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“Psychic Kids – Children of the Paranormal”

by Mark Edward, Jun 20 2009

250px-Kids_votd1957Oh great. Just what we need. At a time when most parents should be helping their kids deal with dire real world predictions coming from economists and scientists, we get the thrill of learning from the “experts” about how to coach our kids on how to become the next wave of mediums and ghost hunters. It’s enough to make me sick.  The blurb from the promo is unabashedly pro-medium. Notice how the word “Medium” reads capitalized as if to add more clout:

“When your child comes to you and says, “I see dead people.” What do you do with that information? There are parents who are scared and isolated with problems that they often keep quiet – issues dealing with their children’s paranormal abilities. Now, thanks to Medium Chip Coffey and renowned psychologist and Columbia University professor, Dr. Lisa Miller, help is on the way.”

Help? Really? Now we have a “reality” show hosted by a “Medium” who is going to guide our kids through the turmoil of having to have a night light on because they are afraid of the dark re-shaped into a prime-time endorsement by A & E stating to the masses that with their “help” every child who has a bogey-man under their bed will, “…learn how to cope with their gifts and to realize they are not alone.”

This is where we have come to folks. A & E should be ashamed. But they are not. And it’s a sure bet they passed on “The Skeptologists” long ago. We are doomed. …Or is it damned?

The Damned

We shouldn’t be surprised if in the coming years we see a burgeoning clan of child super-psychics who will rise from suburbia like some zombie echo from past sci-fi classics like “The Damned”  (1963), “Village of the Damned” (1960) and its sequel “Children of the Damned” (1963) into a new modern urban myth. Something is terribly wrong in the tiny village of Midwich…or is it West Hollywood? Don’t say I didn’t warn you it’s coming. I predicted it. Remember that. Watch for a new legion of wunderkind to march onto your “news and information” television screen courtesy of Larry King, Oprah and “The View.” Remember what happened to the kids in those films? It went like the promos said back then: “…When authorities try to take control of them, the children are compelled to protect themselves.” Super-powered offspring? With Hollywood’s known propensity for grooming the most strident Stage Moms, this may not be far from the truth of what might happen.MV5BMTkyNjI0NzExNV5BMldamned Kids say the darndest things!

Thanks to network executives who only see ratings gold from the latest flavor-of-the-month medium Chip Coffey, America is going to get what it deserves: more woo that you can shake a baby rattle at. What’s next, infant psychic’s? Will the Right Wing Nutjob Anti- Abortionists try to convince us of pre-natal precognition? I wouldn’t doubt that either…

Chip Coffey - Sounds like something you get at Starbucks

Chip Coffey - Sounds like something you get at Starbucks

Thanks Chip. You’re the real deal right?  Coffey’s website states that, “…He is also a certified paranormal investigator and frequently consults with victims’ families and law enforcement agencies on unsolved murder mysteries and missing person cases.”  (my italics) What? Certified by WHO? Could the certifying agency be Sylvia Browne or ….what exactly? Don’t all psychics frequently consult with victims’ families?  Isn’t the real truth that in 99% of these cases they just abuse the parents of missing children and aren’t those miserable people the real final victims? I won’t even go into Chip’s other “credentials.” They are all there on his website printed on a star-field backdrop. It will do no good to even attempt to go on the attack here. It’s too late. He already has “Paranormal State” and now “Children of the Paranormal”  in the can. How can you argue with success like that without sounding a wee bit jealous? Sour grapes …right?

Truth be told. I am jealous. I’m also by turns furious, depressed, disillusioned, filled with daily anxiety and biting back on a growing feeling of dread. How can we hope to survive as a species with such rubbish piling up so high in front of our eyes? The lunatics are still running the asylum. Change America? Obama was right when he recently said that America is a culture of irresponsibility and as I have said before; we don’t need a pendulum to swing politically or otherwise, we need a wrecking ball.

DVD boxDon’t misunderstand me. As I spoke about with the Colorado Skeptics Brian Bonner and Matt Baxter on a recent podcast of their show WARNING RADIO;  I grew up watching Boris Karloff”s “Thriller,” Serling’s “Twilight Zone,” “The Outer Limits”  and years of “Dr. Who.”  I have always watched supernatural films and television with the greatest interest. My books and writings are chock full of references to them and the influence they have had on my work – which has been considerable.  It’s okay to be influenced by what we see, hear and read to a certain degree. But I pride myself on being able to differentiate between fact and fiction. I wouldn’t plan my day around what Dr. Who says. He and other entertainments are clearly characters in fictional dramatic presentations. In today’s daily deluge of dark super-naturalism, I don’t see any critcal ability to do this separation at all. It’s all pretty much taken for granted that such things as demons, ghosts, possessions and exorcisms are all a socially accepted part of reality and not unreality. How did we get here? How stupid can people actually be? Is it something in the water? Poor education? Drugs? How do people who let their lives be ruled by these images and beliefs manage to get home at night? As one quoted “Hollywood Producer and Film Maker, ” Nichol Simmons proudly states on Coffey’s site: “My film company never makes a move without first consulting Chip.” No wonder we are in such a sad state of decay.

endora09Since we hit the high (or low depending on your stance here) water mark of “The X- Files” back in 1999, I think it’s fair to say that we have now reached saturation point in regard to material that reaches way beyond fictional supernatural drama and deep into territory where fiction is so blurred into reality that what once would have been laughable as a “ghosthunter” show in the 60’s is now taken by many as gospel if I may cautiously use that term.  The laugh-track has been removed from “Bewitched”and has been replaced by a fourth season of “Ghost Whisperer.”  Our culture has unleashed so many fantasies upon the world, it’s no wonder nobody can tell what is fact and what is fiction anymore. We desperately need someone or something to help clear away the cobwebs. Enter: The Skeptologists.

