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Which Way Does Moroni Point?

by Brian Dunning, Apr 02 2009
Moroni in action

Moroni in action

Most Mormon temples are topped with a statue of Moroni, a character from the Book of Mormon, blowing his trumpet. According to the story, Moroni was the sole survivor of his people in an apocalyptic battle. He escaped with the gold plates upon which he and his forebears had inscribed their history (in a form of Egyptian, for reasons that are never made clear). He buried them in upstate New York, and then appeared in a vision to Joseph Smith and showed him where the plates were.

And so he is immortalized atop the temples. Something of a cult phenomenon has arisen over the question of which way he’s pointing. Browsing through LDS forums, I’ve seen proposals that (1) he always points east toward the rising sun; (2) that he points toward Jackson County, Missouri, where the faithful believe Jesus will make his second coming; (3) that he points any random direction that the individual architect preferred; and even (4) that he is aligned in such a way so as not to interfere with local radio and TV broadcasts. Because, you know, audio waves from that trumpet might disrupt the EM spectrum.

Moroni from the back

Looking from behind, you get the right compass angle, but you can't see the trumpet.

So I propose a little experiment.

For each of you who lives or works near a Mormon temple, grab yourself a compass and see which way your local Moroni is pointing, and post it here on this forum. We’ll plot all the responses on a Google Map and will (Moroni willing) get to the bottom of this terribly important mystery.

There are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Moroni is only on Mormon temples, not the regular churches. The temples are quite a bit rarer.
  • Any compass will do. If you’re lucky enough to have a pair of binoculars with a built-in compass, that’s probably easiest.
  • Moroni from the front

    You need to look from the front to see exactly which direction he's pointing, so you'll need to add or subtract 180 to get the reverse angle.

  • To get the angle, you’ll need to look at Moroni from the front. This means you’ll have to take the reverse angle by either adding or subtracting 180.
  • You will need to correct your sighting with the proper declination. Here’s a map that will tell you your declination (Sorry it’s US only; if you’re overseas you’ll need to figure it out for yourself). I’m in southern California, so I have to add 13 degrees to whatever my compass says to get the correct true heading.
  • It’s not necessary to get the latitude and longtitude. Just say “Moroni on the temple in (whatever city) is pointing xxx degrees.” We can find that temple on Google Maps easily enough.

So go to it, Skeptectives, and let’s crack this case!

PS – By the way, due to the curvature of the Earth, you can’t just plot vectors on a map — they won’t triangulate properly. If someone knows an easy way to do it correctly, please post it here.

PPS – If you already know where Moroni is pointing, don’t post it yet – let’s get some data and see where it leads us first.

72 Responses to “Which Way Does Moroni Point?”

  1. Icepick says:

    The large Mormon Temple in Silver Spring has Moroni’s trumpet pointing east. Having seen it many times, I believed this to be true and a little google sleuthing seems to confirm it.

    Photo of the spires of the mormon temple

    Another view showing the direction of the trumpet

    Sattelite view from Google maps to show orientation,-77.07481&sspn=0.002963,0.004426&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=39.014007,-77.065562&spn=0.002843,0.004426&z=18

  2. Brian says:

    You need to get the lat/lon. Mainly so you can produce a “great circle” line. I don’t have the calculations on hand, but they are fairly easy (a few sin/cos calculations really). Google knows it. ;)

  3. jrpowell says:

    It’s pretty obvious from Google Maps and Google Earth that the trumpet on the Seattle Mormon Temple points due west.

  4. jrpowell says:

    And the Salt Lake City Temple points due east. From checking a few others, it looks like the trumpets face the same way as the front of the temple. Facts about the temples, including thier addresses, are available at:

    Happy hunting!

  5. Brian M says:

    To follow up on my previous post, to get the heading in radians, where 1 is the source and 2 is the destination coordinates:

    double tc = atan2(

    Its a snippet of C that I use. Sometimes you get negative numbers, so:

    if (tc < 0) tc += (3.1415 * 2);

  6. Raleigh North Carolina Temple
    574 Bryan Drive
    Apex NC 27502

    Moroni points 257 deg.s (WSW)

    (Thanks to GGJ of Apex NC, a buddy who gladly ditched a staff meeting to make the measurement after my email request. He said he’s not sure what happened, but he now has two extra wives)

  7. John Moeller says:

    Actually, Moroni faces due East in SL, but the trumpet doesn’t. I don’t care to figure out the exact angle right now, but it’s slightly south, so it couldn’t be pointing at Missouri or Nauvoo (it would have to point slightly North for Nauvoo, and almost due East for Jackson County, because of the great circle trajectory).

