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Final Justice for Robbie

by Mark Edward, Apr 10 2010

Robbie Thomas: TOAST!

This should clear up any rumors or guessing about this loser in the psychic realm. If you haven’t heard the good news; thanks to some hard work on the part of several skeptics, self-proclaimed police psychic Robbie Thomas has been handed the final nail in the coffin of his “Psychic Justice Tour.”  He’s finished.

Justice has been served. As the biggest spook crook to come down the pike since Sylvia Browne, I’m proud to have been a part of his undoing. Although FORCE ONE members may never know the true extent of our influence on his ruination, he has been given the boot by his promoter John Ramses, who turns out to have been put under quite a bit of stress and coercion short of being blackmailed by his one-time buddy. I knew I smelled a rat after doing only the slightest bit of research on him back in February (see my previous post “Robo-Psychic”) and I didn’t have to be psychic to smell it. Anyone can put up a glossy web page these days, but when it’s full of mis-spellings, bad grammar and ridiculous testimonials, red flags should go up. We are in the midst of an era of con artistry where Beavis and Butthead could sell off the Eiffel Tower if they had the right web master.

In a brief note on mis-spellings: Unintentional spelling errors that appear on websites are bad enough, but according to my source; Robbie intentionally mis spells the names of victims, family members and his testimonial people so that they cannot be Googled or otherwise verified.

For a few laughs, here’s his “resume”:

A few weeks back, FORCE ONE and a few other IIG members mounted a carefully orchestrated sting operation that would have given Robbie quite a hard time had he actually fulfilled his “TBA Tour Schedule.” He didn’t. There never was any tour booked. It was all a sham deal. Robbie was waiting until the last minute to travel to L.A., hoping to sell enough tickets to make it worth he and his partner’s time. Ironically, all the tickets he sold out here for his supposed March 26th show here in L.A. were purchased by FORCE ONE and IIG members. Now THAT would have been a roomful of fun huh?

This is what must be done with these blatant criminals. Scam artists like Thomas, Browne and Coffey spread torment and unhappiness to thousands of parents and relatives of missing and murdered children to line their pockets. Is there a lower life than that? As CFI and IIG begin to coalesce their projected plans for a future grassroots movement, I hope that groups of like-minded individuals will begin to step up and take a stand against this fiendishness. Imagine if events like Randi’s Peter Popoff Affair were to start happening here and around the world every few weeks rather than every ten years?  That’s a dream I hope I live to see.

Yes, we were ready for Robbie to try and lay his line of crap on us and some of the tasty little touches we worked out to mess with him are just too good to be mentioned here. Unfortunately he and Ramses backed out just two days before showtime, citing “dire family illness.”


In my humble opinion, the actions of Robbie Thomas are no better than a common crook. If you think I’m exaggerating, read the 38 page story that has been released to the public through Ramses. It starts out fairly realistic and ends up being rightfully ballistic. Thomas deserves only the worst that society can throw at him. He’s now making statements that only the wildest wing-nuts like himself would ever believe. Reports have come to me from a reliable source that a website that inclsded several blog pages, (which has since been mysteriously taken down as in the Bonnie Vent Affair) suggested that the “US Elite” and US Government are after him. He is claiming that because of these psychic powers he has, they want him stopped and have gotten to his closest friends and made them enemies and made this whole affair up to stop him. I hope he gets abducted by an alien.

Robbie’s best friend posted this on Facebook (about Robbie):

“Interesting how most psychics claim they communicate with loved ones who have passed on…too maybe read into a location or see somewhat into the future or past, but one thing they can’t seem to do…tell the truth!”


Read John Ramses statement here and celebrate what I hope signals yet another victory for those of us who want to make a difference. If anyone still has any doubts that speaking up, getting involved and DOING SOMETHING can’t make a huge difference, read about how the skeptical community “drove him mad” with our websites and blogs:

Robbie's Art

We had some real plans for Thomas, believe me. No problem. We will shelve this plan of operation for the time being until the next phony psychic comes to town. Putting our Robbie scenario together and crafting each part of it was good practice and showed me that there are people out there who are willing to stand up and get in the faces of opportunists like Robbie.