On a brighter media note: Fellow investigator into  the realms of psychic quackery, Paul T. has advised me to pass on the news that PBS will be opening its new season of “History Detectives” on June 22nd with an investigation into the “PsychoPhone” and Edison’s supposed involvement with its creation. His own extensive material on the subject will be featured. From the PBS website blurb:

700_edison_machine“A couple in Cincinnati acquired a peculiar phonograph at an antique auction. The machine was labeled “PsychoPhone” and included four, grooved wax cylinders. Their research makes our contributors think Thomas Edison invented the PsychoPhone to record messages from the afterlife. As early as the 1870s, Edison and other scientific minds explored psychic phenomena like mediums. They believed every living being was made of atoms that could “remember” past lives. Did Edison make a machine to unlock the secrets of the dead? The wax cylinders could hold the answer. History Detectives travels to the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park in New Jersey to find out. “


Have you registered for the up-coming TAM 7 yet? Better hurry. I will be there from Wednesday night July 8th through Sunday night July 12th. Be There! I have been invited to participate in the live Sunday afternoon JREF Million Dollar Challenge of Danish psychic Connie Sonne. I have asked for a private interview with Ms. Sonne after the outcome of the challenge and will write a full detailed report of my own investigations on this blog when I return. This should be a sensational event. Maybe even sensational enough to attract the attention of Anderson Cooper?  Hey Cooper: Man Up! I look forward to meeting those of you who share my angst:

Guerrilla Skeptics Unite!





75 Responses to ““Psychic Kids – Children of the Paranormal””

  1. Xplodyncow says:

    Interesting post. I had to go check Psychic Kids out on YouTube.

    I have to admit that when I was about the same age as the girls in the first episode, I, too, thought I had psychic abilities and could see dead people. It didn’t help that I grew up in a family that believed in that crap. Eventually, though, I grew a brain and stopped believing in all that nonsense.

    Now as I look back on that phase of my life, I see a connection between the emotional turbulence in my real life and the “ghosts” I “saw” everywhere. So I wonder whether the “psychic kids” have emotional issues that are too big for them to process consciously, or too confusing for them to explain, so they use “ghosts” to explain the negativity they feel.

    If the adults and the culture around you — a young, confused child — promote belief in ghosts, then of course you’re going to think you’re being haunted, not that you have some issues to deal with.

    And so-called psychic kids really do believe they see and hear ghosts — what they experience feels real to them — so calling them stupid or crazy or whatever only makes them more firmly grasp their delusion.

    Or something. I’m no shrink. Sorry for the long and rambling comment.

    • Mike says:

      Come now Xplodyncow,we all know that you really DID have psychic abilities and now that you’ve grown into the sad cynic you are,your soul-crushing skepticism has blinded you from seeing the other side.Remember,you have to REALLY,REALLY want to see these things before they manifest themselves to you.

      You,my friend,have just been Poed.Did you figure out before you read this?LOL,it’s sad but true that some people would actually tell you that.

      • Xplodyncow says:

        Ah, yes, it’s all coming back to me now. I see that when the moon is in the seventh house, and also when Jupiter aligns with Mars, peace will guide the planets. And I am getting a sense that love will steer the stars. Could this be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Only Jenny McCarthy and the Indigo Children know.

      • Xplodyncow says:

        “Jenny McCarthy and the Indigo Children” would be a great name for a band.

  2. Michael Kingsford Gray says:

    I can see dead people and even talk to them!

  3. I stumbled into a Psychic Kids show while channel surfing and was absolutely appalled. Basically, it’s a cooperative effort between the show’s producers and the kids parents to exploit children for profit by taking advantage of their youthful credulity to instill nonsense beliefs even to the point of causing long lasting psychological problems of which at some will prove irreparable. In other words, it felt to me to be nothing less than child abuse.

    • angelovef says:

      I see why you would feel this way, but i have to say that you cannot group all of these people together. There are probably a lot of children that are exploited on this show, but i take offense to you grouping them all into one category. My brother was on that show. My parents did not find the show, they didnt call them up and push my brother to do it. My brother wanted to do it and chose it of his own free will. It’s cool and all that you’re a skeptic and i respect that, but you cannot go around crying abuse when you have no idea what the reality of the situation is. Im glad my brother went on there and found some sort of peace. And whether you like it or not there are people out there that are sensitive with no normal explanation and you should watch what you say….oh and my parents never pushed my brother to explore this, it was of his own accord. I could really care less who doesnt agree. But not everything is black and white…

      • aliber says:

        Thanks for your balanced comment. I think skepticism is a requirement when looking into these things, especially since so many, throughout history & in present times , have used blind belief, superstition & fear to manipulate people and enrich themselves with power & money. That said, i also have coined my own word for the other side: “scientific superstition”- the belief that because science says it can’t be real, it can’t be real. We have blind belief in superstition AND blind belief in science! Thats my take anyhow.
        These things – far as i know- cannot be tested in a lab. As someone who came to have paranormal experiences later in life ( after being taught to deny & surpress experiences i had as a child) i totally understand how ridiculous the claims of these children may seem.All i can say is, until you have experienced these things yourself, you really can’t know. And i believe that denying these children their experiences- if they are genuine according to each individual case- is a form of child abuse.I’m glad your brother had the courage to come out about his experiences & look for answers. I wish him peace.

  4. “…of which at LEAST some will prove irreparable.”

  5. SicPreFix says:

    I know this is off-topic, but I cannot view this topic’s comments in Firefox.

    When I click on the “continue reading” or “comments” links I get a page showing a short list of allowable html tags, no white background, and no comments.

    Is anyone else having the same trouble?

    Could the webmaster, or whatever they have here in that arena, look into this. Please.

  6. Sorry, not me, but I’d like to pile on with a ‘pet peeve’ request to move the Add On boxes away from the “comments(21)” links beneath and on the left of each story on the home page.

    Maybe it’s just my clumsiness with the mouse (hey, I’m 6’6″ and 270 lbs, with ham-hands to match), but I have a hard time clicking on the comments link without rolling over the Add On box. Rolling over it brings a pop up just as I’m trying to click ‘comments’ and … argh… try again.

  7. Vagrarian says:

    I’m bummed you never referenced “The Bloodening,” but oh well. This is bad enough on its own.

  8. Personally, I’d rather see kids sit in front of the XBox downing Doritos. Way more beneficial than instilling the belief of mystical powers.

