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Early Twitter Reactions to Plesiosaur Peril

by Daniel Loxton, Mar 05 2014

Whew! It’s always a wonderful and slightly dream-like experience to release a new book, and my latest paleofiction storybook Plesiosaur Peril is no exception. From signing a contract to holding the finished book in your hands, these things take years to bring to fruition. Sometimes it feels that they’ll never quite exist—and then poof, they’re out! It catches you by surprise.

Happily, despite my astonishment at this long-scheduled release, the book is now hitting stores (including,, and

Also gratifying, the first few Twitter reactions to Plesiosaur Peril seem quite positive:

Science writer Brian Switek (author of My Beloved Brontosaurus and blogger at National Geographic) was among the first to reveal the cover:

Skeptic publisher Michael Shermer (Scientific American columnist and author of The Believing Brain) gave the book a warm welcome:

Phil Plait (author of Death from the Skies! and the Bad Astronomy blog at Slate) has generously recommended the book to his eighteen zillion followers:

And, to the infinite delight of my eight year old photography assistant, Plesiosaur Peril has even been recommended by “Dr. Scott” (host for Dinosaur Train on PBS)

But my favorite tweet so far may be this one from Point of Inquiry host Lindsay Beyerstein, who interviewed me earlier this week about Abominable Science! and Plesiosaur Peril:

Writing and illustration are solitary undertakings, so I can’t tell you how much I love finally getting feedback for all the lonely months of work that go into these projects. For comments or questions, follow me on Twitter!

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3 Responses to “Early Twitter Reactions to Plesiosaur Peril”

  1. Eshto says:

    Looks great. Will definitely alert my friends with kids!

  2. JimR says:

    Got all 3 for a 5 yo. They are such beautiful books.
    I hope the child will learn to read and use this as the basis. Much better than “See Spot run!”