  8. Sean Harlow says:

    I was going to go out looking tonight, but it seems the nearest temple is in Columbus. A bit far of a drive from Cleveland to kill an evening on unfortunately.

    Google Earth doesn’t zoom in enough to see it, but Street View combined with Earth seems to indicate it’s pointing due East on the Columbus temple.


  9. sir jorge says:

    Wow, this is rad, i have to check this out. I don’t know if there is a Mormon church near me though; a great thing

  10. Voltaire says:

    This is probably the only time in my life that I’ve ever wished I lived near a Mormon temple.

  11. BillDarryl says:

    I know the one here in Orlando, Florida points eastward (took note of it after hearing the original Skeptoid podcast on the subject). How much eastward? I shall dust off my compass tonight and post tomorrow…

  12. Smorg says:

    I don’t have a compass, but from its proximity to the N-S running I-5, it is pretty certain that the Moroni on the Mormon Temple in La Jolla, San Diego, CA is pointing due WNW.

  13. Smorg says:

    Oops. I meant ENE (East northeast). Sorry.

  14. Chris S. says:

    Here is a link to the world map of LDS churches. There is a Google Earch .kml file on the site.

    LDS Temples

  15. Chris S. says:

    Lets try that again.

    LDS Temples

  16. John Chase says:

    I know it’s not your main point, but I think you *can* draw vectors and represent their angles/bearings accurately on a flat map, if it is a conformal projection like the Mercator. On a projection like this, straight lines are lines of constant bearing–a feature that made the Mercator projection popular when it was first made available. That being said, Google Maps uses the Mercator projection.

  17. Skepdude says:

    You guys are all wrong. Clearly the Moroni is not pointing to any one specific place, ’cause he’s…well a moron!

  18. tudza says:

    No, Moroni, the “i” makes all the difference. You know, without the i it’s just a Pod.

    “Who can turn a cub, into a cube?
    Who can turn a tub, into a tube?”

  19. MadScientist says:

    @tudza: damn, you beat me to it. I was going to ask if no one got the joke since 1834 – it’s a bit like “I, Robot” but messed up.

    And of course, It’s not so hard to see it’s silent ‘e’.

  20. Michael says:

    I overheard another member of the church explaining to his kids that often repeated line, “Moroni always faces east” while we were on the grounds of the Nauvoo, Illinois temple. That temple is in Illinois and faces the Mississippi river. The building faces due west.
    I just review some pictures we took and his trumpet is pointing to roughly NW. That doesn’t fit any of the theories and just points off into Iowa.

  21. Flawedprefect says:

    I’m surprised that none of the literature says he points to kolob.

    Here in Oz, I have yet to see a Mormon temple with Moroni atop it. I live behind a Mormon church… do they have both churches and temples?

  22. Mark says:

    Uh, a little searching leads to some obvious answers. Not all of our temples have Moroni on them, and on the LA temple the direction specified was East. It’s most likely that people conflate the one specified direction with all statues facing the same direction.

  23. Josh says:

    Based off some Google Mapping and image looking, I’m roughly estimating that the St. Louis, MO Moroni is aiming his trumpet at about 163 degrees SE.

  24. Why do I think this emblem of Moroni is funny?

  25. tudza says:

    A couple sources on the net will tell you this:

    “The statue of the angel Moroni, which was installed on the Los Angeles California Temple to face southeast as the temple does, was later turned to face due east at the request of Church President David O. McKay.”

    and this:

    “Most Moroni statues adorning our temples point due east, however, the Seattle, Nauvoo, and Taipei Taiwan temples all have statues facing west. This is likely due to the orientation of their respective lots and/or the placement of their spires. While there is obviously no Church standard for Moroni’s easterly pointing direction, the symbolism is quite rich.”

    It is obviously arbitrary then until some Mormon potentate decides it isn’t and sends up a crew on hazard pay to twist Moroni around. Do we really need to send out the amateur survey teams for something like this?

  26. Shawn S. says:

    Mormon Temple in Oklahoma City, OK (technically in “Yukon”, but that’s pretty much in OKC) faces SE.