So the rest of you thieves, tricksters and liars best take note: we are ready for you. When you come within striking distance of Hollywood, …watch your backs.

You will never know what hit you.



Robbie Thomas is seeking to gain an advantage for his “show” in Fort Wayne, Indiana by “working with”  police in their investigation of the murder of 8 year old April Tinsley. This is another cold case from 1988 that Thomas is trying to exploit. If you live in Fort Wayne: DO SOMETHING.

87 Responses to “Final Justice for Robbie”

  1. Frustrated says:

    these posts are starting to sound very militant. Am starting to rethink my google reader subscription

    • Sgerbic says:

      Gee Frustrated, you mean you might actually be asked to DO SOMETHING about these psychics. Why don’t you go watch The History Channel, I hear there is a BigFoot marathon on this week.

  2. Sgerbic says:

    “In a brief note on mis-spellings: Unintentional spelling errors that appear on websites are bad enough, but according to my source; Robbie intentionally mispells tha names of victims, familiy members and his testimonial people so that they cannot be Googled or otherwise verified.”

    This is from Robo-Psychic comments I wrote a month ago…

    “I tend to agree with Robbie, His observances and conclusions are extremely interesting and I stress extremely” – Gary Petterson Death Scene Investigator/Missing Person Consultant, Jodi Huisintruit Case Iowa

    Finally a name of a case…ahhh this is still a open case. They not only have not caught anyone, but they still don’t have the body. Her case was featured on a psychic crime show but nothing came of it (according to Wiki) Oh by the way, her name is spelled Huisentruit. Guess he’s not a psychic speller.”

    I guess it makes total sense to change the spelling of a name (preferably an uncommon name)to make it difficult to search for it on the Internet. What a great scam, too bad this method has been revealed, glad I corrected the spelling (then and now) just in case Huisentruit is googling her name. Surprise! You’ve just been used! Too bad Robbie didn’t make any money on this tour, you would have been owed a share. What am I saying….


  3. Awesome work Mark – thanks for bringing his name to the attention of so many.

    I think this case shows, without a doubt, that every little voice matters. Speak up, skeptics – we can win the battles. This all started when a courageous business person in Sarnia (not me) started writing letters to the local newspaper every time Robbie would get a feature story. What followed is, as you can see from John’s statement, a textbook case of checking sources and exposing the lies. The victimized family (see the statement) was relentless in gathering information and providing it to the appropriate sources. Robbie did, truly, fail with his psychic powers when he didn’t predict the family would do whatever it took to get their own form of “psychic justice”.

    Robbie’s next gig ( is going to be a real treat.

    • Sgerbic says:

      You really think there will be a next gig?

      This exercise of bringing Robbie to Justice, has awakened skeptics, and put these creeps on notice.

      • Robo Sapien says:

        That may be a bit too optimistic. While it definitely sends a message to skeptics that they CAN do something that makes a difference, it does little to sway the perps. Even Robbie Thomas will not stop, he’ll just lie even more to get back on his feet.

        That is why I say we black-bag them, an abduction method involving a sack soaked in chloroform placed over the head until they black out. Then take them to a remote location and tie them to a chair using nylon pantyhose (doesn’t chafe, no evidence). When they wake up, shine a bright light in their face until dehydration sets in, then several people confront them wearing Darth Vader masks (with voice changer). Remind them why they are here, and make a point to say some really absurd things, so that when they recant the story it holds less credibility.

        When finished, knock the person out again and leave them unbound within walking distance of town. Hell, enough operations like that and word just might get around. Fearful psychics would turn to the police for protection, and get laughed at.

  4. MadScientist says:

    “I hope he gets abducted by an alien.” But what if he enjoys all those probes? That wouldn’t be any sort of punishment then! I hope he refunded the full price of all the tickets.