  9. Samuel Howard says:

    You know, I see this as yet another attempt to make children feel “special” (much like the Indigo Child movement). I mean, what would be better than telling your child (or the parent of said child) they have unique, special abilities/senses only they possess? This strikes me as being a trifecta of sorts:

    1. The producers and A&E (I do agree they should be ashamed of themselves) make tons of money off of it.

    2. Chip Coffey and Dr. Lisa Miller (who should be ashamed as well) are getting fame and money.

    3. The children are being told they are special and the parents are getting their egos stroked (or bragging rights). I would also agree with Devil’s Advocate on the child abuse aspect; this is yet another way of enhancing the child’s esteem in the worst possible way and ultimately sets them up for failure.

    All of this is quite revolting and rather disgusting. It is a blatant attempt to capitalize on the spiritualism trend (shame, shame, shame on you A&E) and make people feel better, albeit in a non-healthy, artificial sort of way.

    Gag me with an ectoplasmic tendril.

    I do not watch TV and this is yet more evidence as to why. I refuse to become absorbed in this trash and I do whatever I can to dissuade people from doing the same. It is a difficult battle, but it can only be done one at a time. We just have to keep pointing this crud out and hope for the best.

  10. Mark Edward says:

    As an up-date to this whole mess, Dan Mewhinney, who was the leader of the “ghost hunter” team we worked with on “The Skeptologists” pilot, just sent me the following website info from his latest “project.” This is yet another very shrewd marketing ploy the paranormalista are taking. Here’s their manifesto:

    “DANGERS OF THE PARANORMAL” So who is to blame here?
    Shall we blame those who are of legal age and pursuing ghosthunting without realizing it can be dangerous? Shall we blame the new onslaught of TV shows that portray paranormal investigating as fun and exciting and do not address the dangers to the general public? Do we blame the shows featuring under-age children that are marketing ghost hunting to adults and (gasp)underage children? Who is to blame if the kids are affected? How about the adults? Shall we blame the adults who let their kids watch the shows without discretion or explanations? Many adults watch with their kids, have no idea of the dangers themwselves. Do we blame them for not researching the dangers for themselves? Do we blame them for not being informed? Shall we blame the current television media that is so hell bent on making ratings and jumping through the hoops to find the next paranormal ratings super-star? Do we blame the editors, the production companies and the decision makers for refusing to add disclaimers of these dangers to the shows themselves? Who would you blame? This is an epidemic that is only getting worse! We will tell you of the dangers and let you decide for yourself.”
    Brilliant! What a concept! Who is to blame indeed. I would say ALL OF THE ABOVE – INCLUDING THIS GROUP! How nice of them to offer to tell us of the dangers involved in investigating the paranormal. There’s only one problem: THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! This is a prime example of how believers can turn something around and make it seem like they are helping the public, when in fact they are simply adding another level of woo onto a plate that is already overflowing. They are dangerous. Thanks Dan, but I didn’t see anyone from any skeptic’s group included on your video.Why didn’t you invite me to participate? Hmmmmm. Maybe Dan and his sort are content to wait for “The Skeptologists” to hit the airwaves. Maybe NOT. You can see his whole deal at:

    Shame, Shame, Shame…

  11. TonyaK says:

    I believe it was these same people (Dangers of the Paranormal) who fell, hook line and sinker, for a prank phone call perpetrated by a podcast recently. They were told that they were being considered for a pilot, which would utilize 21st century technology in the form of the Text Messenger to the Dead. He was all for it until he was told that teenagers would be utilized, because, as we all know, teens can text much more rapidly than adults. He then launched into an all-out diatribe about how dangerous this would be….Nevermind that the concept of a Text Messenger to the Dead is…well…about as idiotic as a Telephone to the Dead.

    There is a whole new generation of ghost hunters referring to themselves as “Extreme” or a “Task Force,” in an effort to make the “paranormal” seem menacing and dangerous. It disgusts me as they parade around in their black t-shirts and camouflage pants to combat the evil demons that are, apparently, all around us.

  12. Mark Edward says:

    What do you mean Tonya? Evil demons ARE all around us! They are dressed in black t-shirts and camo pants and perpetrate the kind of bull crap we are talking about here. No need to look much further for true evil than A & E, Chip Coffey and Chris Moon these days. And let’s not forget that everybody’s favorite babe Nicole Richardson has now publicly touted John Edward as her personal medium and has expressed her delight that he will be helping her keep in touch with her dead mother. This will all be a part of Edward’s new season of fun-filled woo and joyessness that will find him crossing the country and doing his thing in a “road show” format. What must we do to stop the madness? Arrrrggggghhhhh! We need to find out their show schedule and somehow road block him at every turn. Is not this kind of guy the real evil in our time? Tell me there’s something worse out there except maybe “enhanced interrogation” or “acceptable radiation levels.”

  13. When I was a kid we played Army. Now they play Army Of Darkness.

    And let’s all applaud the bravery it takes to willingly step into battle without regard for their own safety against an enemy that doesn’t exist. If I had an army of such men, I could conquer… um… Atlantis.

  14. Too late, Jose. The conquering of Atlantis went quicker than I thought.

  15. Susan Gerbic says:

    Speaking of Oz, who all will be at TAM7? I would love to meet you clever funny people.

  16. aka dogfish says:

    children with paranormal psychic abilities are a common theme in the debut book just published by Canadian author Eugene Kachmarsky. the book is an anthology of short stories in an urban fantasy legend style that fuses a variety of other genres as well. check out the video promo on YouTube, search the book’s title, Let Slip the Dogs of Love. if that grabs you, go to the publisher’s website for a write up and author bio: it’s available at amazon and barnes & noble. if you like psychic kids, you’ll love this.

  17. monique porea says:

    I see things like this too and may need help.

  18. analysa says:

    hey people if there any psyisc kids or teen it would be cool if i would see them post a reply on this because i can see ghost and people that are dead but i don’t know if i have a gift but i have to find my gift. i started see them sense i was a baby i think but i do know i saw them when i was little..and i had saw one in decemeber.and i was scared a little….but i tell my family but they think i am crazy but i am because my mom,my sister,and me could see them but i am not sure if my little brother can he is only one years old..