    (Via google earth, and cross checking with detailed temple images I was able to see that since the trumpet points in the same direction as the main entrance I could find which direction the main entrace faced via google earth. It faces SE.) I’d drive the two hours to do more exact, but this suffices and my methods are given. Anyone with more exact methods for this location should be given precedence, obviously.

  27. Lisa says:

    I’ll check on the Atlanta Temple, but I’m a 15 year Mormon and my husband is a 40 yr Mormon (neither of us is active)and we have never heard of any rules about which way Moroni is facing.

  28. bigjohn756 says:

    Did these guys really name their head angel Moron I? If so, how fitting.

  29. freelancer says:

    I’ll have to check on the Winter Quarters Temple in N. Omaha, But lining it up with Google Maps and looking at a composite set of images has it pointing a heading of 105-115, or east southeast.

  30. MadScientist says:

    The correct answer of course is that he’s pointing straight to hell – just ask anyone from any other religion.

  31. SheridanCat says:

    Why would people who claim to be skeptics bother with figuring this out? What does it matter? Brian Dunning says it and you hop to. How skeptical of you.

  32. Mike P says:

    The La Jolla Temple’s points East Southeast. (Click on name to see Google map/photo.)

  33. gwen says:

    #30 SheridanCat….the answer is obvious…because it’s FUN!!!

  34. MadScientist says:

    @SheridanCat: It’s just fun – as Brian pointed out, even the LDS fora have many suggestions about a significance to which direction the trumpet points. The question of course is exactly as Brian has posted: which way does Moroni (or at least the trumpet) point. So getting reports from people in many places may (but is not guaranteed to) resolve the issue. At the very least the information can be used to reject a number of the suggested answers. That’s the sort of thinks skeptics do – ask themselves “is this true or is it BS”?

  35. MadScientist says:


    I’m pretty sure the USGS maintains a global calculator for magnetic declination. I haven’t used it in years, but the model is accessible from this website:

  36. krollspell says:

    A bit of exoticism (for you Americans, for us the whole LDS thing is exotic). Madrid, Spain. Moroni points eastwards.,-3.631445&spn=0.000697,0.001207&t=h&z=20

  37. Vagrarian says:

    I can’t go there at the moment, but according to photos and Google images, at the Mormon Temple in Kensington, MD (just outside Washington DC), Moroni’s trumpet appears to be pointing due east. I’ll have to confirm later.

  38. BillDarryl says:

    Grrr… packed the compass, drove to the temple (it’s near work), went to my bag, and… no compass?!? How…? Wha…? I remember packing it!

    My theory is Moroni himself must be pissed at this whole thing and somehow supernaturally confiscated it.

    I’ll find where he’s hidden it and report back soon.

  39. architect says:

    Moroni on Temple in Zollikofen Switzerland points east-southeast according to google earth and a picture found on the web. Moroni only got installed on this temple in 2005 although the temple was built in 1955.

  40. llewelly says:

    When I was young I heard endless rumors about the significance of which way Moroni pointed. When I was about 14 or so, my grandparents, who had at that time visited every Mormon temple in North America, said most temple Moronois pointed slightly to the right (Moronoi’s right) of the temple’s front, so that if one was in front of the temple (and it had a Moronoi), Moronoi’s horn was easily recognizable from a distance.
    (My apologies for adding another rumour to test, rather than actual data.)

  41. obviously says:

    obviously it points up joseph smith’s ass where he was pulled out of.

    • Jordan says:

      @obviously Bet you’d be happy to find you’re fulfilling prophecy. “[Moroni said] that my name should be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues, or that it should be both good and evil spoken of among all people.”

  42. Paul says:

    Checking Google Earth at Salt Lake City the trumpet is NOT facing exactly east. (40d46’13.51″N 111d53’28.34″W) It’s blurry but I triangulated the heading as approximately 112 degrees plus/minus 5 degrees. I checked other temples but couldn’t get a good read on the trumpets. I am in the process of making a spreadsheet to calculate the intersection of great circles and will send to Brian.

  43. Paul says:

    I finished the spreadsheet to calculate great circle intersections. Just enter two coordinate points and two headings. Output gives exact location of mutual trumpet pointage. Anyone who wants this can email me at

  44. Don says:

    Duh! Moroni always points toward teh stupid.

