s methinks it’s all in his head. He’s probably ‘projecting’.

      • Enigma says:

        I concur. I have NEVER read or heard of anyone actually threatening “Mr. Psychic Guy”. Apparently, he wants people to feel sorry for him by claiming that people are somehow “threatening” him. In my opinion, it IS in fact all in his head.

  12. steelsheen11b says:

    So the beating that John Edward errr “Mr. Psychic Guy” has taken is taking its toll eh? Good South Park was right on about him.

  13. RevDrDK says:

    This Candiru has swum about as far upstream in the polluted waters of his own making as he can. It won’t be long until his pith helmet will offer no protection from the downstream currents of his own urinary trickle.Vandellis cirrhosa can be a long and painful way to go. Swim little fishies, swim if you can !

  14. ParanormalRanger says:

    All thumbs up Mark for going straight to the heart of the matter and helping to further expose this fraud. With all of the recent blogs and articles helping to shed light on this it won’t be long before the Coffey break is over and there will be no more Chips in the cookies. Several years ago he publicly stated he would do whatever it took to be on tv, karma is taking a huge chunk out of his ass and if that isn’t justice, I don’t know what is. The great news is all of his entourage will also be outted and without Chip Coffey’s celebrity status to elevate them, they will fall by the wayside.

  15. Midwesterner says:


    I have no problem with the contest of your blog except for your constant mixing criminal and civil law. As far as I know, there is no jurisdiction in the U.S. in which slander (spoken word) or libel (written word) are criminal offenses. Thus, such allegations are not prosecuted by the government. They are instead civil wrongs brought by individuals or groups against individuals or groups in which the plaintiff seeks money damages. Also, I know of no jurisdiction in the U.S. where truth is not a complete defense to either. Therefore, a judge ruling that internet speech is protected if it’s true is nothing new. That said, if a person chooses to file a complaint against another, the defendant does have to answer the complaint and defend him/herself in court, which can cost a lot of money, which may or may not be recoverable even if the the defendant prevails.

    • AUJT says:

      It *could* cost a lot of money on both sides. It *could* bring a lot of attention to something that needs a lot of attention. And it *could* result in setting legal precedent towards people charging money/making money for TALKING TO DEAD PEOPLE and exorcising DEMONS. In a case like this, monies would most certainly be recoverable if the defendant prevailed. No guarantees of course but I’d bet on it.

      I think if a Mr. Psychic Guy were to sue, he’d find himself up against a force so formidable that he’d be bankrupt in very short order with no chance of redemption in any way, shape or form. What an opportunity for the skeptics! I get excited just thinking about it!

  16. Mark Edward says:

    Strange times we are living through. Almost Dickensian. From Samuel Johnson, London: “A Poem, in Imitation of the Third Satire of Juvenal.” 1793

    “Here malice, rapine
    accident conspire,
    And now a rabble
    rage, now a fire;
    Their ambush here
    relentless, ruffians
    lay; And here a fell
    attorney prowls for

  17. Brian M says:

    I’ll sue you!!!

    I mean, good post. They always resort to “the law will get you!”, when they fail at everything.

  18. Enigma says:

    Cuckoo-cuckoo…cuckoo-cuckoo….cuckoo-cuckoo…Time to “up” your dosage me thinks! Do you even remotely grasp how psychotic and out-of-touch with reality you come across as being??? By the way, your link proves nothing.

    “See how we defecate all over you?”

    **** Is this really the best possible phrase that you can come up with? You sure seem to be a bit obsessed with defecating all over people–you sir have some serious issues. Go seek some mental health assistance. Really—the sooner, the better.

  19. Mark Edward says:

    Hey Dave, I don’t get it. What’s Nostradamus got to do with fuckers and what you are “going to do?”

  20. Enigma says:

    Well, pack a lunch and bring some friends (assuming that you have any), because it is going to take a whole Hell of a lot more than just you to ANNIHILATE me. LOL! Oh, you are an amusing little troll…

  21. Anti - Dave says:

    What’s the matter Davey-boy, does the truth about your little Chipee piss you off or something? Let me guess, you probably believe in Santa Claus too, don’t ya?

    Dave Mabus is the number one reason why brothers and sisters should not mate.

  22. Dave Mabus is a lunatic says:

    Which torture would be appropriate, watching re-runs of Paranormal State or Psychic Kids? OMG, not that it would be too cruel!
    Don’t let this nutball Dave bother you, just remember it is never prudent to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person, or in this case, Dave Mabus.

  23. Mark Edward says:


  24. Ron says:

    Dave Mabus is actually Dennis Markuze from Canada. He should be careful for IP addresses are monitored and a person can be found even while using a proxy.