  19. AUJT says:

    Hopefully Chip Coffey, the Paranormal Research Society (no actual research required or performed), and others will soon be out of business.

    And as for sites that are pro woo disguised as being skeptical, you can add . It seems that Chip Coffey gets cozy with these sites, offers them who knows what, and they fawn all over him. They delete posts that question him and his educational credentials (he claims he has an “advanced degree”/”masters degree” in psychology but no one can find it and he won’t say where he earned it).

    These psychic frauds as well as these fake skeptical sites need to be exposed now!

    • LYL says:

      People like you have too much hate in you. Someday when your light got turn-on you’ll know the truth, for now you need to keep your noise out of other people’s business. I wish the “IT” will show itself to you night in and night out, then you will understand what we understand.

  20. Rerrr says:

    You are a disgrace. U are prejudice to those with a gift because you are either jealous or afraid. Open your eyes to things out of the normal, and you might get less responses as this. Think about if a gifted child sees this. Do u want a kid with already challenging life to cry? R u horrible? Good bye

  21. Lesley says:

    The media circus thats surrounds the indigos has yet again blown something special into a joke, and boy have you all bought into it, just like you buy into everything else thats speculated. Well this is a message from an indigo the joke is on you more fool you.
    The indigos have skills that are not for the faint hearted or the meek and fickle minded, i just know the strongest bloke would buckle, at the entities and level of dark that we see are not fro the faint hearted im shown this at any time or anywhere no matter what, so lets give a little respect here the young ones because god they are going through it,… they need dedicated support love.
    Do not understimate our skills or are only kidding yourself,thats to you out there who like to manipulate from afar.
    This is a message for the children dont be afraid the entities feed off this, ask for help no matter what, find someone who is a trusted healer or teacher who will help you protect yourself i started with Raiki healing to understand my energies and others, talk openly to your parents but understand they are afraid and dont know how to deal.There are lots of children who are the same and you need to find the confidence and get together, you wont fell so isolated because i know how this feels its lonely on the human level but all that is about to change have faith.
    This is a word of advice for the parents, you love your child right?…then help them,the levels of darkness is seriously stressful and trust me they see it all from “everything that is to all that has been” so gentlness and integral understanding is vital here, your child has a mission and god blessed you with this child who in time will heal and help you, along with many others,because we are the guinnea pigs so to speak, but as long as you have the fear the fear will control the situation,and as you know there are people who initiate fear as a weapon of control right!… im talking all levels and positions on this planet right, and all this your child knows and feels heavy load right!…Now know that your child is safe within your loving bond protect them with your love, until they can manage those entities on there own… you will soon understand the power of love pour it in over and around your child as much as you can give from a pure heart, and know this is powerful, this will help them because your taking the first steps of beginning to understand them.
    All humans have these in built skills like us, its just been “terrorised” out of you because fear is a form of control.And as you know things are coming to light very fast i think you can guess we im coming from.Be postive and trust yourself and your instincts and dont stress about what onlookers think you have more than enough to deal with. go steady and straight, love L.A

    • LYL says:

      Thank you Lesley for sharing your thoughts. I’m in 100% agreement with you. It is so sad people reacts so negatively about this and prefer to live in denial. I have the ability and now my 7 years old also has it. I’ll never put my child through what I went through when I was his age, not having anyone to believe in you and supporting you. Knowledge is power, the more one understands the more one knows how to handle the situation.

      Thank you again for posting this.

  22. To The Following Haters:

    1. The Show Changed And My Life And Helped Me Realize That Taking Control Over Something You Have A.K.A A Specail Ability Is A Privelage.

    2. People Who Dont Believe Are Just Afraid Of What They Are Not Familiar With And Are Insecure In Their Own Sad Lonely Hearts And Usually Argue Only To Get A Rise outa People Therefor Getting Themselves Some Attention.

    3.I Myself Know Its Not What You Low Lives Call “An Imaginary Freind” Because An Imganinary Freind Cant Pick You Up And Throw You Across A Room. An Imaginary Freind Cant Wake You Up In The Middle Of The Night Crying Because They Cant Find Their Parents Or A Loved One.

    When You Die I Believe You Go Somewhere. It May Not Be What You Call Heaven Or Hell, But Where Do You Go If You Need Something Before You “Pass On”? Thats Right.. I Am Not One For Churchy Comments But All You Devoted Christains In The Bible It States That People Who Speak In Tounges, Have Extra Receptive Eyes, And Other Things Of The Sort, Should Be Respected As If An Elder. And Lets Not Remember Why You All Came To Not Believe, Because You Were AFRAID! Not Of Your Own Shadow But Of What Youre Not Familiar With. My Eyes Are What I Call Old Souled Eyes. They Are Extra Receptive To Things You All Cant See.. Basically For The Main Fact Of Your Own Emotional Strength. You Are Not Strong Enough To Handle Facing Death Every Day. And Seeing The Souls Of Those Who Are Now Lifeless And In Need Of Help To Understand Exactly What Is Going On. You Are The Ones Who Should Be Ashamed Of Yoursleves, Bashing On Young People And Respected Men Like Chip Coffey. He Reached Out To Us When We Needed Him And Helped Us To Understand Exactly What Was Going On With Us. We Were Scared And Confused With Nowhere To Turn. And With The Rejection Of My Only Source Of Help And Knowlegde [Church] I Had To Turn To My Good Hearted Uncle Chip For Help. And He Opened My Eyes. And I Will Have You Know My Best Freind Brooklyn Coughran Has The Same Specail Eyes As Me. She Helps Me Out Through Alot And I Love Her Very Much So In A Way I Am As Well Sticking Up For The Only Freind I Had For Almost Two Years. You All Need To Put Yourselves In Our Shoes. And Realize How Brave We Were Being Doing This Thing In Front Of All Of America. Its Hard To Do This Alone. Thats Why Seeing Other Kids Like Me Helped Me To Cope With The Rush Of Publicity. Yes It Did Boost Our Slef Esteem, But Not Enough To Give Us A Big Head. You Must Realize How Low Our Self Esteem W