    I thought everybody knew that.

  45. OrneryPest says:

    On the one at Kensington Maryland, north of Wash DC, the trumpet is pointing due east, as near as I could tell by comparing my view from the Washington Beltway with the satellite view on Google Maps.

  46. Paul says:

    I have found the missing tablets! So if the trumpet at Salt Lake points at 115 degrees and the Moron atop the Kensington temple blows at 90 degrees, there is a mutual intersection off the coast of Brazil: (19d 8′ 26″S, 38d 17′ 59″W) The secret is out!

  47. Aníbal Ruiz says:

    I find it amazing to think that, of all places, Jesus would plan to return to a town in the US.
    Joseph Smith was born in the US and as many (many) people in that country he must have thought there was nothing else in the world…

  48. I know the statute in Bellevue, Washington, is pointing West. Don’t need a compass for that either, as the statute points toward Seattle which is west of Bellevue.

  49. Cambias says:

    Anibal: No more absurd than a Roman-era Jew thinking Jerusalem was the spiritual center of the world, or a 7th-century Arab merchant deciding Mecca was the holiest place.

  50. theshiningfool says:

    Anibal: The Mormons seem to believe that Jackson County Missouri was the home of the Garden of Eden. No humans lived in Asia/Africa/Europe until after the flood.

    Having been to Jackson County, I don’t see why anyone would consider it Edenic.

  51. SF Reader says:

    On the temple in Belmont MA, the trumpet points east, which is also the front of the building, and towards Boston…


  52. BillDarryl says:

    My compass is shaky, but the Moroni atop the temple outside of Orlando Florida (9000 Windy Ridge Rd, Windermere) is trumpeting SE, at 120 degrees.

  53. Carl Baker says:

    The temple in Richland, WA is trumpeting SE at 167 degrees or so.

  54. Susan says:

    I think it’s great to be skeptical. You can learn a lot from questioning things. But the negative personal comments found on the site detract from any actual knowledge or insight gained. Maybe you feel it is more entertaining…but it comes off as immature and rude.

  55. fireout says:

    I teach critical thinking at a college. After identifying the question, you gather facts that support and debunk, analyze the probability against background information then form a conclusion. Has anyone thought of asking the church about Moroni? Symbolically, he is proclaiming “good news” and announcing the (future) return of Christ. Therefore, the direction is really rather unimportant. By the way, the “reformed Egyptian” in the Book of Mormon is a result of the years the Jews spent in Egypt which corrupted the language for some tribes, including Joseph’s descendents which are the ones who made the trek over here.

    • Billabong says:

      “Has anyone thought of asking the church about Moroni?”
      Oh, major head-slap! Why didn’t I think of that! <– (sarcasm)
      Don't you think that people who have found flaws and objectionable things in Mormonism might have made some attempt to have their insights confirmed or denied by "the church"?

      "Symbolically, he is proclaiming “good news” and announcing the (future) return of Christ."
      Possibly. But it's not doctrinal, and it's not necessary for salvation, so you're just wasting your breath giving your own personal opinion. You don't speak for the church, and the General Authorities would undoubtedly reject your interpretation.

      "Therefore, the direction is really rather unimportant."
      I suppose you know better than the Brethren, who had to make that determination, and did not do it randomly. Or do you think the Church is led by a spirit of arbitrariness? Don't you think theLord is guiding the church, even to the extent of where and how the Temples are built and accoutred?

      "By the way, the “reformed Egyptian” in the Book of Mormon is a result of the years the Jews spent in Egypt which corrupted the language for some tribes, including Joseph’s descendents which are the ones who made the trek over here."
      You are not really a Mormon, are you. Not even a Christian, I mean a Bible-reading Christian. Because you don't seem to know much about the relationship of the Israelites and the Egyptians in the Old Testament.

  56. Jess says:

    Okay, I am all about learning things through exploration, experimentation, etc. I have no problem with people wanting to know what direction Moroni points from the top of our temples.

    But are comments about Moroni being a “moron” or that he faces to hell really necessary? Have any of you actually read the Book of Mormon or explored what the Latter-Day Saint religion really believes? If you did, you would find that we believe in love and charity and a continued relationship with our living and loving God. One of the prophets in our Book of Mormon even advocates an “experiment upon [his] words” (Alma 32:27) and invites mankind to try it for themselves. This Moroni you all seem so keep on mocking also encouraged readers to find out for themselves whether the Book of Mormon is true (Moroni 10:4).

