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Skeptologists Gallery 2

by Ryan Johnson, Apr 14 2009

Hey gang!

As the clock continues to click along slowly with the programming executives, and we all patiently wait for verdicts on inquiries made about our wonderful show, I will share with you all a few more snapshots from the production of the Pilot of The Skeptologists.

Last week I shared a few shots from the first day in production. We shot interviews at Skeptic Magazine HQ as well as some beauty shots for the intro title sequence. It was a pretty easy day, and allowed cast and crew to ramp up to the next few days which would be long and arduous shoots.

Day two, we were at Mt. Wilson observatory. For more information read the blog entry from January 27th.

Enjoy these pictures, taken by Brandon Pinard and Matthew Hoefler. Thanks guys!

8 Responses to “Skeptologists Gallery 2”

  1. Nicole says:

    Soooo pretty.

  2. Jor-L5150 says:

    wait – whats this ?
    a ” reality show ” – like what ? are you all going to live in a house together and vote people off the island for dancing/singing badly while baking the most imaginative cakes ?

    or something like mythbusters where you have investigations and so forth ?

  3. BillDarryl says:


    It’s actually “Biggest Loser”-style. Each cast member was about 400 pounds before they started hiking up that mountain.

  4. MadScientist says:

    Ah, those coils remind me of a job I did decades ago replacing the ‘switcing logic’ on a telecope at a solar observatory. The relays still worked fine, but the modern electronics was necessary to control the system with a computer.

    Thanks for all the pics, Ryan. I love that fisheye view of the telescope.

  5. Brian M says:

    Too bad all the photos are so low quality. I really wanted to see some detail on some of those pics… :(

  6. Ryan Johnson says:

    Sorry about the low quality, I thought that the link would give higher rez, but when I uploaded them, they didn’t. Next round I’ll see if I can get some help to figure that out, or else I’ll link to them from an external site. I’m working in wordpress world not my usual html.

  7. TV show you say? Where are the babes? Where’s the staged, soap opera-like drama between cast members? Where’s the faux cast battles played out on other TV shows? Nor did I see one product placement.

  8. Max says:

    Would be funny if the commercial breaks feature ads for HeadOn, Kinoki foot pads, and male enhancement pills.