  23. you people are pothetic and rediculous have you nothing better to do with your time than knock the best medium ther ever was have you meet chip you feel the strength and capabilities of him….and the not to metion vibe is outrageuos i have never meet someone so caring ,and willing to help young people in my life dont you think for one stinkin minute that its for fame and we are doing wrong to our dont know what we go through and chip wants to help he doesnt have to thats what you people dont understand…….that he could do what ever he wants with his abilities but he chooses to help we dont pay him he doesnt pay us either….and people when you see a spirit you can tell me you dont belive still my husband was a skeptick not anymore…my daughter is the most beautiful and talented clarvoinet and psychic medium i have known other than chip.oh dont think im ranting and raving either..there are some people that are in it for the money jhon edwards is a jerk…..i was a fan for years and he disapoited me when we were on larry king but chip please rethink what you say about him what other person would take the time to help us knowone not even our church so just think about the other side not only yours my duaghter has gone through enough we dont need skepticks thanks for your critsium but we dont need it we are fine if you dont belive than your misses out on the wonderful part of paranormal always psychics and we belive so haters shut up and go somewheer eles !!!!!!!!!!

    • ashley says:

      i completley agree, the people who hate on chip or think that the show is bogus r ignorant and they shouldkeep there comments to themselves. chip is amazing and what he does for those children is amazing, they are scared and need guidance and he does that for them and helps them understand their abilities. i love the show and the children are exceptional! for all the non-beleivers and haters they should realize that these experiences are real and happen everyday to many people, children are scared and don’t know how to handle what they are going through. they are lucky to have chip to help them and make them feel validated. i’ve experienced paranormal activity myself as a child and it can be very scary and i wasnt lucky enough to have someone to reassure me that i wasnt going to be hurt and i can control the situation. kudos to chip and his work.

    • Asinus says:

      What you are doing is fostering mental illness in children. Instead of figuring out why children are seeing things (e.g. child onset schizophrenia, anxiety disorders) and finding actual help for them, you turn to something completely irrational, unverifiable, and ultimately harmful. Of course, if they really are psychics, why don’t you take James Randy up on his offer, go and prove your psychic abilities, and collect your million dollars? Even if you aren’t doing it for profit, you could put some in a trust for college or donate it all to a worthy charity. Why not put the psychic gifts to good use?

  24. oh yeah that last comment was fro m jillians mother tamera

  25. Get Real says:

    Jillian, you’re full of it. Your act is not convincing at all. Do you really think you fool anyone with your “gift”.

    You should have taken a few acting lessons before appearing on the show.

  26. Ignatio says:

    “…every child who has a bogey-man under their bed will, “…learn how to cope with their gifts.”

    a “bogey”-man. really? is a “bogey”-man one of those things in independence day will smith kept talking bout? or tom cruise in top gun? how about pearl harbor i think they were some bogey-men in that movie too.

  27. Sher says:

    Salem witch trials anyone?

  28. Kate says:

    You know what I was told as a small child…”300 years ago they would have you burned at the stake, and not but 30 years ago they would have you committed to an asylum, so whatever you do…above ALL else…NEVER tell anyone outside of this family anything about yourself!” Those words have forever been burned into my brain like a hot knife because of people like the most of you on here. My question to you is why should I have to live in shame of what my creator, God almighty, gave to me?! My god made no mistake when he created me and for reasons far beyond anyone I know, I have certain abilities that others do not. When I was a child I thought as children do and thought everyone was created equal and everyone else could see / do / feel as I did. Quickly I was ushered away and told that this was not true, but that these things did have a tendency to run in our family’s line. From then on I was warned with the above warning not to speak a word of it to anyone. At first of course I was not scared because I thought everyone saw and felt as I did. Then once warned I knew it was something I had to be afraid of, and why…because there are people out there like many of you who have posted here that would have me burned at the stake, sent to an asylum, etc. On the other hand I find it much more rewarding that I am a very successful 30 something with a great family of my own, a combat veteran who has served my country well and if you were to meet me you would probably think I was one hell of a great person. All the while never knowing that I was “different” from you in some very extra ordinary ways. I will tell you one thing my gifts have taught me is that hate and ignorance are no way to live. The more negative energy you surround yourself with the more it will be to your detriment. Like they say “Misery loves company”.

    • Asinus says:

      30 years ago? in the 80s? The dark ages of the 1980s? Someone might have tried to get people the help that they need, but the odds that anyone would be committed are slim to none unless other dangerous behavioral problems were seen as well. In young children, disorders manifest differently than they do for adults– heck, even in adults anxiety can present with visual disturbances (IIRC, my DSM is in my office). So you have these kids who are on the show because they are labeled as “weird,” who are under a lot of stress at school and in other social situations, and so on– a formula for anxiety. Then parents reinforce the stories and delusions instead of finding a good child therapist.

  29. Steven says:

    I agree with the believers that have posted here. These skeptics are so full of hate and mockery, that it disgusts me. If you really think that indoctoring someone’s children into a certian belief/world view is dangerous, then why don’t you do something about it? You are an accomplish to child abuse if you sit there and do nothing. Do you want to have that weight forever on your shoulders? I wouldn’t. So DO SOMETHING!

  30. julie says:

    I have never had the experience, so I do not believe I am one to judge. The only thing I know is that as I believe that there are angels that walk the earth, there are also demons. It’s a constant battle with good vs. evil. If they are exploiting these children, then karma to them, but I have not walked in their shoes, so as I said who am I to judge?

  31. Beau says:

    Coached, over dramatic and borderline child abuse. God I can’t wait for South Park to make fun of this program.