    If you don’t believe what I believe, that’s fine. We believe that all mankind should be allowed the priviledge to believe “how, where, or what they may” (Articles of Faith 1:11). But please, I beg of you, while you’re out there measuring and triangulating and hunting for your lost compass and all that, leave the mockery behind. To be skeptical is entirely unrelated to being disrespectful.

    • Billabong says:

      “If you don’t believe what I believe, that’s fine. We believe that all mankind should be allowed the priviledge to believe “how, where, or what they may” (Articles of Faith 1:11). But please, I beg of you, while you’re out there measuring and triangulating and hunting for your lost compass and all that, leave the mockery behind.”

      I hope you are not giving that advice to people who sincerely believe that at least some Mormon beliefs are mockworthy? You have to allow those who believe Mormonism is wrong, silly, perhaps even bad, “the privilege to believe how, where, or what they may.” To condemn them for those beliefs is tantamount to rejecting the Articles of Faith. Since the Articles of Faith are the central Creed of Mormonism, rejecting them is the same as rejecting all of Mormon doctrines, beliefs, and practices. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  57. Matt says:

    I’m in Boise and I’ve heard that the trumpets around the US face the main temple in Salt Lake City, UT. I’ve never actually looked to see if they’re facing south here though. And it’s rumored that the main temple in Salt Lake faces the bank across the street due to the “religion” being based on money.

  58. steven says:

    I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint. From what I have learned about the Lords Temples is that the square of Moroni’s shoulders point due east. Now there are some Temples that Moroni does not; like the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple, where the Temple and Moroni are facing west. I do not know the symbolism of Moroni’s trumpet. Also some of the Lords Temples do not have Moroni on top of them. Now I would like to ask all of you to please find love in our lord Jesus Christ and to please find love in all religions, like I have who is a “Mormon”, for we are all people who love each other, so lets show it. Finally show love to others and what they believe, until you know for sure what you say is true.

    • Billabong says:

      “Now I would like to ask all of you to please find love in our lord Jesus Christ and to please find love in all religions, like I have who is a “Mormon”, for we are all people who love each other, so lets show it. Finally show love to others and what they believe, until you know for sure what you say is true.”

      Commendable sentiments, Steven, thank you. How do you feel about Catholic priests? I remember being told by Mormons that they “are in it for the money and the fame.” Is that still the case? Or are Catholic priests free from such accusations today? Do you often hear kinds words spoken of the good Catholic priests, of the good that was done by the last three Catholic Popes, of the advances made by Wallace Smith in his church? I haven’t been looking lately, but when I did ask Mormons about their fellow believers – alternative Mormonisms – like the RLDS, the Temple Lot, the Cutlerites, the Bicketonites, Sidney Rigdon, John E. Page, James Brewster, and others, there was no shortage of rancour, and little enough compassion. Likewise for Governor Boggs, though I don’t recall what religion he followed, nor the Protestants associated with the Fancher train, nor many others. I’m afraid the Mormon method of loving all religions has brought many to an early end at the hands of the Danites, Whittling Brigades, and individual special “callings”.

  59. P Henry says:

    Moroni pointed to South America: Peru, not Missouri!!!

  60. J Houston says:

    “in a form of Egyptian, for reasons that are never made clear”

    Actually, that’s not true. The Book of Mormon says repeatedly that it was written in “Reformed Egyptian”, because it was more concise, and took up less space on the plates than Hebrew or other languages would. So, I think it is pretty clear why Egyptian is used. A lot of Biblical characters are supposed to have lived in Egypt – Moses, Joseph, and Jesus (he is said by the Bible to have gone there as a baby to flee Herod) – so the idea of Biblical, or quasi-Biblical characters speaking Egyptian is not outrageous. Some people even say the name Moses means an Egyptian, and may/may not be cognate with the last part of RaMESES.

  61. J Houston says:

    p.s. Moroni’s supposed to face east, I believe.