    @Sgerbic: Do you know if anyone tried to establish if there really was an investigator named “Gary Petterson” (or similarly (mis)spelled) and if he did make such statements? I’m surprised that people actually manage to make “psychic investigation” shows; I guess not all detectives get mad enough to stab you to death with a toothpick when you mention the word “psychic”.

    • Sgerbic says:

      I did a search on all the names mentioned hoping I would get lucky. All of the searches lead back to Robbie Thomas’s sites. The dead/missing people gave me hits, to Robbie Thomas. Sometimes when they were misspelled they still gave me the hit, Yahoo would say “do you mean…?” And that is how I found the misspelled one. Several of the missing/dead are on Wikipedia, no mention of Robbie Thomas, not helping, not supplying information, nothing.

      Personally I think that Petterson (name Robbie uses in site) is either Paterson, or Peterson. But then what do I know?

      • MadScientist says:

        Thanks. Yeah, for all you know it could be a “Jerry Patterson”; Robbie seems to be a compulsive liar so it’s hard to tell if there is any shred of reality in any of his claims.

      • Gary Peterson does exist – take a look at

        The misspelling of his name is no coincidence, however, as Mark relayed above.

        Other “quotes” that Robbie uses fall into the following categories:
        1.) Quotes from people in the paranormal community who “trade” quotes. (Most of which have been by people who have since asked that Robbie remove their quotes/names. Frances Etienne (sp?) has repeatedly demanded that Robbie remove her (somewhat made-up) quote/statement.)
        2.) Simply made up. (Joe Routley – he was/is a make-up artist and now lives in Toronto. Even Ontario has stricter rules on who can claim they’re officers of the law. I’m sure that make-up artist doesn’t meet the criteria.)
        3.) Police officers that are in the paranormal community who think Robbie is their ticket to “fame” in the community. (Joe Johnson is a real police officer – he was hired in January, it appears).
        4.) Taken completely out of context (see George Hayes, local radio station).

        In response to another comment about Mayor Mike Bradley – he’s the Mayor of Sarnia, Ontario.

        John Ramses is still a “believer” in the paranormal – some of his other ventures rely on that community so I would suspect that he’s not going to provide any information that would be against that community as a whole.

        (Oh, in case anyone has any wonderful ideas, Robbie is trying his darndest to keep his wife from finding out about/seeing the statement from John Ramses.)

      • Sgerbic says:

        What’s keeping her from getting a greeting card from a well wisher in the mail telling her that she should be checked for STD’s and a link to John’s press release. People get greeting cards in the mail all the time.

        Well as Robbie is probably reading this thread I guess that is out for the moment. He should just man-up and tell her. She will find out eventually and maybe not at the time of his choosing. Sit her down and tell her Robbie. This is the woman you married, the mother of your children, show her some respect. You aren’t the first husband that has cheated.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Anal probes aren’t the only probes aliens use on us. Let us not forget the eyeball needle probe. That is just uncool on a cosmic scale.

  5. Our deepest,deepest appreciation to your organization. You are so right in stating people have to take a stand against people like Robbie Poulton aka Thomas. My family pondered this not wanting to give Robbie Thomas any further publicity as he began and continued to use our murdered sister, Karen Caughlin, right from his own home town of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, where most of my family live. We met him once in 2005 and figured out within the only hour we spent with him, that he was a self-serving, money hungry asshole who cared only about himself. Our sister was not for sale! It is sad it took John Ramses so long to figure this out, but this will be John Ramses’s learning lesson in all of this on why he let his dealings with Thomas go on as long as he did, as the red flags were flying high.

