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Utah to be destroyed by a comet! Or not!

by Phil Plait, Feb 10 2010

Utah is only one state over, so when I see a website that tells me a fragment of a comet will hit it on March 1 of this year, I sit up and take notice.

Then I see the flashing text. The multiple colors. The GIANT FONT. The URL: Well, still. It can’t be all wrong can it? And then I see the title: "BIBLE CODE PREDICTIONS 2010".

Oh. I guess it can be all wrong.

OK, Utah, you can rest easy. I’m guessing March 1 will come and go with no comet impact, fragment or otherwise. The Bible code is a long debunked piece of antiscience garbage, basically just people looking at random patterns until they find one that kinda sorta if you squint your eyes and plug up your ears and yell LALALALALALA looks like it might say something sorta correct.


Anyway, I wouldn’t normally link to such low-level and obvious nonsense, but no matter how silly a doomsday claim is, there will always be people out there who take it seriously. So just in case, here you go: there are no scientific predictions that a comet piece will hit Utah, and the Bible Code is total 100% fictitious nonsense.

Unless… hmmm. The Earth is hit by about 100 tons of cosmic debris every night. A lot of that is from comets, small (and I mean small) bits of fluff shed off of previous comet passes. And if you live in Utah and go out March 1, you’re sure to see at least one or two shooting stars…

So maybe that website is right!

Or not. I’m guessing not.

15 Responses to “Utah to be destroyed by a comet! Or not!”

  1. Nayr says:

    The the bible codes will always be right. The website says that the codes are warnings of events that can be prevented. So if the predictions turn out wrong, then yay we prevented it!

  2. Aiden says:

    If only it were true… Then we’d be rid of the LDS church!

  3. Agnos Grey says:

    The Greatest Snow on Earth just became greater…or ash-ier…

  4. Jeff says:

    TELL ME WHERE! I will go visit and report. But I’ll be sure to bring a book too, so, you know, I’m not bored.

  5. Well…hooray….I live in Australia. I assume that won’t make any difference when March 2nd rolls by and nothing happens. When will these doomsdaytards learn that these predictions only make them look stupid over and over and over and over and…well…you get the general idea.

  6. David says:

    Oh no! I live in Salt Lake City and not that far from Temple Square where this comet is most definitely headed. Oh, wait, I’ll be in Denver on March 1. Hope that’s far enough away.

  7. Oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. We gotta do something!!!

  8. Seth says:

    What cracks me up the is the certainty with which they declare “THIS CODE IS PREVENTABLE BY NASA”. How, exactly?

  9. godlizard says:

    OK, I find it incredibly hard to believe that anyone in the year twenty-ten, even the lowest form of moron, could put up a website that looked that un-ironically. It’s just so ridiculously implausible. I therefore call a Poe.

  10. Scumbag says:

    Sweet merciful crap that website made my eyes bleed.

    Why do all the fruitloops that masquerade as would be prophets always have sites that hurt the senses

  11. Sreenivasan says:

    Have u seen Hrithik Roshan’s 6-pack or 8-pack in the movie trailer of Kites?? I just saw the trailer and fell in love with this tall, dark(fair) and handsome guy all over again, Who wouldn’t :D

  12. Ancient Aeon says:

    The bible code is always right, but most of the things this guy is telling us is (probably) wrong.

    I’m really looking foward for one of his (real) prophecies to came true. So if he said the sun will smile tomorrow, I hope he meant it.