  25. Don't cry over spilt Coffey says:

    “I believe in the God that is going to destroy all of you…”

    Would that be Chiple Dee Dee?

  26. AUJT says:


  27. Mark Edward says:

    I still don’t get it. What exactly are you going to do or is that something Nostradamus is going to tell me at some point? I’ve read over the post you included and there’s nothing there. As with your heroes, there’s no substance to any of what you write or say. Yeah, I “wanna” know. So tell me. Or are you simply taking up space by repeating the same thing? Is that what you mean? That’s your plan?

  28. Anti-Dave says:

    “I believe in the God that is going to destroy all of you…”

    Come on Davey-boy, can’t you do better than this? Ah man, you’re really disappointing us with these weak attempts at come backs. It’s alright though, just get back on the little yellow bus in the morning and hopefully when you finally get that 6th grade education you’ll be able to respond back with something better than petty references to Nostradumbass.

    It must of been a serious blow to your ego to discover that like Santa, Chip Coffey is a fraud too. But there’s still hope for you sparky! Perhaps you can get on Christopher Moon’s bandwagon, no…. he’s a fraud too! Sounds to me like you need to get a new group of heros to worship or are you just mad that Chip won’t return your phone calls anymore? Did you have a fight or did you discover you’re inadequate as well?

    If you’re going to attack or insult people, it might come across better if you stop sounding like a fucking moron people would only laugh at you instead of hating you.

  29. Cthandhs says:


  30. I was (un)fortunate enough to speak with a gentleman who charges $300 a session to speak with dearly departed relatives over the weekend. He was quite happy to explain vibrations, personal energy, chakra, the “other side” for a good 30 minutes while I sat silent, nodded and agreed. Then he went on to talk about his transmedium skills and touched every conceivable piece of furniture in the room and told me the history of it all. Who did what. Who touched what. Who sat where.

    For $300 I can unleash my “trapped” transmedium abilities. Now having sat there and learnt the fascinating history of every damn piece of furniture, brick and speck of dust, I decided enough was enough…the conversation went something like this…

    Jose – So you can see all that history just by touching those items? Wow. Amazing.
    Psychic Douche – It’s a gift that we all possess
    Jose – (Pulls out car keys) Can you tell me who owned my car before me?
    Psychic Douche – Oh, that’s not how it works
    Jose – Really? But you touched the chair and told me all about the people who have sat in it. You touched the tables, curtains and even the wall. You said these object are imprinted with energy because of the feelings, emotions and passions linked to them
    Psychic Douche – I said that but a set of keys wont work because there are too many keys on the keychain
    Jose – (Takes off car key) How about now?
    Psychic Douche – No the energies of the other keys have imprinted that key
    Jose – So tell me about the other keys
    Psychic Douche – That’s not how it works unfortunately
    Jose – But you said their energies have imprinted this key. Tell me about those energies
    Psychic Douche – You’ll understand more if you take the course
    Jose – Wait, you can’t tell me anything about this key? Not even just a little?
    Psychic Douche – How old is the car?
    Jose – You tell me. Kidding. 40 years old.
    Psychic Douche – That’s why I can’t tell you anything. That car has had a lot of owners.
    Jose – I’m the second owner
    Psychic Douche – The car will be spiritually confusing because there are so many of them like it. It’s hard to pinpoint something that generic.
    Jose – It’s a genuine 71 Pacer Hardtop. Pretty hard to find one on the road these days
    Psychic Douche – It just doesn’t work that way
    Jose – How does it work?
    Psychic Douche – The spiritual world doesn’t follow the same laws of our dimension
    Jose – Really? But you told me all about the chair, table and a brick wall
    Psychic Douche – That’s why your car won’t work. It’s always mobile. These are stationary. The energies are stronger when something is stationary for a while.
    Jose – My Pacer is locked away 7 months of the year. That’s pretty stationary don’t you think?
    Psychic Douche – Yes but it doesn’t work that way
    Jose – Ok, so you don’t know how it works is what you’re saying?
    Psychic Douche – Exactly, the spiritual world works in mysterious ways
    Jose – Oh, I see now. It’s so mysterious you can’t tell me how it works?
    Psychic Douche – Now you get it
    Jose – But you can tell me how it doesn’t work
    Psychic Douche – It just doesn’t work that way
    Jose – You know enough to tell me how it doesn’t work, but you can’t tell me how it does work. Do you find that a little strange?
    Psychic Douche – It’s just how it is
    Jose – If I went to work and my employer asked why something didn’t work and I responded with “It just doesn’t work that way”, I’d be looking for a new job
    Psychic Douche – Well, that’s just how it is
    Jose – And for $300 you can tell me how it works?
    Psychic Douche – No, my classes teach you how to embrace your psychic ability
    Jose – And then what
    Psychic Douche – Then you’ll understand
    Jose – How it works?
    Psychic Douche – No
    Jose – How it doesn’t work?
    Psychic Douche – Yes
    Jose – Which will mean I’ll know how it works
    Psychic Douche – Yes
    Jose – But you can’t teach me what you don’t know
    Psychic Douche – It’s a class of self learning
    Jose – I can self learn at home for free. I have Google.