    Robbie Thomas knew my sister’s case would enhance his ticket sales in Sarnia, which is why he targeted her unsolved murder case as an advertising tool. My family over the past 7-years have hung up in access of 8000 Crimestoppers posters and have had the support of all local media as far as Toronto. This is what enticed Robbie Thomas to use our sister in the fashion he has. He saw the opportunity to latch onto someone else’s hard work (high profile case) and in attempting to do so he began lieing about the events that took place between my family, the police and himself. The truth is Robbie Thomas told my family in 2005 our sister’s murder would be solved within 6-months. He seems to have forgotten this important piece of information as he so disrecpectfully informed people on a US radio station that I, Karen’s sister, have forgotten that my own sister is a person. This was an intrusion off the scale of cruelty.
    We became so distraught over this man’s actions that we made the decision to speak out about our experience. We were compelled to protect our sister Karen from a man who is most certainly the lowest and cruelest excuse of a human being.
    I have been in communications with John Ramses several times since this whole thing began. It is sad for John that he allowed this scam to get as far as it did while homicide victims were being exploited and their families were being distraughtly dragged through the mud. John finally opened his eyes after receiving his own huge spoon full of Robbie Thomas’s dark side, which directly effected his own family, he then finally realized what I and everyone else was trying to tell him. In the end John did the right thing, took a stand and has exposed this low life for who he really is and what he is capable of when he does not get what he wants from people, including his friends.

    I want to thank you and all the skeptics for all your hard work!

    From our own painful experience, we also encourage people to take a stand against frauds like Robbie Thomas. After all that has occurred, Robbie Thomas still continues to make up more lies about more people, to explain away his past lies and actions. This should be a huge red flag to all of us who have encountered Robbie Thomas…he will continue and he is not going to go away quietly. I truly feel this man needs professional help. There is something very dangerous about the way this man thinks and how he holds no boundaries with people. He has been “busted” yet he still continues to lie while trying to make money off of murdered children! He is now targeting homicide victims in the US.

    Again, thanks Mr. Edward.

    Kathy Caughlin and Family
    Unsolved Homicide Survivors

    • Sgerbic says:

      Thank you Kathy for speaking out. We skeptics need to constantly remember that there is a families grief on the other side of the story. Taking these scummy psychics down isn’t just an exercise in critical thinking, but a real must.

      • Sgerbic – thanks for bringing that up. It was, truly, the contact (and eventual support) from the Caughlin family that made me realize that there was a REAL human cost to what Robbie was doing.

        Until that point, I was merely a blogger who’d point out absurd things and then move on. Now I’m merely a blogger who feels that there is value in what we’re doing.

        The Caughlin case happened before I was even born yet it is one that possibly every person in Sarnia knows about. Robbie was truly trying to profit off of that. Sadly, his claims of involvement in the case have, falsely, left people with the impression that the case has been solved.

        It is horrible enough for the Caughlin family to have to deal with the unsolved crime – adding in a scumbag like Robbie Thomas to capitalize on the case is just disgusting.

        The battle wages on – we’re not done with Robbie.

  6. MadScientist says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have time to go through all of Ramses’ letter, but I thought his mention of mayor Mike Bradley being from “Adelaide, NSW” sounded a bit peculiar. So, I looked up the postcode for Adelaide, NSW on the Australian postal service’s website and got:

    “0 result(s) for Adelaide, NSW were found ”

    There *is* an Adelaide in South Australia though. Now I wonder if that was a mistake on Ramses’ part or if Mike Bradley really did claim to be from a non-existent place.

    I wonder how much material Ramses has on psychics, cryptozoology, and so on. It might provide decent material for writing about all that nonsense.

    • Sgerbic says:

      You really need to find the time to read through the whole thing in one sitting. It is amazing reading. Just the crap that John went through and his thought process throughout is worth a sociological study in human nature.

      • MadScientist says:

        Yeah, I just read through the thing (but not all the emails at the end) since I’m having trouble concentrating on my work at the moment – I don’t think I have enough functional brain cells. I think this slice of toast is a little burnt; Ramses does a pretty good job of telling his story.

    • “There is an Adelaide in South Australia” is an odd way of putting it, what with it being (a) the state capital, and (b) right outside my window. :-)

  7. Zenn says:

    Is somebody going to do something about Sylvia Browne at Massey Hall in Toronto on April 16?

    • Sgerbic says:

      What do you have in mind Zenn? Write to Mark Edward directly if you have concerns. Then again, we are a suspicious lot us skeptics. How do we know you aren’t Sylvia writing to find out our plans? Or maybe Robbie hoping to deflect our conversation?