  32. Mark says:

    The “ghost hunter” and parnormal psychics have stooped to a ridiculuous
    And likely abusive low with “paranorma children”. I stumbled across Chip Coffee and all the madness he spews without regard to the lifelong psychological damage he is creating in the “special” kids that see dead people. I also observered that the children were apparently kids of single mothers. At the very least fathers were absent in the two episodes I watched. This may be a key indication of the a root of this madness perpetuated by Coffee, the Psychologist and sadly the mom’s who both indicated they were afraid of psychiatric care and the stigma of possible mental illness. There us so much wrong about this I am beyond appalled. Isnt it nice to be special, is reality so painful that fantasy and imagination are the only solutions to a troubled life? Teens have enugh to deal with than these mindless idiots leading them to an endless and empty life. This is more of the insanity from our culture’s obsession with television, violence and ambition to exceptional without the work or education. There are a million wonders far more inspiring in literature, physics, cosmology and astronomy.

    • ashley says:

      you clearly have never had an experience with the paranormal. chip is a wonderful man helping these kids cope with the scary things they are seeing and feeling, maybe you shoyuld open your mind up to the things that are really happening in this world, just because you cant see “what goes bump in the night” doesnt mean its not out there! i’ve experienced paranormal activity myself as a child and it can be very scary so why dont you stop trying to make people who are sensative to these things feel like outsiders just cause you can’t have the gift that we do. thank god for chip and his help in letting these kids feel better about themselves so they dont feel alienated by people like you!!

  33. MikeM says:

    It’s probably not fair to call any skeptic a “hater.” By the same token, every child who “sees” and “feels” things is not insane. Tactile and visual hallucination-like reporting is a normal part of a kid’s deveopment (Edelsohn, 2006).

    These kinds of reports from older children have been proven to have a direct correlation to the severity of bipolar disorders, and also correlates to schizophrenia and other personality disorders. Now you might say that seeing ghosts makes you crazy, but the “seeing ghosts” part normally comes AFTER the onset of mental illness and increases in severity as the illness runs its course untreated. Did David Berkowitz get crazy because an evil demon in a dog talked to him? Clearly, from his case, he fell further and further into mental illness before hearing “Sam.”

    So, the real issue here seems to be: do you risk children’s sanity on the possibility that they really see ghosts? If you do, then that is problamatic. Psychological evaluation involves no drugs. If you are unwilling to have your child evaluated for their own safety, and would rather have a 13 old son sleep with his mother as a way of dealing with the situation (as in a recent episode of the show) then you are endangering your child. And any show that supports this, is ethically corrupt at best, and actively endangering the welfare of children at worst.

    I’m not saying there is no such things as ghosts. Even if, for the sake of argument, we say that there ARE ghosts and these children DO see them, NOT taking a child who is (and these symptoms are from the show) not getting sleep, feels depressed and scared all the time, feels not in control of their life or surroundings, has trouble making friends, and sleeps with their Mom…NOT taking that child (whatever their gifts) for a simple psych eval is clearly not being a responsible adult. Please please please take your child to a reputable diagnostician before you decide how to proceed.

  34. Checkit says:

    I’ve seen spirits, orbs, and figures as a kid and up to adulthood. Although I don’t seem it constantly (thank goodness), I have experienced things I can’t explain. There is no why I can scientifically explain them as these things can’t be quantified and subjected to the scientific method. I don’t mind that people don’t believe because honestly, unless you’ve experienced yourself, why would you believe?

    However, I find some skeptics extremely distasteful and full of hate. Also, I do find the show entertaining, so it did its job.

  35. Shellda says:

    MikeM…very good post with some good advice! It really doesn’t matter whether there are or aren’t “spirits” or “ghosts!” The kids have emotional turbulance in their lives, whether real or imagined, and that is what they need to learn to deal with. Once they accomplish that, the spirits/ghosts will probably stop with the visits too!

  36. Wayne Brasler says:

    If these children are emotionally in turmoil over talents they tend to keep secret as they experience damaging terror, then how could the producers of ANY T.V. show even KNOW about them? And what kind of parent would let a child already in emotional turmoil from seeing dead people parade that problem for the world to see on a television series where all the kids, and all the cases, seem the same. Furthermore, all the kids complain about being abused and made fun of at school but at the same time are terrified of and ashamed of their abilities, so why would they even talk about them at school? I think it’s all scripted and shot as a movie and most of the actors are nonprofessionals, so they don’t seem like they’re acting but just hesitant and awkward. I was a kid with psychic abilities and it did not prove the centerpiece of my existence and my parents just brushed it off as unusual, interesting but not life-altering. Nor did I talk much with friends about it. I did have some terrifying moments, particularly when I was very young, but none of that overwhelmed by link to normal, daily life. I never met anyone like the kids on this show, who all seem to be attending Alfred Hitchcock Junior High, and seem barely able to put short sentences together. They haunted eyes accompanied by spooky lighting which take a long time to set up adds up to well-done fiction.

  37. Eugene Ridge says:

    I just watched “Scripted Kids” for the first time.
    1. I do believe in ghosts.
    2. I do believe most can’t or don’t see them.
    3. I do NOT believe this show.

    It’s sad that these kids are used like this and maddening that their parents enable it. Whether the kids are or aren’t wilfully complicit, they need psychological help not psychic intervention. The parents need even MORE therapy than the kids.

    I kept feeling like I’m watching child exploitation and it “feels” like a crime is happening right before my eyes. The producers of the show are as heartless and parasitic as any other TV producers(yes, even you just out of college interns).

    I see that some of the kids from the show have responded to comments personally. If you are monitoring this site, please do not respond to me. Your only responding in anger, it will not help you. You need to talk to someone with a PHD.

    • angelovef says:

      Sir, I am not responding out of anger to your post. It is nice to see that you atleast acknowledge the possibility that some people are sensitive. I do agree that these shows are getting out of control these days. what i do not agree with is your idea that all of these children are in some kind of terrible emotional turmoil about it. Yes, my brother did appear on this show but he does not need therapy. If anything this show was a bit of therapy, it gave him an outlet. I know a lot of these children do have a lot of emotional turmoil, but for my brother it was a positive thing. I look at him now and see how it has calmed him. We didnt tell the world he was on it, but he wanted to do it and in his particular case it was positive. He is a very normal kid with a special gift and that is it and he most certainly doesnt have a “woe is me” attitude about it. Also, it is absurd that you would write a comment on a public board and advise people not to reply, you are not the “end all” to this discussion on a board that is full of debate….

