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Here’s something Kevin Trudeau wants you to know: he’s contemptible

by Phil Plait, Feb 18 2010

Hey, remember Kevin Trudeau, the guy convicted of fraud, the larcenous liar who mercilessly (literally) plugs away on informercials to sell his books like Natural Cures "They" Don’t Want You to Know About, books that tell people to turn away from real medicine so they can die of cancer if they follow his quackery?

Yeah, that sweetheart.

Well, he’s at it again. He just doesn’t think that his reputation can get any lower, despite being able to comfortably limbo underneath a mosquito’s belly with room to spare. Trudeau recently urged his minions to send protesting emails and text messages to federal judge Robert Gettleman — the hero who raised a fine against Trudeau from $5 million to $37 million, to better match the money Trudeau defrauded out of people for his books. Gettleman is currently working on potentially revising his order after an appellate court found his ruling too broad.

I can’t imagine Trudeau’s actions will help his case any.

And, oddly enough, Gettleman doesn’t think so either. Especially since some of the notes were threatening. Seriously folks, how stupid must you be to send threatening emails to a frakking federal judge?

Well, they are loyal to Trudeau, so I guess that answers that.

Anyway, Gettleman had Trudeau hauled into court yesterday, where he slapped the fraudulent huckster with a contempt of court charge:

Gettleman ordered Trudeau to turn over his passport, pay $50,000 bond and warned he could face future prison time.

Gettleman, on his own authority, can sentence Trudeau to up to six months in prison. In addition, the judge referred the matter and the emails to the U.S. Marshals Service, which investigates threats to judiciary.

It would certainly be interesting indeed if Trudeau were thrown in jail for the rest of his life, with the added rule that he is not allowed to sell any wares whatsoever in books, magazines, on TV, radio, or any and all future media. If you think that’s too harsh, then maybe you need to familiarize yourself with Trudeau’s past antics. Some purveyors of alt-med quackery may be honest in their beliefs, but if you read Trudeau’s history you may find yourself being just a wee bit skeptical of his pure motivations.

I love seeing justice being served in cases like this. I really hope judge Gettleman throws the book at Trudeau… and that’s something Trudeau really doesn’t want you to know.

Tip o’ the coral calcium to BABLoggeee Chris Babarskas. Originally posted on the Bad Astronomy Blog.

41 Responses to “Here’s something Kevin Trudeau wants you to know: he’s contemptible”

  1. He has minions? That’s plural so I’m assuming there’s more than one? Wow…who’d a thunk it.

  2. Dwight says:

    I would love the judge have Trudeau go on TV and have to admit what a scumbag he is(ah what a sweet dream)

  3. Robo Sapien says:

    I accidentally bought his book, thinking it was by The Far Side creator Gary Trudeau, who is vastly more qualified to give medical direction. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

    D’oh, gotta run, time for my morning ear candling session.

  4. Reap says:

    Thank You Phil…this guy is sickening. I would also suggest anyone who think his rights are being trampled look into his past, if you can stomach it. When Kevin screams FREE SPEECH! he may as well be shouting FIRE! in a crowded theater.

  5. Funny thing. I can go off and sell water at $300 a liter with claims it will cure cancer and I’d most likely go to jail. All the money I made would be frozen in my account and assets seized. Yet, these assholes can peddle their snake oil remedies at will to the same people over and over.

    Isn’t it strange how there’s different perceptions between a criminal con artist and a heeler, yet, they’re exactly the same thing.

    Man…I’m in the wrong business. All this time I’ve been hydrating people with false claims of cures when I should have really been….well…hydrating them with claims of….oh….wait….it’s the same thing.

  6. Infidel753 says:

    Since Trudeau was pushing “treatments” which lack any basis in medical science and have no evidence that they work, he should be required to defend himself using only lawyers who never went to law school and have no track record of winning cases.

    • Sounds like a job for me. I are know abouts law! $600 an hour and definitely a no win, still pay fee.

      Consider this case closed.

    • kabol says:

      Since Trudeau was pushing “treatments” which lack any basis in medical science and have no evidence that they work

      i’m not defending this a$$ by any means, but i am someone who is rather puzzled by the double standard i see from skeptics when it comes to “treatments which lack any basis in medical science” where herbal things are concerned yet a blind eye is turned toward the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry that is aimed at women….an industry that promises “younger looking skin” and “no more cellulite” and “lose weight fast!”.

      if these cosmetic claims were “bigger johnsons galore” would they raise more of an outcry from male skeptics?

      i understand that claiming cures for anything from diabetes to cancer is a much more serious offense, but there is still a double standard regarding cosmetic companies’ claims of efficacies.

