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Skeptologists Gallery Part 1

by Ryan Johnson, Apr 07 2009

Coming to you, not really live and quite indirect from a Courtyard Marriott in lovely Fremont CA: Ryan Johnson and another late night blog entry. I’m on location for another TV project, but the Blog must go on.

This one entitled: Skeptologists: The Pilot, Behind the Scenes Gallery #1

In continuing with a bit of a break on my rambling about the production of The Skeptologists TV pilot, I’d like to share a few behind the scenes stills that were shot during the production. Some of you may have seen before, others, maybe not. In any case I’ve always loved looking at people working on projects like this, and I wanted to find out if you would as well.

So while the networks continue their internal discussions about the fate of The Skeptologists behind those big polished mahogany doors, We on the outside will continue to cherish the time that we had working with some of the most talented and entertaining minds of our times: The cast and crew of The Skeptologists.


As you will recall, on the first day of production we shot at The Skeptic Magazine HQ, graciously provided by Dr. Michael Shermer.

Click on image for a little more info then BACK on your browser to get back to the gallery page.

4 Responses to “Skeptologists Gallery Part 1”

  1. BillDarryl says:

    This looks like a blast.

    What would an unobtrusive, near invisible, quiet as a (non) church mouse, promise to stay out of everyone’s hair, regular Skepticblog poster kind of guy have to do to get to hang around the set and watch something like this unfold?

  2. Ryan Johnson says:

    Well Bill,

    You could open up your check book, write a check with lots’ of zeros after a whole number or two and we’ll call you an Executive Producer!

  3. *sigh*

    It used to be about the science, man.


  4. BillDarryl says:

    I can swing lots of zeros in front of the whole number, if that does anything.