  38. Ryan says:

    I am Ryan, I am 14 years old and, I believe I have a psychic gift. I have been following the children of the paranormal shows and videos trying to help myself. I strongly believe I am psychic but I am not sure yet. I would really like help with this. It would be coll to know if I am or not. Thanks :)

    • consciouslove says:

      Hey Ryan,

      So odd to stumble upon your post. Apparently, I need to tell you something? Hope this helps!

      I’ve been rediscovering who I am and what I am capable of, too, but only just in the past few years. Even so, I feel I have something to contribute. I have learned that you’re a) probably correct that you have abilities (almost everyone has something) and b) you will discover more. Not everyone can (or should) “see dead people” or hear them. Do your research. Absorb what sounds/feels right for you. Trust your gut, it’s almost always right. Your abilities will open up. Fact. You just need to become aware of and embrace the signs. The biggest thing is staying in the light. Embrace the light and refuse the dark. It is so easy to get defensive and angry, but you will accomplish nothing. I don’t necessarily think you should try to learn from this show because their intentions may not be as pure as you think they are. My suggestion to you would be to look around on the internet for help. True, the internet has a lot of rubbish and hate, but there’s also tons of light! Read books. Ask questions. Find friends (you may have more luck online in this category, at least for now).

      Bottom line: realize that you are NOT a freak, you are most certainly not alone! You should be proud for taking this step of reaching out. Good on you.

      I wish you the best of luck on your (life long) journey for the light!

      A :D

      PS Happy Valentine’s Day! You are loved

  39. grace says:

    Why is it shot in the dark most of the time, can’t anyone flip on a light switch in these houses? Kids have vivid imaginatons and encouraging them to interpret every goosebump or spooky feeling as being something real and telling them they can even be in actual physical danger by these entities instead of comforting them is pure exploitation if not child abuse. If there is true paranormal phenomena isn’t even the issue.

    angelovef there are kids and adults who are sensitive and because of that it’s important to have a healthy skeptical streak because sometimes you can misinterpret things that may have a simple and even boring explaination. As I kid I used to have night terrors and I think it would have been harmful if my parents told me it was the result of evil entities or paranormal activity. In the right circumstances even adults can misinterpret things like this. I don’t doubt a lot of these kids and parents are experiencing something the geniunely believe is real, but they ARE being exploited by the producers of this show.

  40. Craig says:

    i understand that everyone has their opinions, and it is their free will to explore that and to express that opinion to others.

    What i have trouble understanding is why people are so scared to look into something before slamming others and putting people down for something they obviously know nothing about. i know it brings fear to those that don’t understand something, something that is outside of their own realm, that they have never experienced, or more likely have experienced, and wrote it off as coincidence, or were too fearful of it, to look at it realistically. it is natural in our conditioned reality, to write off things, and to be skeptical of them, that is fine to a point. But if you want to find the truth, you are going to have to do some serious research, instead of laughing and putting other people down.

    To my knowledge a skeptic, is supposed to be someone looking for the truth, not denying things at all costs. Truth seeking, is getting to the absolute truth, and taking an open enough minded view to get to the truth. Choosing fear and ridicule of others, which can be viewed as spewing hate, will get you no closer to the truth. All it does is make you feel comfortable with something that bothers you to think it could be real. i understand that not everyone has experiences, and you believe that it isn’t possible for others to have these experiences if you aren’t. That isn’t getting closer to the truth, that is just being closed minded.

    When i was young, i had a lot of experiences, that no one else was talking about. i tried to tell my mother, and she said i had a vivid imagination. however, that didn’t stop my experiences, they continued for many years. premonitions in dreams, knowing what others would say, sensitivity to emotions and others pain, knowing at times that someone had died, before anyone told me about it. i turned away from all of this, and even though confused by these events, i allowed the conditioned beliefs in this world, to turn away from it. Well, here and there, things would continue to happen. now for 3 years i have explored this, and there is no doubt, whatsover, that intuitive and psychic abilities are very real. This is shown over and over in my life. i know that scares some people, and could shatter their belief systems, but this is real.

    Spread love and understanding, search for the truth, and don’t let your own disbeliefs and fear, cause you to hurt others with your words and actions. Continue to be skeptical, heck i’m still skeptical, though it is proven to me over and over. keeping a skeptical view, helps lead closer to truth, if you choose to look for truth and not write off everything that doesn’t fit into your subjective viewpoint.

  41. Harsh Reality says:

    Who decides if a child is just having hallucinations, Chip Coffey?

  42. I think you have the right idea says:

    This is not the first time Chip Coffey has been called on his BS, several have posted at ripoff “report” about his bully tactics and now he is threatening Ron Tebo at scifake for calling him out about the Psychic kids show again he is now supporting (Chip Coffey is)a child who supposed see’s dead people just like the movie “The sixth sense”
    Its time Chip see’s the inside of a courtroom and proves he is what he claims and stop exploiting children for good.

  43. Amber says:

    This isn’t really about the TV show but there was a time when I didn’t believe in ghosts. They were just stories that scared the hell out of me. Then an experience happened a year and a half ago that left me rethinking about everything. I got into some stuff I probably shouldn’t of and as time went on for some strange reason I became afraid of going in my room and I was having very realistic nightmares everynight. Finally I had one so bad that I woke up crying from it and I went to my parents at 3:00am in the morning only my mom panicked and immediatly left my room because she felt negativity energy coming from it (which at the time I didn’t understand) But I had ended up with a room full of bad spirits, demons, or whatever those creepy things were. I had to have my room blessed and later that night my mom then confessed to being able to feel negativity energy (which i found unbelieving) and my parents both told me about their own creepy ghost, spirit, demon experiences even though growing up they have been telling me ghosts don’t exist. (Guess it would be so I would simply sleep at night and wouldn’t bug them anymore in waking them up) I keep my mind open now and can’t believe I’ve been this oblvious to everything. The truth is, ghosts and spirits really do exist, as hard as that seems to believe. I’ve felt them and I think I’ve even seen one. Not to mention, the stories have to come from somewhere.

