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Seance for Sylvia

by Mark Edward, Dec 03 2013


Talking to The Dead Through the Medium of a Blender

Poor taste you say? Making fun of the dead?Well maybe, but bad taste never stopped Sylvia Browne in her tireless exploitation of the spiritually needy people who flocked to her.

Yes indeed. In the case of Sylvia Browne I will make an exception and bare my fangs. When I think of all the harm she has done over the years,  my upper lip begins to curl.

The Spirits Speak

The Spirits Speak

To those who this seance might offend, please remember that Sylvia Browne had absolutely no respect for anybody, whether they were dead or alive.

Either way, she used them for her own financial gain, croaking out bad medical advice like a wheezing sausage factory.

If you are reading this aghast or have any doubts, feel free to check her Wiki page or ask the relatives of Opal Jo Jennings, Holly Krewson, Lynda McClelland, Ryan Katcher or the Sago Mine disaster families. These are only the handful of people we have heard about because of her bad  media blunders. There must be thousands who have poured their hearts, tears and lives (think Amanda Berry’s dead mom) out on the floor for her to suck up.

Convicted felon.

Thanks Larry King.

Thanks Oprah.

Thanks Dr. Phil.

And thanks Montel – and your blender. You all share in the worst of the worst’s wake of greed, lies and death.

The Queen of the Grief Vampires is dead.




When I “passed out” on stage right in front of her at The Universal Amphitheater in 2009, she let me lay on the floor unattended by any of her staff for over two minutes. People literally stepped over my prone body to keep the line of questioners moving. No one stopped. Not one show of concern was voiced. Watch for yourself here:

There is no peace for people like Sylvia Browne, not here or in any world she made up out of thin air for her followers. Without waxing theological; I have to believe that.

The world is a better place with her six feet under.

2 Responses to “Seance for Sylvia”

  1. Stephen H says:

    Of course, she predicted her own death. Oh wait… no she didn’t.

    I hope this isn’t taking dancing on graves to extremes. (Wait… no it’s not. Profiting from the grief of others is as close as one can get to evil in my morally relativistic world).

  2. BobM says:

    Paraphrase what someone said about Margaret Thatcher. “They say you should only speak good of the dead. Sylvia Browne’s dead – good.”