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Had Enough Yet?

by Mark Edward, Oct 16 2012

A Child’s First Psychic Reading: Thanks to The Learning Channel

Words cannote describe how this latest child abuse situation affects me. But I will try. Someone has to speak up. For me, this kind of exploitation has gone beyond nauseating and upsetting to outrage. To quote

“Public ignorance and stupidity costs the nation billions of dollars, kills untold people in the hundreds of thousands, vastly increases crime and unemployment, and generally makes life far less productive, safe and enjoyable for the minority that are not ignorant and stupid, as well as for those who are.”

Watch the video:

Your Future Grandchild? Another “Medium” in Training?

The prime offenders are not merely the grief vampire “mediums” like Caputo and Coffee, who will surely eventually suffer for the roles they play in this mass market charade, but more to the point the willing talking heads who continue supporting them without skepticism in order to line their pockets. Celebrity “hosts” who know better and yet still go ahead and allow abuse and ignorance to reign un-challenged need to be called out publically for their duplicity. They are decidedly more evil than the complacent blind-sided believers that give credence and standing ovations to the worst of the worst in our society. Profiting off the fears of bored housewives is one thing, but cashing in on the tears of children has to be the lowest we can witness without taking to the streets. Enough. These “celebrities” should be on the radar of critical thinkers and rationalists everywhere. Write to them, email them, confront them publically and annoy them with words of shame and pelt them with sharp pebbles of guilt. If you can get close enough to them, throw a custard pie of reality into their smug faces – metaphroically speaking of course…

Cooper The Wimp






Witch Dr. Phil



Dave Zaslav CEO “Discovery” Communications

According to Discovery Communications web page, this is what we can look forward to:

“David Zaslav sets the strategy and oversees all operations of the world’s #1 nonfiction media company that reaches more than 1.7 billion cumulative subscribers in over 200 countries and territories. Discovery Communications is dedicated to igniting curiosity and delivering the thrill of discovery through more than 140 worldwide television networks and a leading portfolio of digital media properties that attract approximately 25 million unique visitors per month.”

Did you read the words “#1 non-fiction media company?” Is this truth in advertising or blatant communications fraud? What does the FCC think about “non-fiction” that purports to talk to dead people and inculcate children in the biggest promulgation of bullcrap in media history?

What are YOU  DOING to get the word out on these purveyors of the lowest forms of human folly? Did we think Jerry Springer was bad? I’d rather see people breaking chairs over each other’s heads than sitting still for “Discovery,” History” or “Learning” channels to program scientifically un-proven rubbish. Yet it goes on and on, every day, with almost weekly alerts coming across my desk for more and more casting calls for “psychics, mediums and ghost hunters wanted.”

On a positive note: I can assure readers of this blog that behind the scenes, I’m working overtime with several well known “operatives” in the greater media who are going full-steam ahead on toppling the rotten apple carts of more than one of the current flavor of the month psychic mediums.

When this information hits the street, I will be more in a position to comment. Right now take heart that every day the critcal wheels are turning. When this year’s “Sweeps Week” comes around, look forward to a sweeping away of at least some of the trash that has accumulated on the streets of “Discovery” television.

8 Responses to “Had Enough Yet?”

  1. Jerrold Alpern says:

    Would you please explain the topic of this post? What is it about? I understand the poster is incensed about something but I have no idea what. Thank you.

  2. Mark Edward says:

    What? Did you watch the video link attached?

    The poster (me) is fed up with so-called mediums who tell children they can help teach them to talk to their dead relatives; father, mother, sisters, grandparents, pets or whatever and encourage them to become mediums like themelves.

    He is also “incensed’ with the hosts of nationally syndicated television programs (and their producers) who continue to spread this kind of bogus programming to families through “learning,” “discovery” or “history” channels when this sort of totally un-proven carnival side-show scammimg is none of those things.

    Their perfidy that goes un-challenged and un-punished keeps childrem with already fragile mental imbalances from seeking realistic professional approaches to bereavement and often leaves them even more scarred and at risk for depression, suicide or worse.

    What is it about blatant fraud don’t you understand?

    At the center of this mess that continues to draw thousands of people to their television sets every day are the CEO’s and producers who apparently only see dollar rather than waring signs in their deception(s).

    My rage has been on the boil since the beginnings of this blog in 2005, when skepticblog was originally launched to promote and support “The Skeptologists;” an ill- fated attempt at changing the climate in this hot house of the absurd with a pilot program using skeptics, scientists, physicists (and a magicain) to uncover such “un-decided” topics Dr, Phil and his ilk still sell soap flakes with.

  3. BillG says:

    Mark, as you stated “bored housewives is one thing, but cashing in on the tears of children…”

    Those f…..g parasites! Sorry, that’s about as polite as I can be on this issue.

  4. double-helical says:

    I’m very glad to hear that you and your “operatives” are on the job. As Perry DeAngelis said, “All these creeps care about is eyeballs on the tube. That’s it! It’s all about money!” (Or words to that effect.) I agree, and I’m sure that all skeptics who are aware of this crime also agree, that this type of exploitation of children is heinous in the extreme, and is indeed child abuse. Maybe we can have some kind of website petition? I would gladly sign. And donate. I also would like to point out that this affects not only the children and families that are being exploited on the screen, but countless numbers of credulous viewers who have had their natural skepticism eroded or destroyed over the past decade by these purveyors of psychic and paranormal claptrap on television. I can envision Mr. and Mrs. Average, in Nowhere, USA, watching one of these shows and then casting a suspicious eye on their child, who may have legitimate psychological issues. Who knows what evil will now start making the rounds? And this outrage is on a network that has global reach? We’ve already seen the effects of exorcism resulting in death or permanent injury, witch hunts in Africa, and the like. Thank you for the post. I predict you will receive zero comments from readers that support this cruel and heartless programming.

  5. Peter Robinson says:

    Write to the Discovery Channel here

    and tell them what you think of their sick exploitation.

    Leading nonfiction channel, my bottom!

  6. Peter Robinson says:

    Oh, and you could write to Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters at

    and call on them to Mythbust mediums or at least put pressure on Discovery to drop Caputo and such nasty, nonsense.

    • Double Helical says:

      Mr. Robinson,

      Thanks for the intel! Now that I have the addresses, I will send those letters!

      Skeptics! Get busy and email the Mythbusters!


  7. Swen Crotty says:

    Your style is unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this site.