      • Zenn says:

        I was just getting tired of seeing their ads on TV and radio and all the contests to win free tickets to the show. It makes it look like it is something worth going to see.

        SarniaSkeptic can vouch for me.

      • Sgerbic says:

        I’m just teasing Zenn. But I am serious as well.

        Have you seen this video by Mark Edward?

        Doesn’t take a lot to do something. On his blog he talked about simply writing out the names of all her more famous misses (horrible misses at that) and left the papers laying around the bathroom stalls before the show. That is simple though they might be wise to it already. I’m sure there are other ways to do the same thing.

        Just another reason why I don’t watch TV anymore.

      • Zenn says:

        Yes, I saw that video a while ago. I guess he was trying to get her to react to him collapsing. It didn’t work very well.

  8. ColaWarrior says:

    Keep in mind that John Ramses was GAME until he found out he could not make any money off this loser. Remember, it was John Ramses who developed the poster of the dead children surrounding Robbie Thomas and who did not verify anything his “talent” said.

    Just like all the other psychics and friends he had that were promised fame and fortune. They turned a blind eye to the scam, because they wanted a piece of the action.

    Once the action was not there. They ran.

    John Ramses is just as guilty in this whole mess.

    • Sgerbic says:

      Apparently John Ramses is still promoting psychics. He says in his press release that he hasn’t had problems with them in the past. I’m sure he isn’t a shut-eye, why would they need promoting if they were real? Take the million dollar challenge and win. You will be world famous and not need a promoter. Duh.

      Yes, John Ramses has done us a good turn allowing us to see into the train wreck that is Robbie Thomas’s life. But he might need to be added to the to-do list for Force One. Maybe he will start promoting real entertainment in the future?

  9. Michael Kingsford Gray says:

    Can we start a fund to pay for you to be there in England when the Pope kisses the tarmac?
    For he is by far and away the biggest and most dangerous scamster in the world.
    And no, I can’t see Russia from here, even if I climb on my roof, and I am in Adelaide, South Australia.
    I think I can just see Kangaroo Island, though. Does that count?

    • Sgerbic says:

      Even the Pope started out a nobody.

      Kangaroo Island. This blog teaches me so much. I’ll have to look it up on Google Earth. I suppose it counts if they are Communist Kangaroos.

  10. gravedigger says:

    Hey Robbie
    You owe me my $100 back from para con 2009 in sarnia, i knew 10 minutes after walking in there it was a scam, not its payback time.

  11. I bet Robbie Thomas never saw this coming. Weird huh? Being psychic and all. Who’d a thunk it.

  12. Robo Sapien says:

    While it is undoubtedly a wonderful thing that Mr. Thomas (not the english muffin maker) is now out of business, I feel I should point out that the victory here has been taken out of context.

    Indiscretion sent IIG’s plan sideways. The objective was to corner him in public and expose him for his ill endeavors by buying all the tickets and filling the seats with skeptics. Great plan, except that Robbie got wise, then took their money and ran, now with ace card in hand.

    Robbie now has a nice chunk of IIG’s cash to finance his next gig, and no public spotlight has been shed on his bad deeds, except that he failed to meet a business obligation, an accusation to which he can claim fear of lynching when he demonstrates that an organization conspired to put him in front of a crowd of his opponents, some with personal vendettas over unsolved cases.

    It is quite possible that he trolled the very forums where this plan was hatched, cut his losses and ditched before anyone could get the better of him.

    • Reap says:

      From my experience, Robbie is just not bright enough to pull that off. He seems to have the intellect of a tree-stump….that’s just my opinion.

      • Robo Sapien says:

        But what experience would that be? It is slighted to presume him an idiot based on blog writings and advertisements. He is certainly no Lex Luthor, but it would be a fool’s notion to underestimate anyone that is capable of such unethical practice.

      • It is my understanding that people who did purchase tickets actually got refunds (I know the two people I’ve been talking with got refunds). Robbie, either way, did not get the money.