  7. Robo Sapien says:

    You can’t bring up his past as justification for any violation of his rights, that is unethical. If we want to point fingers at this guy, it is imperative to take the high ground and not resort to any Fed-like tactics. While we are talking about rights, let us not forget that NOBODY has a right to be protected from their own stupidity. If some cancer patient buys his book, then opts to take a kool-aid enema treatment instead of prescribed medication, is that person really a victim?

    Bureaucracy is doing nothing to stop Mr. Trudeau. Sure, he has violated trade regulations and his own agreements, but obviously the rewards outweigh the risks for him. We should be looking at the effects of his actions. Has anyone actually died or gotten sick(er) because of his quackery? Until someone does, then he’ll continue to operate and gain support, because there are many who see themselves as victims of “they” who will easily sympathize with him. After all, he did something “they” didn’t want, so now he’s a target.

    There are a lot of people in the world selling a lot of bullshit, but it never seems to become an issue until it treads into the realm of medicine. If we rely on government for the solution, they will only sell us one at the cost of some more of our liberty.

    A better option, in my opinion, would be the establishment of a claim substantiation bureau, which maintains a registry claims made about products or services that pertain to health and safety. Anything registered with this bureau would require proof of its claim, much like the patent office. Of course, the financial burden of proofing and testing falls on the claimant. Valid accounts receive a claim number which they can proudly sport on their advertising material, so that the public may easily reference this vital information and know that it is certified. It would also be prudent to disallow “claim pending” advertising, which is also very misleading. As it is, one can sell a turd in a box, file a patent application and market it as “patent pending”.

    Such a system would leave it to the individual, not the collective, to be vigilant of snake oil salesmen. Let Joe Schmoe spend his money on unsubstantiated crap if he wants, he has that right.

    • tmac57 says:

      Wouldn’t your “claim substantiation bureau” just be another government agency? Another level of bureaucracy? If the claimants footed the bill, wouldn’t that open the door to bribery and lack of objectivity? Water seeks it’s own level. So does corruption.

      • Robo Sapien says:

        We’re not talking about a regulatory agency here, but more a reference to credibility. Corruption is an entirely different issue, out of context here.

        Suppose someone is selling a new product called a Frogulator, which they claim can turn any frog into a prince. Joe Consumer sees the ad, but no “CSB” seal, and opts not to buy the product because he knows the seller has not proven his claim.

        In this scenario the buyer is informed, nobody’s rights are stepped on, and the government can spend a few million less in the courtroom.

      • rustle says:

        “NOBODY has a right to be protected from their own stupidity.” A fraud is committed when you make claims about a product you know to be untrue and then take money for that product. People don’t have to fail an intelligence test to be defrauded. People of average and above intelligence can be victims, as well. How are Trudeau’s rights being violated? Increasing penalties for repeated criminal offenses is a standard sentencing practice. If an individual demonstrates determined criminal behavior despite repeated fines or incarceration, are we forced to assume that each successive crime is just an isolated incident?

      • Robo Sapien says:

        I never said his rights were violated, but making a reminder that due process is of utmost importance. I was also certainly not suggesting that penalties shouldn’t increase. If you repeat a crime, you receive the punishment for the crime compounded with punishment for violating the terms set forth by the previous conviction.

      • tmac57 says:

        Robo, I guess I don’t understand how your “CSB” would work without creating some sort of agency to oversee and vet the claims without undue monetary pressure being exerted from the people who pay for the process (the claim makers). Who would ensure the public that the CSB wasn’t just rubber stamping the claims? What would be the penalties for violating the charter of the CSB? Who would oversee the process? Do you seriously believe that all parties would act honorably in such an arrangement? History emphatically says no.

      • Robo Sapien says:

        Does the driver’s license office feel monetary pressure from people wanting to drive? I understand your perspective that the darker side of human nature will naturally take to root and turn everything sideways. But these same points are of no less concern with our current means of regulation. Things are not working the way they are, because assholes like Trudeau can continue making fortunes and paying fines doesn’t seem to impede their business at all.