    Conversation over.

    I’m taking a video camera to the next woo convention.

    • Mark Edward says:

      Fantastic! Now this is the kind of television we need to see every day! Wow. I have been there and seen countless examples of this kind of flummery. My book “PSYCHIC BLUES” is all about these people and their ducking and dodging ways. They have a calm, centered woo answer for everything. You gotta love it for pure comical entertainment. Reminds me of an old episode of “Car 54 Where Are You?”
      In my recent quest for “Psychic Junkies,” I made a few re-connections with some of the real lonnies I use to hang with. Nothing had changed except as in most “businesses,” things were kind of slow these days. One psychic I knew whio was once a gorgeous super-model fraud has been through personal hell and is just now able to get regular meals, shower and stop living in her car – she’s very spiritual you know… It would be funny if it wasn’t also so sad. Fortunately, I have stopped being the “rescuer” I once was.

    • Max says:

      I bet if you had asked whether this works on ANY item before pulling out your car keys, he would’ve said yes, and any special pleading afterward would prove that he lied.

    • ParanormalRanger says:

      Humm, so this Psychic Douche is more or less telling us if you can’t dazzle them with brillance, then baffle them with bullshit?

  31. Bill says:

    Is it just me, or does this read like a Monty Python sketch?

  32. kabol says:

    holy chip-otle, did i miss a rabid chiphuahua’s simple-minded attack? and those are always so amusing…

    great article mark: equal parts humor, history and literature = dish of crunchy chip crumbs.

    i loved jose’s comment – we need to start a collection of these. well, if there are any more skeptics who can afford to waste that kind of money on a fake furniture history lesson.

    “woo defense: that’s not how it works!” = tee shirt slogan.

  33. kabol says:

    new tee shirt slogan: “Sue, Chip, Sue!”

  34. tmac57 says:


  35. Mark Edward says:

    Somebody who previously touted himself with a degree in psychology on his A & E television show bio has mysteriuosly changed that claim to “successful career in counseling and the entertainment industry.” Must have talked to his lawyer about that.

    • Would it be cheaper to speak with a lawyer from “the other side”?

      “Your honor, in my defense, may I present my legal representative…”

      *fires up Frank’s Box*

      zzzzzzzzzrrrrrzr rrrzzzzrzrrzrrrzrrrzrrr rrzzzzzrzrPEANUTSrrzrzrrzr zzzrzrzzzrFREErrzrzzzzr

      “I rest my case”

  36. AUJT says:

    Will Chip Coffey comment on his *change* of heart regarding his *LIES* about his educational background? I’m sure he’ll blame someone else for the “mistakes”. Let’s all watch and see.

    So, would you allow your children to be around a person who has claimed a masters degree in psychology when in fact they had NO degree in psychology whatsoever? Coffey’s “counseling” experience is limited to giving cold readings on a psychic phone line I’ll bet. He “counsels” people. Yeah, right. He’ll BS you for what, $300.00 a half hour? What a scumbag… Tell us where you did your “counseling” Chip! You won’t will you? Surprise me and be honest about something for once. Betcha can’t.

    Perhaps A$E is at fault for misrepresenting coffey’s credentials. Will they comment? I doubt it as they have made it standard operation procedure to misrepresent pretty much *EVERYTHING* on their network. “*Real life drama*” my ass. Someone in marketing must have read 1984 and got what they considered to be good ideas. Scumbags all…

    The paranormal research society, chip coffey, loraine warren et al and A$E, a marriage made where? Most certain not in heaven. Unless you consider heaven to be the ultimate rippoff. Then it kinda all makes sense.

  37. AUJT says:

    Dave, have you ever got past the threatening stage? Have you ever actually phsically hurt someone? Do you really want to? Do you think you might ever actually carry out one of your threats? People are interested in the answers to these questions. In other words, people are interested in you, Dave. What do you think, Dave?

  38. Jeshua says:

    John Edward the psychic is boring, but i will admit to a morbid fascination with watching Sylvia at work. I know she’s a big fake if ever there was one, but she does have a certain something going for her as an entertainer. I think it must be like the attraction of the Sopranos. Everyone knows they’re absolutely terrible people but they’re so entertaining you can’t look away.

    As for Mabus, he’s just a very unoriginal crank. It reminds me of a quote by my favorite online preacher: “Jesus loves you, but i think you’re an asshole!”