  62. Mythslayer says:

    The east facing golden Idols (Moroni statue’s) are generally between 105 to 120 degrees just south of east. Using any star mapping software you will see that the so called “Angel” is heralding the helacial rising of Venus (“Lucifer” son of the morning) The Salt lake temple is oriented to point to Venus rising in the east over the Wasatch mountains early morning on the 21st of September, the date Joseph supposedly met this ‘being of light’ in 1823. This will easily be verified from temple square this Friday, September 21st 2012. There are 8 westward facing Moroni’s their purpose is to point directly to the planet Venus during it’s dual aspect of “Evening Star”. Venus forms a perfect pentagram in the heavens every 8 years. Thus you will see all LDS temples adorned with pentagrams facing up and down. representing the rise and fall of the Son of the morning or what we term the dual aspects of the planet Venus.
    This is Luciferian (Phosphorus) worship at it’s most obvious!

    • Jordan says:

      @mythslayer Matthew 12:46-47 36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

      37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

  63. Mythslayer says:

    #55 fireout, I’m somewhat concerned for those who are taking your course on “critical thinking”. Where do you get the notion that some of the tribes of Israel lost there language or, that their language was somehow confused during their captivity in Egypt. Did you “critically” think that up all by yourself? Most likely it was something you’ve been erroneously taught? The very idea that you claim the lineage of Joseph to be the originators of your book of Mormon and beliefs, absolutely disproves the legitimacy of your church! It is a well known fact, that in order to hold the priesthood one must be of the lineage of Levi. Only Levitical priests had God’s legitimate priesthood and permission to build temples! No Jew from the tribe of Joseph or any of the other tribes, would ever go against God’s law and claim the priesthood rites and rituals. Nor would god go against his own word. Ipso Facto: The LDS priesthoods and temples are illegitimate! The idea of placing golden idols on temples is contrary to everything the bible actually says. I’m sorry to be the one to let you know these things, but it’s not your fault. Blame it on JOSEPH’S MYTH. Don’t be deceived, open your eyes and look. Their secrets are hidden in plain sight, talismatic riddles in stone.

  64. Mythslayer says:

    #1 icepick, Everyone, take a look at the 3rd link you posted to the google earth map of the Washington DC temple. You’ll see the obsession with the number “666.” A 6 sided building with 6 spires an entrance way that has 6 sides and a second adjoining 6 sided partition with hallway leading to the temple. The angel Moroni statue faces slightly south of east to point to the place in the sky where Venus rises early in the morning and crosses the ecliptic plane. Take an even closer look at the facade of the six sided Washington DC temple. The east and west portions the walls are faceted with with 16 protrusions each totaling 32, then count the protrusions on the north and south sides. There are 17 on each totaling 34.
    ergo: (34 + 32 = “66”) this is just scratching the surface of one of the many stone edifices dedicated to the planet Venus built by the Mormon church. These temples are amulets made of stone. Believe me, you don’t want me to get started on the SLC temple. Needless to say it is a shrine dedicated to the lord of light. Phosphorous.
    If you think that this information is somehow disparaging your religion, I want you to know this is not an attack on the people of the Mormon church, but rather a wake up call to just look at the evidence and prove me wrong. The builders were also obsessed with the number 13. Measure the temple wall of around the SLC temple square. it is exactly, 0.13 miles from side to side, why? because 0.13 if a mile is equal to 666 ft. The Temple also has 6 steeples with 13 spires on each. Why would the builders and designers of these houses of the lord, adorn their temples with symbols of the occult and then further align them to signify Isis Worship? Coincidence? You be the judge.

    • Jordan says:

      Sounds like you’ve done quite a bit of research. Perhaps, you should consider approaching the issue from both sides. I suppose the literature you have studied was composed by critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Who better to ask than a member of the church who actively participates in temple worship? If you prefer to read, I would suggest reading “The Holy Temple” by Boyd K. Packer. It does a great job of explaining the LDS perspective on modern LDS temple worship and Temple worship in ancient day as recorded in the Old and New Testaments and various other historical accounts.

      The New Testament (King James Version) states in Matthew 7:18,20:
      18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

      20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

      An active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would say that that which takes place in the temple is so important and essential to coming to know the goodness of God that it is only spoken of within the temple. It is too good. Like, I suppose, when you fall in love for the first time, and you don’t want to tell anyone, for fear they will make light of the goodness you have discovered in your heart that is so real to you–so real you cannot adequately describe it in words to someone who has not yet experienced it. It is uplifting. I know that it can be hard to accept something you do not yet understand, however, I know better (without a doubt) that temple service is a good thing–a good fruit from a good tree. I hope you can someday know it too.