        I’m suggesting that we explore the idea of making a shift towards regulation of credibility, make everything transparent and out in the public eye. Plus, the government really doesn’t like it when people defraud them publicly, the penalties would be harsh, and the asshole is no longer credible with the public to sell his phoney wares.

    • stargazer9915 says:

      Obviously you have never had a loved one die because they chose quackery over conventional medicine and no one or nothing could sway them because “this cure works cause this guy says so.” Until you do, keep your ‘stupid’ inside your brain and don’t spread it around. Not only is the body count high because of this asshole, but so are the number of people who face and have faced financial ruin.

      You don’t make laws to protect stupid people, you make them to keep people like this cunt from defrauding people out of life and thier finances. Get a grip on reality. There is a fine line between a simple scam that dupes people and outright fraud that kills them.

      • Robo Sapien says:

        “Obviously” you are passing judgment and making assumptions based on my position, and it has “obviously” skewed your objectivity.

        You speak of body count? Where’s the proof? Link to some news articles or obituaries or something that links Trudeau to a single death. Just because quackery CAN lead to tragedy, that doesn’t condone a witch-hunt.

        Financial ruin? Ok, can you please explain to me precisely what is not stupid about putting your livelihood at risk based on fantastic and unproven claims?

        I’m not a fan of Trudeau either, but we have to be fair here. So far he is only guilty of violating trade laws and court contracts, threatening a judge, and being an asshole that sells wives’ tales. He’s already on the federal radar, if a death is linked to his work then he will go to trial for it.

      • stargazer9915 says:

        You know as well as anybody that not a single person will go to criminal trial for someone using their ‘cures’ instead of regular medicine and then dying as a result. You can’t be that stupid.

        As to having to be fair to Trudeau, that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. He hasn’t been “fair” to a single person yet we should extend him the courtesy. I THINK NOT. Defend the woo pushers and purposeful frauds all you want. This is one case where both sides of the story are harmfull and if you aren’t helping, then you are doing the hurting.

        Keep hurting as it’s none of my business. Let me know if one of your loved ones follows his shit and dies because of it. In fact, give this to one of your loved ones who is sick and then we’ll see how long you defend it. Sickening!

      • I agree. If Trudeau, and other related snake oil peddlers such as psychics, mediums etc etc, really intended on “helping” people, they’d offer their services free of charge. Once they attach a price tag, they had better be able to present credible material that supports their products. Otherwise, they’re no better than any other common criminal or petty thief.

        I guess an open mind sometimes equates to an open wallet.

      • Robo Sapien says:

        Well, I tried being fair about this but you see fit to insult me and argue like a 12 year old as well as continue to demonstrate bad logic. You have totally failed to understand a single point I have made, and you’ve branded me a defender of frauds which is entirely NOT FUCKING TRUE. Piss off, you slanderous chud.

        “This is one case where both sides of the story are harmfull and if you aren’t helping, then you are doing the hurting.”

        Take your black-and-white mentality back to church where it belongs, douchenozzle.

  8. stargazer9915 says:

    May the Flying Spaghetti Monster touch this asshat with his noodly appendage and cause him to bleed from his rectum for forty days and forty nights before suffocating him under a pile of six week old rotting giant squid carcasses. And you can quote me on that!

  9. Trimegistus says:

    It’s a damned shame no ambitious District Attorney hasn’t found a way to bring criminal charges against this man. He’s a murderer, plain and simple. Peddling quack “alternative therapies” to people is no better than putting drain cleaner in the soup.

  10. dithergirl says:

    I do not understand why anyone would put energy into seeing that an obvious huxter be treated with “fairness”. The man tried to convince people he had the answers. He knew he was lying. He’ll get his damn due process no doubt, and try to lie his way out of any meaningful punishment. If anyone wants to be angry and send bad thoughts his way it’s justified and doesn’t hurt a thing. Now lets all take a deep breath and shake hands.

  11. I still think we should tie his testicles in razor wire and feed them to lobsters.

  12. Here it is March 30th, and the Sultan of Scams is not behind bars yet. And to listen to him go on about his first amendment rights and his latest blitz of fibomercials to line his defense coffers is almost too much for one to bear. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. His latest creation about his secret society antics and personal genies and brain wave channeling is laugh out loud funny if anything. I think he is cracking! I really do. Tricky Trudy is making a b-line to the rubber room. Couldn’t happen to a better scambag too.