      • Robo Sapien says:

        Well, that is good news, but how do we know he walked away empty handed? How do we know that Robbie’s coercion ended short of blackmail? Being a promoter, John Ramses ought to be adept at dodging such shadiness. It could be that Robbie did indeed blackmail him. To admit that would be admitting that he does have something to hide.

        With that in mind, I suspect more foul play on Ramses’ part. This is pure speculation, but I always question motive. It would be interesting to see all the transaction records to verify that ALL of the refunds were given, but that would require a court subpoena.

      • Reap says:

        I have gone back and forth with robbie in numerous emails and in chat rooms. I have talked to over 20 people who have been took by robbie. Here is his MO- He sneaks out on dinner bills, he tricks people into running up cell phone bills and he clearly pays no attention to what is going on around him. For him to anticipate any actions against and then set people up is beyond his abilities. Trust me.

      • Sgerbic says:

        BTW Reap ~ Good job you were one of the skeptics mentioned by name.

      • Robo Sapien says:

        Sweet Jesus… do you mean to tell me that my father in law is Robbie Thomas? Say it ain’t so!

      • Sgerbic says:

        Robo have you ever seen your father-in-law and Robbie Thomas in a room together?

        Just saying…

    • Sgerbic says:

      Let me be clear Robo, the Force One people are not opening talking about their plans in any place that can be searched by them. Robbie and John had no idea that his tour to L.A. was going to be anything but a failure, except almost non-existent ticket sales.

      And the spotlight on Robbie Thomas is VERY strong, he is not going to be able to continue his tour. Like firefighters who have just put out the main fire, skeptics are following behind looking for smoke and making sure there is no more damage.

      He has nothing to latch on to in any court. He would have to prove his powers, if taken to court the evidence that would come out against him would not only seal his fate, but put all psychics on notice. Maybe even get some stronger laws against their ilk. So maybe it would be a great thing to take on a skeptic in court? Are you listening out there? I can hear you lurking!

  13. Sgerbic says:

    Not don’t go all C.T. on us Robo. We can only know what we know. The wreck of Robbie’s tour speaks for itself. Just look at his promo YouTube video for the tour and you will see only 500+/- hits on it. And I know a am a couple of those hits myself. I’m sure Kathy was also some of those hits, this just shows how unpopular Robbie’s tour was and it was impossible to cash in on when almost no one was interested in looking at his promo.

    All of the IIG’s money was returned. They were very sly with ordering the tickets, using fake names and accounts that would not give away who they were.

    Robbie did not get a penny from the skeptic community Robo. I’m glad that you are skeptical of Ramses’s statement, but I’m confident that it is what it is, just fits Robbie’s MO.

    I can’t speak for the believers that paid for their tickets, they might be holding out for Robbie’s return to L.A. That is their problem.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Thanks for clearing all that up. But what if the fact that someone actually bought tickets is what tipped him off? Maybe he is Lex Luthor after all, he is bald you know.

      And I still want to black bag somebody, it would be all kinds of fun. I mean for me, not for them. They would cry.

      • Sgerbic says:

        No, they weren’t tipped off.

      • Reap says:

        From what I have seen and heard I would wholeheartedly concur. As a side note- Several of the people who were supposed to appear at robbie’s future ‘event’ in Sarnia have assured me they want nothing to do with him. Seems he has managed to not only bring the wrath of skeptics down on himself but the paranormal community has had enough of him as well…..This is a grand thing I think.

      • Sgerbic says:

        They are afraid (rightly so) that he will bring them down as well. Birds of a feather flock together. (I can’t believe I used that old phrase) But it does apply here.

      • Robo Sapien says:

        The paranormal community is just tired of picking up the bill at dinner. You’d think with all those psychics, one of them would ask for separate checks. We should find a creative way to sic the conspiracy nuts on him, now that would be brutal.

  14. Bobby Zoeller says:

    So, I just have ONE QUESTION. Is the “Psychic Justice” tour canceled or not? Has it been officially canceled by Robbie Thomas? If not, our work needs to continue in order to spread the truth to the unsuspecting public.