  44. 53nn1f3r says:

    WOOOOOOW!! all u guys r soooo idiotic .. skeptics r nothing but closed minded fools that r afraid of the real world. skeptic is good word for all of u dim wits. y dnt u wake up already and face the truth of the world wat do u have to lose rite? its not like u guys have any dignity left anyway whahahaha B)

  45. LadyDessie says:

    I have a problem here with the way a majority of you put this stuff down and call the people who believe in it fools, idiots and stupid. These children, whether we as adults believe it or not, believe that this is their problem. There are children as young as 8 years old committing suicide because they have no where to turn to for help. Their parents tell them they are imagining it, their peers are calling them freaks and weirdos….whether we as adults believe in this or not, these children do and if we cannot be here to help the children, then where is their future going to lead?

  46. Alexis says:


    • 53nn1f3r says:

      it is a scary thing to go through ur soooo right.. ive also been born wit the ability. But sometimes seeing ghosts isnt my only problem theres other things to worry bout and being as young as i am it can cause major problems in life. And i love how u say “Thank You.” at the end of ur comment after saying all tht lol tht was AWESOME!!

  47. Cal says:

    Skepticism based on FACTS has it’s place in the world. Skeptomorons making assertions based on their personal biases are as big of a joke as the one’s they ridicule! If you have proof spirits don’t exist then show us! If not, you should keep your biases to yourself! I’ve watched many of these shows and as a retired psychologist I find Chip and Edy to be honestly concerned about the welfare of the kids on the show. Botton line, the kids and their parents always seem to be more confident and happy after their interactions with Chip and Edy. In the past, scientists and skeptics refused to believe that people have auras. Kirlian photography proved that people do have “energy fields” and now auras are accepted as fact. If you have a problem with the show, fine. But don’t try to tell those who “know better” by their own rational experience of reality something is untrue when you don’t really have a clue. Shakespeare said,”There’s more to this world than meets the eye”. I say there is more to this world than our scientific instruments can detect. Peace

  48. Mickey P says:

    As the only one who took the time to respond to this negative blog post, I’d like to point out that not every child who claims to have experiences is mentally disturbed or requires a shrink. There are children – or people for that matter – who are connected to something most of us don’t understand. A lack of belife or understanding doesn’t justify bashing children who may have a special gift that a lot of us may lack. Does this mean that every child who claims to have a ‘boogie man’ under the bed is psychic? No, of course not, but that doesn’t mean we should claim ignorance either. A good portion of law enforcement agencies use psychics to great effect, too. Some have actually solved cases. Google it. We might be in the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean a lower tolerance of the unknown should be enbraced. To the contrary, it should be the opposite.

  49. Leo says:

    I agree with Mickey P. Trashing other people for their beliefs is just showing how low you’re willing to take this. These displays of insensitivity and ill regard for those who are involved is appalling.

  50. alexis says:

    i’am 10 and i sall a ghoust cat that was in front of me

  51. HardTruth88 says:

    Anyone else notice the distinct literacy deficit between the skeptics and the believers? …this is child abuse and exploitation by the parents/producers and the children that are not simply attention seekers may be in need serious help…

    I hope the called therapists on this show are eventually prosecuted for this egregious abnegation of ethical practices …the legacy of this cancelled-in shame abomination is still infused in the naive psyche of starry eyed parents and charlatans everywhere and I hope the latest fad of Long Island Medium madness gets the same amount of (intelligent)skeptical lambasting and cancelled in shame …

  52. Wayne Brasler says:

    As a lifelong psychic with profound experiences from the age of 5 or so my advice to all parents evidencing this ability is to help them give their attention and energy to everyday life, to school, to friends, to family, to pets, to community service and causes. To living, to enjoying life, to identifying and developing their individual abilities, talents and passions. Making psychic experiences the center of life (or, worse, making money from psychic ability) in the end adds up to letter life pass you by. Even those who have gone on say it! They in fact are forever interested in our lives and our futures; they are not particularly interested in talking about the paranormal or what happens after we die. I’ve used my abilities to help people (never charged a cent), never sought it out, was surprised when I finally figured out I had it, and have never let it detract me from what is most important. Today.
    Wayne Brasler

  53. pat bateman says:

    Your analysis is sound, pending one missing element. You establish credibility by expressing your numerous writings on the subject, but fail to provide your experiences on the set, summaries of your pre- and post-interviews with cast and crew, or any other worthwhile imvestigative material.

    Rather, you fall prey to a classic warning, the one about “contempt prior to investigation.” Yours is a classic.argumemtative fallacy, that of dogmatism. I will prefer to take what approximates “knowledge” from those who do, rather than from those who discuss..

  54. Destiney says:

    Hi im a psychic kid I can see feel sence ghost I can tell if there evile or good I can smell death my grand maw can too I can do stuf with my mind ive been practiceing

  55. kc says:

    I cannot stomach any of the paranormal genre of programs. BUT…Children of the paranormal…it is the first one that truly addresses what it is like for a child to have empathic abilities that go beyond what most people are capable of experiencing. I can tell you, being THOSE KIDS all my life (I am now 50 years old), I can see the bullshit and hype of the supernatural sensational–it is appauling and insulting to those who truly do struggle with hightened abilities. It isn’t a thrilling GHOST HUNT, and it isn’t an ‘ability’ that you ask for, and it can be quite isolating as you see the world and beyond in ways people cannot understand. Is this program 100% legit? Probably some of it is embellished for THE SHOW…but, watch and listen to the kids (most of them)…I get no sense that their struggles with their gifts are false. I wish there had been some sort of help back when I was their age. This program has helped me as a empath to reconsile much of the questions I had about the experiences I had, and quite frankly, I think it is a blessing that kids that have these abilities can find a bit of peace..that they are not alone. Unfortunately, the are few individuals that can understand this…and I understand this..cuz, until you have the experience, it sounds like hogwash. But, it does exist–while it has also been exploited by silly shows like paranormal activity and such. I am a fan of COPn. :o)