  13. j davis says:

    Trudeau would have people believe he is a ‘consumer advocate’ and ‘whistleblower’ and alternative medicine ‘guru.’ In reality he is a twice convicted con man posing as all of the things mentioned above. A quick glance at his website reveals a totally insane conspiracy theorist pandering to the most moronic elements in society. This sociopath needs to be locked up and have all of his ill gotten assets seized. Trudeau is only interested in your money he could care less about anyone other than himself which is the chief characteristic of a sociopath. Trudeau needs to be put in the same prison as the infamous ‘tossed salad man.’ Jelly or syrup Kevin??

  14. Gary says:

    I was going through old posts here and I realize this is a late entry…and of course it only serves to make me feel better about myself, but….
    My father bought his “Cures…” book and signed up for Trudeau’s website that promised to reveal these amazing cures only to get nothing.
    Funny thing is that my dad still clings to Kevin’s wacky FDA conspiracy theories and has this distrust of mainstream medical science as a result.
    My father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He could have had it taken care of 2 yrs ago with a non-surgical chemo therapy recommended by his urologist. Nope! He was going to try “something else”….some “other” therapy. I predicted that it would get worse. It did and now it has infected his lymph nodes in his left leg. Now Dad wants to see an integrated doctor recommended by Suzanne Somers…….

  15. Dr. Truth says:

    Okay, here goes. I am not quite sure where to begin, so I will just start off by stating that I am board certified physician. I have taken all of the licensing exams to practice medicine, and I treat patients on a daily basis, to improve their quality of life.

    I have heard of Kevin’s books, and at first was a little skeptical. I thought it was important to stay open minded however. I had a friend who does work in health care who asked me my opinions of natural cures. Without hesitation, I agreed that if some form natural treatment does exist and can be proven to aid in ones health, I would surely promote it. Prior to reading Kevin’s books, I did some investigation, on who he was, what his area of expertise was, what his motive was and why he only seemed to advertise on late night infomercials. Finally, I read his books. All of them.
    Before I release my frustration, I must say that I have little sympathy for people who failed to do any critical thinking, or place any objective thoughts to what they were reading.

    Never have I read such a ridiculous tale of conspiracy, lies, propaganda, and constant regurgitated utter nonsense. He is an expert on memory improvement. He claims he has cures for every disease known to man. He can teach you how to make $10,000 in 24 hours. He can teach how to lose weight. How can a man be so talented? Well, it’s because, his talent is lying.

    But, he is good at what he does. Which is selling false hope to the general public, and creating a great deal of fear and paranoia with in us all. He wants you to believe that he is an angel, here to tell us secrets and that the government,FDA, FTC, and even doctors are out to get you, make you sick and keep you sick, so we can stay rich. When he began to attack doctors, that’s when I drew the line. He claims that all doctors resort to drugs and surgeries. During the decade it took me to practice medicine, I don’t ever recall attending a lecture, reading a book, or being told by my seniors to use only drugs and surgeries, I must have missed that day. This man has a hidden agenda. In his natural cures book, he states that this book is not intended for medical doctors…? I image because a doctor would be fully aware that the advice, terms and health related issues talked about are comical. I image he simply looked up common diseases, and talked about them as if he was familiar with there processes towards the human body. In the first chapter, he states he has mitral vavle prolapse, which is fairly common, and people who have it live normal lives. However, Kevin states he met an asian doctor, named Dr. Wang. Now, Dr. Wang has a machine called the dermatron, and once turned on, this machine can determine your disease of nature and cure it. It worked for Kevin. Sounds like a magical machine, but Kevin states that it will not be used in the United states due more conspiracies that he is not able to discuss. It seems like he has created a lot of fictional characters, machines, and locations that he has been to discover natural cures. But wait, I forgot to mention his cures. He has so many. Strangely, most of his cure are the same, a candida/gallbladder/liver/lung/colon cleanse, and drink plenty of water. Thanks Kevin. Most of his other cures can only be revealed at his website for a fee.

    In closing, I must say that the satire of this man and his possible mental illness is sad and sickening. The conspiracies he feeds his readers, the lies repeatedly tells and the complete arrogance of him to think that could get away with this. It really angers me.
    Avoid his books or products. If you come across one of his fanatics, who defends him, just ignore them. People who lack the ability to do any form of critical thinking and be so completely gullible are not worth the argument.

    Good luck.