    • Susan Gerbic says:

      The psychic justice is cancelled. But he is trying to launch one on his own. Maybe someone else should take this question…?

  15. Mark Edward says:

    As mentioned in the THIS JUST IN blurb I tagged on the end of the blog today, Robbie is now trying to cash in on another cold case just like before. I’m told that five or six phone calls are being made a day to the police department to let them know what’s up. He won’t get away with it. If there ever was a time for a little girl ghost to rise from her grave and take revenge, now would be that time. Too bad I don’t believe in ghosts…
    I see a feature film by Sam Raimi, “Sarnia,” starring Mickey Rourke as Robbie Thomas and Billy Bob Thornton as John Ramses. Are we talking boffo-box-office or what?

  16. LazarusLong says:

    As someone in that planned group, I can further concur that none of this was discussed in any even remotely public forum, and all money was refunded. We took great painstaking effort to ensure our ticket purchases were not suspicious beyond the vague possibility that ANY tickets being purchased might be suspicious. That said, based on John’s hopes and Robbie’s arrogance, that couldn’t have been the tip-off. While we learned as we went with this one, I assure you we were overly cautious in our efforts to blend in as realistic sales to real, non-skeptical folks, and I’m proud of what we pulled off. I only wish we could have made it to the real deal to complete our plans. Nothing dastardly, nor as stunt-like as the Sylvia Browne collapse (Mark’s explained where that one went wrong, and we had much better plans in place this time), but good, solid stuff. In the end, though, we didn’t need it. The asshole pretty much took himself down with some gentle nudging from us. I can’t wait to do it again.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      I know, I was just making the conjecture more and more absurd until somebody called me out. It is the only way to make true skeptics blush.

  17. Thank you!!! I tried as a one man army to bring this jerk out as a fraud. I lived in the Louisville Ky area when the little boy from there disappeared and there was a psychic involved so when I was approached by ” Thomass” about being a guest on my show I was ecstatic..and naive. I never questioned him about being the “psychic” that worked on the case with the family until he tried to fraud me. I contacted the Louisville Police department in regards to his claims of being the one that solved it for the police…I have a written statement from one of the Lead Detectives in that case stating that Robbie Thomas is not being honest.

    Robbie is planning on being in Louisville Ky with his fake psycho BS and there is a group that will be waiting for him.

    I am so glad more people are stepping up and using their voice!! Again..THANK YOU!!

    • Susan Gerbic says:

      What a great blog comment. I love hearing about more people doing something. And you are not alone, we were just unorganized. That has changed since mark has been organizing people. You should contact him privately. Also consider joint the JREF forum to get to know others. Welcome to the fold, things are only starting to happen.

  18. John says:

    Robbie is still trying to do work in the US. He has a few families with false hopes waiting for him in Kentucky.

  19. Robo Sapien says:

    I wrote an email to administrators at NamUS, inquiring about finding the means to contact en masse the families of missing persons in order to warn them about charlatan mediums and their ilk. We’ll see where that goes.

    • Sgerbic says:

      would be interested in their reply. I know that a woman spoke at TAM 5.5 a few years ago from Project Jason. She talked about how psychics prey on the families. I didn’t attend the lecture so I’m not sure what was said. I looked at her webpage last week but didn’t notice anything about warning the families.

      • Robo and Sgerbic:
        I spoke with Marc Klaas ( about psychics, etc. and he supported our “information session” at the local theatre. Here is the information that we used (from Marc) in the “envelopes” (aka. Anthrax filled white envelopes that we’re white and contained no anthrax).

        Marc could very well be a great “in” to that group.

  20. Sgerbic says:

    This just in…

    Robbie Thomas is a renowned Psychic / Medium and Criminal Profiler who has worked with Police and families for 18 years successfully assisting them in solving murder & missing persons cases, many of which have been in the media spotlight. With years of documented cases under him, as well as the ability to pinpoint names of murderers and locate missing people alive, Robbie is one of the most sought after Psychic / Mediums today.
    Please join us TONIGHT…Wednesday, April 14th, as we welcome Robbie to Haunted Times Magazine Radio beginning at 8:00pm EST / 7:00pm CST / 6:00pm MST / 5:00pm PST on All Souls Paranormal Radio Network (

    As always, our telephone lines and chat room will be open for questions and comments.


    I’m on a flight at this time. I would love to read about what happened during the question and comment section by you all tomorrow.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      I will definitely listen in, and might even call in to participate. This could be fun.

    • Reap says:

      FYI Haunted Times Magazine Radio is a product of Chris Moon (I call him the Mooniac) Chris, of course is the man who ‘talks to the dead’ on a broken radio…..Robbie and Chris are of the same ilk.

      • As Penn might say, “Jesus Christ on crutches” – this guy just doesn’t stop!

        A call in show, too? I hear that he didn’t feel like talking the other night, though, when Reap called him.

        I’m pretty certain that one of the “Sarnia-based hate group” members will be calling in.

      • Reap says:

        Nope, he hung up on me, TWICE! I gave him a perfect chance to state his case on my show too… rude!! At least I got to leave him a message. I am sure he will hear it but I doubt he will get it….

      • Robo Sapien says:

        I’ve been preparing a bit of dialogue for my call. If you are listening and I manage to get through, I will be the “Psychic Bodyguard” caller.

      • Reap says:

        And they didn’t take calls…….typical chicken s*** behavior…..the truth hurts I guess

    • Max says:

      How come the All Souls Paranormal Radio Network’s acronym sounds like aspirin?

  21. Sgerbic says:

    You guys better tell me what happens. I want details too! SOB I’m going to be in mid-flight!

  22. Reap says:

    GREAT WORK in the chat this evening my friends. I am proud to know all of ya..even those who got banned!!! heh heh!!

  23. Randy says:

    Wow! all I have to say is what a Jack Ass! I live near a cattle auction and have never encountered as much bullshit as I have tonight. Robbie Thomas Is the biggest pile of crap seen since the droppings from a T-Rex! This idiot actually suggested blacklisting any paranormal people who dont have a TV show, Book or Movie contract!.. I HAVE been in the paranormal field for 19 years and could give 2 flying shits what he or anyone else thinks of me. My group Chooses not to be in the lime light. I’m not now nor have I ever been in it for the celebrity status. This IDIOT is riding the coat tails of all the “REAL” investigators….he couldnt find his ass in the dark with both hands and a flashlight!

  24. Robo Sapien says:

    Here is the complete Robbie Thomas interview, edited for commercials and extraneous commentary.

    My favorite quote:

    “So you get these people, you know, skeptics and what have you.. you know, it’s really hilarious to see how they act and the way carry on.. But, you know, they are nobodies on the end of the scale, and they try.. well just the same thing as an individual who claims to have done a murder case, and they fly him back from, I don’t know, it was like France or somewhere, to America and claims that he killed Jon Benet, and yet he was nothing, he vanished away.”

    Enjoy :)

    Robbie Thomas interview – Part 1
    Robbie Thomas interview – Part 2

  25. Mark Edward says:

    Robbie didn’t take any calls. Robbie can’t handle any criticism. He’s a major punk.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      I tried calling, they didn’t even answer the phone. I repeatedly asked in the chat room for him to give his comments John Ramses’ statement, but no dice. It didn’t help that others were in there flaming and getting themselves kicked out.

      I wasn’t able to make chat logs, the lousy JAVA interface kept me from selecting more than one word at a time. Nothing of interest transpired in chat anyway, just a lot of the aforementioned flaming and some other cranktards trying to tout their own psychic abilities.

      • Reap says:

        Actually robbie emailed me the day after the chat and told me he had gotten emails about his actions/comments towards me. He then apologized……I know he was doing damage control but we must have reached at least a couple people in the chat and caused them to question him.

  26. Sgerbic says:

    Hope everyone has seen this…

  27. JohnG. says:

    Definitely tipped off.